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  1. I don't think we can call that as evidence as a limit to his capacity. I would say that is more indicative of the rate of absorption. That being said, the longer Nightblood is out, the more investiture is drains, possibly exponentially, so it may have been possible if he was just left out longer.
  2. Really? I think I might missed something; what part are you referring to that suggests a limit?
  3. Half the praise goes to you as well, you picked it up as well, and before me I think too!
  4. Full Spoilers for both Defending Elysium and Skyward!
  5. OMG, I just realized that: Skyward + Defending Elysium spoilers:
  6. I don't know about you guys, but I absolutely loved this book. For me, it outshines all his other non-cosmere books by far. And of all of his short stories, Defending Elysium was my favorite. So I am absolutely thrilled to find out that Defending Elysium was the prequel to Skyward (although I didn't put the two together until I came to the forums). So uhhhhh, does anyone know when Skyward 2 will be out? I believe he already submitted the final draft to his publisher correct?
  7. I'm not really adding much to this discussion (although I find it highly interesting as a lurker) but here is a WoB that states that Nightblood also originated for this story.
  8. Meh, guess we will have to agree to disagree then. Yes, the words of the Commands are simple but the mental visualization has always been the more difficult part of Awakening. You can't just stick 1000 breaths into a steel sword, say "destroy evil" and expect to get Nightblood. And as I mentioned before, the wording Vasher uses strongly suggests that he is doing the action of removing memories. That is one of my core pillars for my theory. I would also argue that taking part of a Breath makes it more complicated not less. Example: they managed to create lifeless with 50 breaths first before learning how to only use 1. And here is a WoB that is related to Self-Awakening and using Breath that does not belong to you. Lol sorry I couldn't help myself from talking. But in the end, I think we just have to agree to disagree and just wait patiently for the next Warbreaker book.
  9. idk guys, I still find it hard to accept that a 5-8 year old girl with one Breath in psychological shock was able to accomplish an Advanced Command Awakening all by herself. Not to mention that it is likely that this was her first Awakening. For context, Vivennia had to try several times for her first Awakening and she is not only older, but had hundreds of Breaths and the royal bloodline, both which makes Awakening easier. Also since we are discussing the English language and implications, there is this: This seems to heavily imply that Vasher is the one performing an action to remove memories. He could have easily said "I can teach you the commands to forget" or something similar, instead he said "I can make you" and "I will take it all from you". I'm still leaning towards a Collaborative Awakening style. We haven't seen it before, but there is a lot of Awakening that we haven't seen (command breaking, nonverbal awakening, creating Type IV biochramtic entities, etc). We have even seen stuff that shouldn't be possible based on what we know of Awakening. Oathbringer:
  10. It might require two people to perform because Vasher had to be involved in the process somehow. All the girl said were the words, she is still missing the Intent/mental visualization required for Awakening. I doubt the girl could have removed her own memories so precisely when she didn't even know what the words were going to do. I think Vasher provided Intent and somehow specifically removed her memories.
  11. Oathbringer:
  12. Interesting thing to note is that Azure's sword is normal sized (someone correct me if I am wrong). Nightblood is larger than normal because it was designed for a Returned. So does this mean Azure's sword was not designed for a Returned? This might argue against Yesteel creating it for himself.
  13. Most traditional spiders spin webs to catch flying insects. Now correct me if I am wrong, but I don't think there are very many flying insects in Roshar. The frequent Highstorms and Weepings would have a high threshold for species developing flight and thus also making it less likely for convergent evolution to make a spider like organism that makes webs.
  14. That's partially because Shardblades are lighter than regular steel. Nightblood is heavier than regular steel and bigger than a regular sword (he was made for Returned), so it's still surprising that an aluminum sheath was able to block it so easily.
  15. So theoretically, awakening a cloth in a shape of a human would take less Breath than awakening a cloth in the shape of a dog which would take less Breath than a square piece of cloth right? Oathbringer Spoilers: Thoughts?