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  1. While Teft's spren is dead, dead for Invested beings can mean mostly dead, not all the way dead. All Phendorana needs is for someone to take her to Miracle Max!
  2. Bondsmiths could likely form Plate after swearing their own 4th Ideal - Stormfather specifically says "I will not be a mere Blade for you" to Dalinar. Plate is made of associated lesser spren, so Stormfather wouldn't have to do anything.
  3. I feel like it was a big hint at the origins of the Unmade. I bet we get some origin scenes or talk of how Sja-anat came to be when it's time.
  4. I am reminded of another Brandon scene, in a non-Cosmere book. In Firefight, in the Reckoners series, the heroes learn that the tech granting super powers is literally powered by pieces of the people who (used to) have super powers. In a similar vein, given the mad genius of Ishar, I expect he was experimenting with the dead, given bodies of Radiant spren to determine if there is a way to Surgebind without the Nahel bond. As in, chop up the Radiant sprens' manifested physical bodies, and determine if there are pieces of those manifested bodies that can be used to fabricate artificial Surgebinding. In a way, it makes a lot of sense. Fabrials are tech that trap spren externally and use their abilities. Ishar is trying to see if he can create an anti-Fabrial.
  5. I think it's the last one. We spend all of Venli's chapters learning about the different ways spren can inhabit a gemheart, and even see a spren take over a cremling. It's very like Brandon to extrapolate that and take it to the next level.
  6. I admit when Shallan learns Pattern was the one sneakily using the Cosmic Cube I was shook. It was definitely a 'Verbal is Keyser Soze??' moment that Brandon turned around and subverted a few hours later.
  7. The difference is the book Oathbringer (in universe). Adolin has always known that Dalinar has been flawed - as an absent father, as the violent Blackthorn, as the raging drunkard. Some of that Adolin has chalked up previously to flawed Alethi ideals about masculinity. But Adolin has also looked up to and idolized Dalinar as a great man who always looked out for his family, his followers, and his friends, which made him morally superior in Adolin's eyes to the other Alethi. Dalinar's admission that he killed Evi shatters so much of Adolin's world. And not only that - Dalinar killed innocents and the blameless. It's implied that Evi raised Adolin to be better than Alethi society, and after Evi's death, Dalinar continued that, first in Evi's name and then after Gavilar died, in the name of Nohadon. Evi and Dalinar succeeded, but at the expense of Adolin's horror at Dalinar's admissions and the rift it has caused. Adolin spends much of tWoK and WoR wrestling with the idea that Alethi ideals are terrible and his friends and girlfriends in Alethi high society are not who he wants to be. He makes all that growth, just to find out that his father, in his past, was all of that in spades. And sure, Adolin understands on some level that Odium and Nergaoul have been corrupting Dalinar for decades, which influenced Dalinar's decisions. But the wound is fresh and Adolin is going to need a lot of healing to come to terms with it.
  8. This is my take on Lirin. I didn't approve or like Lirin's choices in regards to his reactions and actions regarding Kaladin, but I temper it with two things: 1) Lirin is carrying some PTSD-like baggage for Tien's death and Kaladin's assumed-death (until very recently), which is coloring every interaction he has with Kaladin. 2) Lirin was Kaladin when he was younger. He was the Dark-eyed rebel rising above his station to challenge authority and the social order in Hearthstone. Lirin was the one that was going to take his superior intellect and training, even as a darkeyed citizen, save a bunch of people's lives and fight injustice and inequity. Only Lirin now blames his sticking his neck out directly with getting his family torn apart and devastated with Roshone.
  9. Other loopholes: 1) The agreement says the sides will send a champion, nowhere does it say they cannot send anyone else to fight with them 2) The agreement says the sides will send their champions to the top of Urithiru, it makes no mention of being in the Physical Realm 3) The agreement says the champions will not be harmed prior to the contest by either side's forces, it makes no mention of hiring a third party assassin (Mraize, etc). 4) The agreement says the champions will arrive to the contest unharmed, it says nothing about booby-trapping the top of Urithiru 5) The agreement says nothing about weaponry of the champions, Taravangian can spend the next 10 days trapping Szeth in Shinovar and stealing Nightblood for the duel 6) The agreement says nothing about hiring an immortal for a champion, what if Taravangian convinces Wit or Cultivation to be his champion for the right inducement? I forget the exact quote and where, but there's a passage in a previous book where Wit tells Dalinar he'll watch Roshar burn to get what he wants 7) Victory conditions: the agreement states Odium can't work against Dalinar's allies or their kingdoms, but it says nothing about subverting them to switch sides 8) Victory conditions: what if neither side can die, or what if both sides die. there are no conditions on Odium if there's a draw, as other people have pointed out
  10. It'll be interesting to see if Radiants can indeed become worldhoppers without losing their Radiancy. As RoW has just informed us, it's difficult to travel away from the Roshar system the more one is Invested, and what are their bonded spren partners but Investiture made sentient.
  11. Sisters, amirite? Can't live with them, can't turn them into mind-controlled voidlight monsters through nefarious plans.
  12. Or alternatively, Teft actively may not want leadership and official officer's duties. In the real-world Army, there are plenty of great soldiers with tons of experience that want nothing more than to be the best Sergeant of all time and to look after his men. Not everyone dreams of becoming General one day.
  13. Taravangian himself would approve (on his more intelligent, ruthless days)! Jasnah would too, in fact, Jasnah wouldn't even bother with the poison. She'd smoke him, open some windows, and never tell Dalinar to keep him compartmentalized..
  14. If he's gonna name it Type 4 Invested Entity, then he's gonna have to go full Alcatraz Vs. The Evil Librarians and name it Type 4 Invested Entity and the Search to Destroy More Evil, or some such.
  15. There may also be a religious parallel at play here too; just as the Church is revealed not to be the building / temple it is housed in, but the hearts of the people that identify with the Church, Urithiru may be revealed not to be the tower that houses it, but instead the Sibling / Bondsmith pairing that resided in the tower all along for dramatic effect.