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  1. Heralds all have their Honorblades and spendid power, but when they die, they go to Damnation and be tortured. We think they're tortured because it's part of the Oathpact, but could it be that they were tortured before the Oathpact? Say the torturing was the bane for the boon of Honorblades? It's easy to think Honor handpicked the Heralds and gave them swords and power, as the swords are called Honorblades. But what if they're called Honorblades only because Honor made them? It could be forged by Honor and then given to the Heralds by Heralds by Nightwatcher as a boon. Say, they asked for power to fight a demon coming to their world. The Nightwatcher then gave them power and weapons to fight, but also made them tortured after they were killed. Then when Honor and Cultivation wanted to trap Odium to Roshar, they thought of those souls tortured in Damnation, and gave them another chance to be alive and fight again. And the oath for the pact was not that they should be tortured, but that they should fight and win. After some more thoughts, I think it will be very unwise to let your enemy torture your champions. What if he tried to tempt them and convert them to his side? Torturing them is not the best thing to do when you have your enemy's champions, even if you hate them so much. You should try to treat them and talk sense (or betrayal) into them. The torturing should be from the champions' side, and it is very realistic, as champions are so often deserted by the crowd and the crown if they live long enough. Now, if it was Cultivation or Honor torturing the Heralds on Damnation, Damnation may not belong to Odium after all. There was a Tranquilline Hall, a Damnation, and roshar in the star system. The Listeners were the natives of Roshar and was the original worshipper of Honor. Humans were the natives of the Tranquilline Hall and brought Odium over. So Damnation belongs to Cultivation from the beginning! Cultivation may have been a mad scientist and say caused some greenhouse effect like disasters to happen and made her world Damnation. People hated her so much and Odium was attracted by the hatred into the star system. He got onto the only planet without a shard and later went with the humans there to Roshar, which had its own climate problems (the high storms).
  2. We know several dead shards now, mostly killed by the joint effort of Odium and Autonomy: Devotion, Dominion, Honor and Ambition. Now, I think they're all pro unshattering of the Aldonasium by their intent. Ambition: it is a proper ambition for a shard to want to be the whole, and the only whole Adonalsium. For a shard, he is almost at the top of the hierarchy of sentient beings. If he can have any real ambition to go up, it should be to be the only one at the top. Dominion: being at the top he can dominate his now peers. Devotion: well, it requires devotion to sacrifice your shardity to make a whole Adonalsium. Honor: he was all about uniting the others when he was talking to Dalinar. Strictly speaking, we don't know who he wanted Dalinar to unite, the Rosharians, or the other shards. In my opinion, it is very cultivating to grow a new Adonalsium from 1 or a few more shards. I think before Odium killed Honor, and the other dead shards, Honor was working with Cultivation to try to grow back Adonlsium, probably from Honor himself, without shardic investiture from other shards. The other dead shards may have helped, but in other ways. Odium and Autonomy don't want a whole Aldolnasium, understandably, so they killed Honor, and other shards who was sympathetic to the effort. Endowment should not care much about the growing back, but she will definitely give help if asked. Ruin will definitely not help, and may work with Odium to do damage if he had the time. Preservation should want to preserve the current situation, which is a shattered Adolnasium. But Harmony, though, may want a whole Adonalsium, as his intent is different from Ruin and Preservation both. So after he was in power for some time, an attack from another world began.
  3. When Szeth goes back to Urithiru with Dalinar, Vasher will sure notice his old sword, or the sword notice him, no?
  4. The Parshendi were lead to Szeth because it would give them a war against the humans. What did the Fused want? To war against the humans and destroy them all. Also a war will make the Parshendi search for more power to survive, which will force them to bring back the old gods. It makes perfect sense.
  5. heralds

    What's so different between Naladin and Kaladin, or Even Taladin?
  6. I think the story has more to it. The Mishim and human switching place, does it mean at a particular time, a female human once held the power of Cultivation and then gave up to become a sliver?
  7. If the white spren is the Willshaper spren, then it must not be lightspren as many people speculated.
  8. I think you actually got it wrong. It's not Hoid hating Bavadin because she restricts traveling in and out of Taldain. I think it's Bavadin restricting traveling because she and Hoid hates each other! Look at Obrodai, it will be another place Hoid will not be able to easily access!
  9. The old Knights Radiant got a Honor's Drop. If that was not the old name of the King's Drop, it must be another of the Ten Stones of Dawn.
  10. Why was Hoid named the Bearer of the First Gem? What is the First Gem? Is it part of the weapon they used to shatter Adonalsium? Perhaps they captured investitures of Adolnasium with, say 16 gems, and Hoid actually held the first, being the first to go near the omnipotent being to give the first strike?
  11. Whatever. At least the Pantheon as the We makes more sense. It doesn't need to be all personas, and Pantheon is obviously more than 1.
  12. Weren't the humans driven out of the tranquilline hall? Who drove them out? The people left on Ashyn? Did they come from elsewhere, go to Ashyn, drive the natives out to Roshar, and built the floating cities there? Or did some people on Ashyn drive the others out to Roshar, because they were destroying the ecosystem with their evil magic? Which side was Odium on, the driving side, or the driven side?
  13. The Sel and Threnody cases are not caused by the owners of the perpendicularities. They're hard to access because the owners of the perpendicularities are splintered. The FotS and Taldain cases are in a different group: they're hard to access because the owners of the perpendicualrities there don't want people to access the worlds. We know there're death traps on the island the Patji lake is on. We don't know why Taldain is hard to access, perhaps there are also death traps near the perpendicularity. We definitely know Bavadin didn't splinter herself to make the perpendicularity unstable. Patji set up a trap near his perpendicularity and call it a test. It's not hard to see the similarity to the isolation policy of Bavabin. Speaking of tests, the Sand Masters were tested before they can level up. Few other cultures we know in the Cosmere have such dangerous tests. It looks like Autonomy love testing people to see if they can live on their own under extreme conditions, and it fits its Intent.
  14. And the Cognitive Realm on Sel can be cleared for easy access from other worlds. Only the greatshell the Alethi needing to deal with is now the size of a planet.
  15. 1. The whole Pantheon on the First of the Sun is made up different personas of Autonomy, and it fits the WOB; 2. The shardpool of Patji is dangerous for worldhoppers because it's Autonomy's shardpool, who doesn't want foreign intervention. Taldain's hard to access as well; 3. The "We" here does not stand for all the personas of Bavadin, just the Pantheon on the First of the Sun. It is a Pantheon, so the "We", not an "I"; 4. The past relationship Bavadin mentioned may very well be the cooperation to shatter the Adonalsium. They may not have got along with each other, they did work together to do something big, presumably to save the world. And now Hoid wanted to ask for help to save the world again.