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  1. Just wanted to share an update with the forum, I just designed my 240th card, so the set is 2/3 done. Here's the card: It's not a very flashy card, but I expect it to be an early pick.
  2. I have nerfed this one slightly. It's now a mana leak + a creature. This changed with Dominaria. The new formatting is reflected in my cards. LOL Hmm... I've gone ahead and given this a slight boost. Basic lashing should be OK. Compare Skyshaper. Frost has been nerfed. Awaken should be good, compare ensoul artifact . I actually disagree about defend the tower, but I don't have a better reference point than holy day. Mists of the night isn't that crazy. Compare righteous charge. Scud. Fixed on the champion and checked elsewhere. I didn't see the issue elsewhere, but I could be forgetting a card. Thanks. Thanks for the kind words and all of your feedback! I know I didn't change everything you suggested, but I still really appreciate you taking the time and effort to make suggestions.
  3. Whoops! fixed now. I mean, I don't think it's worth flying out for this. But so you know I plan to bring this to all future Sanderson releases once I get it done, so if you ever are around for one of those, I'd love to play with them with you. In regards to your comment on the stormfather card, yeah, it's not too broken, but it's also far from my favorite card I've designed. The idea is that it recharges spheres (the untapping) and forces people to hunker down (tapping), but I might completely change it if I can come up with something better. It doesn't seem to me like it results in the best gamplay, though it would still find a home in a control deck. We'll see.
  4. Thanks for the kind words! In a couple of months, I'm gonna need some volunteers to help playtest in the utah valley area.
  5. Guess you’ll have to read the next book to know for sure
  6. Dark talent spoiler
  7. The cards are designed to be powerful, but not game breaking. I have a friend with a cube and I’m trying to aim for a similar power level. I was looking at changing sazed just yesterday, actually. I think I’ll make it so he doesn’t have to tap to activate it.
  8. I went back and forth on any creature or only one you control. I choose any creature because he seems to get mopey about any and all death on any side, but it still may change. I’ll likely add {1} to his regeneration cost. I’ll fix spelling on her tomorrow. I’ll also probably change her cost to {2}{u}{r} and change her base stats to 2/3 and her warform boost to +3/+1. That is better formatting. I may give amaram a keyword ability to ensure he sees some play. Leaning towards haste right now. I also have a couple more ideas for equipment I plan to include (glass daggers and a shardhammer would be fun) Love it Agree to disagree until I can do some playtesting. Notice the ability is not optional. Once it has gone through your opponents stuff, it doesn’t stop. I might take away the ETB effect though.
  9. Thanks for your help! Feel free to let me know if you notice anything else or have other ideas. I also wanted to show off a couple of designs I'm particularly proud of.
  10. Whoops! fixed that. "Until your next turn" is verbiage that is used in situation like this. See Jace, Architect of Thought and Chronomantic Escape As it's designed, no. It currently is meant to work that you play the ability after blocks are declared. However, the very fact that this is confusing to you makes me think I want to change it to be more clear. I should also probably move the ability into blue.
  11. Lightning bolt is only {R}, but also an incredibly powerful card. I might increase Aon Daa to {2}{r} and make it an instant This is intended to be a draft, I should have mentioned that initially. Since there will be many two color cards, I wanted to make sure that it was possible to make mana bases that would support them. The three color lands are in that vein. I also really don't feel that they are that weak, compare City of Brass and Mana confluence, both of which see lots of competitive play. As for the mono colored lands, I'm actually worried about them being too powerful. Compare the deserts from Ahmonket block, which required you to sacrifice them. ramunap ruins had to be banned in standard. I tried for the flavor that you're trying to make it into fire, but might not succeed. He's only two mana. Let's not get too crazy I'll play him and see if he needs a power up. Spiked is a creature type I'm using. See Tensoon, Human, Spook and Koloss army. There will also likely be two inquisitor cards. Tapping abilities don't go on enchantments. I'll think about adding some spiking interaction to that card. Rock's design was supposed to simply reflect his reluctance to participate in combat, but I might end up changing him to be more as you describe. We'll see. I don't want all the cards to have big blocks of rules text or no one will want to play with me. Thanks for the kind words! I'm commissioning art for Kalad's Phantoms, so that's a placeholder done by yours truly. What can I say? I have a gift.
  12. I'm working on a MTG set based around the cosmere. It's still got a lot of work to go, but I'd appreciate some feedback on some of what I have so far.
  13. People ask cosmere questions all the time, but do try to keep your questions so neither the question nor answer contain major spoilers. If you have something more spoilerific, you’ll have a chance to ask Brandon one on one during the signing