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  1. Thanks for this information! I am lucky enough to be traveling to the area for a conference soon and I'm planning in a few extra days to read Dragonsteel at BYU. I have been trying to get it through ILL for literally 7 years without success. >.<
  2. Chapter 111 was a doozy. Wow. Dawnsingers... Voidbringers...
  3. I just finished chapter 76 "An Animal" (via audiobook) as I walked to work. Literally had to stop, lean on a post and shed some tears for Evi. Not sure how I can go on with this day, leaving the book like this...
  4. Well, that was easy. I just made all the white sections transparent, then copied it back on top of the original image as a new layer. Enjoy! I'd be curious to hear how you use it.
  5. Oh sorry no I stripped the colors too, because it was easier, and the colors wouldn't mean anything in the astronomy software that I used. Hmmm, lemme try something....
  6. It's probably a given, but this star field is not as seen from Earth. I stripped out everything but the stars and ran it through some astronomy software that tries to match it against our night sky. Failed. Figured it was worth a shot though, in case I got a hit. Though even if I had managed a hit, I would have been skeptical.
  7. Jut checking again....anyone want to carpool down from the Boston area? Or...like the Hartford area, since I'll be passing through that way...
  8. Anyone want to car pool from the Boston area? I carpooled from Boston to Philadelphia for a signing about 2 years ago, it's like a 5hr drive, but not too bad!
  9. No problem =D I only made a point to mention it for Kurkistan's benefit, since he's copied the text from the google doc into his post just above.
  10. I edited a little bit of the text transcribed on the Google Doc from my second time through the line, at 3:25:55. Some of the lines weren't attributed properly (some lines that Brandon Sanderson said were previously marked as Q, while some of my lines were marked as A...when it should have been the other way around).
  11. Well, I didn't ask him to confirm it (I also thought it had been stated previously)... he just decided to say that it was -now- confirmed. From near the end of the Signing Q&A file (around 3:26:00ish) Brandon: There are three planets with sentient beings on them. Me: Are there more than three planets in the solar system? Brandon: There are. With non sentient beings. There are three planets of importance. Me: Roshar, Braize, Ashyn... Brandon: You may have heard a reading from one of those planets today... Me: I knew that! Brandon: I have not reveled that though! So it is confirmed. Actually, now that I think of it...I don't think I remember reading anywhere else that there were three planets with sentient life on them! Pretty sure we only knew Roshar and Ashyn had life....but not Braize? Hmmm!!
  12. Here are the audio files from the Philly signing. =D Opening Talk, some Q&A, Silence Divine Reading (1hr, 32MBs): https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B62EN3c8XxsSWmFuUjUwOHVVeFU/edit?usp=sharing Q&A while signing books (3.5 hours, 100MBs): https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B62EN3c8XxsSbzRQcDBtQ0tYclE/edit?usp=sharing I asked about the moons, the solar system, the sun, the planets... He confirmed that the reading about a planet where sick people have special powers takes place on a planet in the Rosharn system. Though I think this is widely guessed, he said he had never confirmed it before. In general he was very tight-lipped about the Greater Rosharn System, which I thought was interesting! I did learn that Nomon is the most massive moon, and that is visually larger than our moon (not actually larger, it just appears larger because it is much closer to the planet). He would not confirm that Braize was the 3rd planet from the sun (I had thought I read an other interview where he says this, but I guess not?). IIRC, he did mention that there were more than three planets in the solar system in general, but really only Roshar, Braize, and Ashyn are of interest. He did tell me that the moons of Roshar relate to the Highstorms. I didn't ask a precise enough question so they are related in some way, but I have no details. He also didn't want to answer the question directly and seemed quite pleased that I had left him a lot of wiggle room to not answer. So, oops! However since he didn't want to give an answer, I think it confirms that the relationship is not something as simple as tidal forces. Brandon said he was pretty sure I was right about the moons orbiting in the opposite direction than the planet's rotation (he wasn't 100% sure off the top of his head). Though he did agree that there are no eclipses on Roshar, and confirmed that the moons have a high inclination which makes this possible. I asked about the sun in the Rosharn system, he wouldn't tell me if it was the same stellar type as our sun, though he said that the fact that the Rosharn sun is described as white and our sun is described typically as more yellow is NOT an indicator of it being different. Brandon did say that the Rosharn sun was younger and larger than our sun.
  13. Red herring...? or is there a carved nightstand somewhere in the book? Edit: the above quote is from T's interlude =D
  14. Page 827(The US hardcover has the wrong version of this image.) Probably doesn't affect me since I have the ebook...but I'm curious, which picture is this discussion about? Page numbers are not helping me figure it out. >.>
  15. I think there is really only one epigraph that important to breaking the code: Obviously they are fools The Desolation needs no usher It can and will sit where it wishes and the signs are obvious that the spren anticipate it doing so soon The Ancient of Stones must finally begin to crack It is a wonder that upon his will rested the prosperity and peace of a world for over four millennia —From the Diagram, Book of the 2nd Ceiling Rotation: pattern 1 (chpt 83) This is from the same location as the code (Book of the 2nd Ceiling Rotation) and, like the number sequence of chpt 84, it is called a pattern. Every single other epigraph (except chpt 84) is described as a "paragraph." So, what is the pattern of this epigraph? and can we apply that pattern to the Chpt 84 code? Also...why is it called a Rotation? Was it originally written in a circular fashion? Would it start from the center and spiral out, with the 2-15th rotations following, or would each pattern be written in a separate circular piece? edit: I also saw a copy of this epigraph elsewhere in this thread, but it included punctuation... I just double checked, and there is no punctuation in the chpt 83 epigraph. So I don't think we need to code for punctuation in the chpt 84 code either.