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  1. I liked it because of its themes, but I don't think Tomorrowland was a very good movie.
  2. For having a funny title text!
  3. I think team 2 has this. PreRadiance Kaladin and Hrathen are simply too weak, even when supported by Vin, to hold off Denth and Eshoni before Raoden could pull off some truly scary AonDor.
  4. Is this still accepting players?
  5. I graduated college/university a year and a month and two days ago.
  6. On the "boys don't read books for girls" thing: When I was a kid, my mom wanted me to read "good" literature, which to her meant reading newberry medal stuff. One day she went to the library and brought back Caddie Woodlawn, which I at first steadfastly refused to read because it was about a girl. Somehow my mom managed to persaude me that I should read it regardless, and I ended up really liking it, but I always remember that whenever I hear someone say that boys don't read "girl" books.
  7. I say let Pat take as long as he needs. More time means better work. I think Sanderson would be better if he took longer to write. Yes, I said it. Brandon is all about monatization. Pat is much more artistically focused.
  8. Probably so. If that was true I'd imagine Mistborn would be primarily known for having a gay romance element, to the exclusion of all the other things it does. I imagine fandom would view it very differently, for better or worse. BTW, answering questions like this is what fanfic is for.
  9. Well, it would have changed the love story, I'm sure. Brandon has so far avoided writing gay characters, so I doubt male!Vin and Elend would have ended up together. Most likely one of the other crew members would have been female instead.
  10. I do not like toast.
  11. A while back I posted the thread, "What would you do with the Lord Ruler's powers?" I thought the ensuing debate was interesting, so I'm back with another question of the same sort. You just wake up one morning, and boom, you have a shardblade. What would you do with it? Assume it's the good kind of shardblade, the kind Kaladin has at the end of WoR: instant summons, shapeshifting weapon, etc. It's not sentient, though, and you don't get any other KR abilities. For bonus points, describe what you'd do if you had the Lord Ruler's powers as well as a shardblade.
  12. English is my mother tongue; I learned Latin and Koine Greek growing up. I have a smattering of Spanish, Arabic, and Swahili, since I studied those for travel reasons but stopping paying attention after I got home.
  13. How many points is a downloaded copy of everything in wikipedia as of the days the bombs fall?
  14. But wasn't Lerasium created by TLR using the Well? I seem to recall Brandon saying that at some point.