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  1. People ask cosmere questions all the time, but do try to keep your questions so neither the question nor answer contain major spoilers. If you have something more spoilerific, you’ll have a chance to ask Brandon one on one during the signing
  2. Maybe this is a stupid question, but how are numbered copies going to be assigned?
  3. thanks ace! if i can still make it I'll be headed down after work today.
  4. We'll think about you! In other news, here's a sneak peak at a design.
  5. Yes, the one at BYU Also, if any talented artists would like to help me with card art, that would be appreciated, so we aren't stuck with my stick figures.
  6. Thanks King Cole! I'm glad you'd be interested.
  7. I'm aware I haven't posted in a while and so I'll get my greetings out of the way first. Hi everybody! Now, I'm working on designing an MTG set built around the lore of Warbreaker. I'd like to get this finished and usable by the Oathbringer release party. Who would be interested in drafting it there? (assuming I get it done on time. It's a lot of work.)
  8. My favorite realization: if you reach escape velocity and have stored your weight to where your mass is, say, 20 kilograms on your way up, you still exert close to a million newtons of force on the ground. As you would accelerate during the quarter second you were touching the ground, your acceleration would be 48,000 m/s^2, times your twenty kilo effective mass= 960,000 newtons, which is just over two hundred thousand pounds of force. You would totally leave a crater.
  9. A type IV with infinite power? What could possibly go wrong? I can't think of a thing.
  11. Hurt melody, heal stephan 3. cody--299. Joel--2810. Melody--2617. Stephen Leeds--17
  12. He didn't really say one way or the other. He actually read two very different introductions to the book that he's been working on. You could tell it's quite a ways from being published, but it was an interesting concept. The idea is it's about the villain that's been prophesied to take over the world.