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  1. When Szeth goes back to Urithiru with Dalinar, Vasher will sure notice his old sword, or the sword notice him, no?
  2. The Parshendi were lead to Szeth because it would give them a war against the humans. What did the Fused want? To war against the humans and destroy them all. Also a war will make the Parshendi search for more power to survive, which will force them to bring back the old gods. It makes perfect sense.
  3. heralds

    What's so different between Naladin and Kaladin, or Even Taladin?
  4. I think the story has more to it. The Mishim and human switching place, does it mean at a particular time, a female human once held the power of Cultivation and then gave up to become a sliver?
  5. If the white spren is the Willshaper spren, then it must not be lightspren as many people speculated.
  6. I think you actually got it wrong. It's not Hoid hating Bavadin because she restricts traveling in and out of Taldain. I think it's Bavadin restricting traveling because she and Hoid hates each other! Look at Obrodai, it will be another place Hoid will not be able to easily access!
  7. The old Knights Radiant got a Honor's Drop. If that was not the old name of the King's Drop, it must be another of the Ten Stones of Dawn.
  8. Why was Hoid named the Bearer of the First Gem? What is the First Gem? Is it part of the weapon they used to shatter Adonalsium? Perhaps they captured investitures of Adolnasium with, say 16 gems, and Hoid actually held the first, being the first to go near the omnipotent being to give the first strike?
  9. Whatever. At least the Pantheon as the We makes more sense. It doesn't need to be all personas, and Pantheon is obviously more than 1.
  10. Weren't the humans driven out of the tranquilline hall? Who drove them out? The people left on Ashyn? Did they come from elsewhere, go to Ashyn, drive the natives out to Roshar, and built the floating cities there? Or did some people on Ashyn drive the others out to Roshar, because they were destroying the ecosystem with their evil magic? Which side was Odium on, the driving side, or the driven side?
  11. The Sel and Threnody cases are not caused by the owners of the perpendicularities. They're hard to access because the owners of the perpendicularities are splintered. The FotS and Taldain cases are in a different group: they're hard to access because the owners of the perpendicualrities there don't want people to access the worlds. We know there're death traps on the island the Patji lake is on. We don't know why Taldain is hard to access, perhaps there are also death traps near the perpendicularity. We definitely know Bavadin didn't splinter herself to make the perpendicularity unstable. Patji set up a trap near his perpendicularity and call it a test. It's not hard to see the similarity to the isolation policy of Bavabin. Speaking of tests, the Sand Masters were tested before they can level up. Few other cultures we know in the Cosmere have such dangerous tests. It looks like Autonomy love testing people to see if they can live on their own under extreme conditions, and it fits its Intent.
  12. And the Cognitive Realm on Sel can be cleared for easy access from other worlds. Only the greatshell the Alethi needing to deal with is now the size of a planet.
  13. 1. The whole Pantheon on the First of the Sun is made up different personas of Autonomy, and it fits the WOB; 2. The shardpool of Patji is dangerous for worldhoppers because it's Autonomy's shardpool, who doesn't want foreign intervention. Taldain's hard to access as well; 3. The "We" here does not stand for all the personas of Bavadin, just the Pantheon on the First of the Sun. It is a Pantheon, so the "We", not an "I"; 4. The past relationship Bavadin mentioned may very well be the cooperation to shatter the Adonalsium. They may not have got along with each other, they did work together to do something big, presumably to save the world. And now Hoid wanted to ask for help to save the world again.
  14. In OB, Hoid said he vowed to always be there when he is needed. I think this vow is what kept him from taking up a shard. And this vow sounds very much like a promise you will make to someone dying.
  15. sigizil

    Because he is able to remember a lot of things and cares for other people?