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  1. Isn't there something in the Ars Arcanum about willshapers allowing contact with the greater Spren and taking people to meet them? If so that would imply that they can take others into shadesmar and I think we've had it confirmed that you can use shadesmar to worldhop so that would in turn imply you can take others with you if you have the right inv turn. Sorry for any mistakes I'm working from memory here and that's never been my strongsuit
  2. any ideas on UK signing dates if there are any?
  3. Gotta go with Seth Purely on the grounds that If he has plenty of Stormlight he's going to survive/heal almost anything apart from decapitation but a single hit on Vin with a Shardblade and she is pretty much dead. Her ability with pushing and pulling is wiped out as Seth can fly (I know it's not technically flying but it's close enough) and any coins etc she shoots at him he's either going to divert into something picked up to act as a makeshift shield or just allow to hit him and heal from it. I would think he would simply get himself close and then any hit is either going to cripple her and make it easy or kill her outright. If Vin had Atium however this would be completely different as she could dodge Szeth's attacks until an opening appears to allow a single killing blow (decapitation, crushing the brain etc)
  4. so I've just been reading the transcription from SLCC and there is a mention of a new metal, Harmonium, which might also answer your question.
  5. I thought that they sounded more like cryptic's than Ivory but I don't remember seeing any WOB confirming this and I don't think that the story would really need a second Lightweaver but on the other hand there is no reason why there couldn't be more radiants of each order and it would certainly be more likely that there would be more than one rather than just a lone knight of each order
  6. Darn it lyht I've read those annotations as well and I really should have remembered that.
  7. Sorry the fish was a bit of an extreme example but given that the cognitive aspect of something has been stated to be how it is viewed and how it views itself I was just wondering if enough peoples view of something changed then could that change how the thing viewed itself and therefore affect a change in the physical or dies it also require investure to be involved?
  8. You managed to basically ask my next question in your edit. What would happen then if Vienna became queen and had kids but then a tragedy struck and they all died in a plague? Would the children of the second daughter (I can't remember her name right now) suddenly develop this ability? Also am I misunderstanding the quote or is it saying that this is then a direct effect of the spiritual realm on the physical?
  9. Okay so does that then mean that if enough people believe something or think of something in a certain way then it would alter that thing in the physical realm? For arguments sake if Vasher had persuaded all of Hallendren that a fish could speak would that fish suddenly develop the ability to speak. I just wonder how much influence the cognitive realm has on the physical and what those limitations may be and if they change from world to world. Ie soul casting on roshar or forging on sel
  10. Okay so we know that as a decendent of Vo the royal family can change the colour and length of their hair, Also their beards as I read in one Q&A which I found strangely amusing, but at what point do you become un-royal enough to lose this ability? We know that at least 2 out of 4 of Dedelins children could do this so I don't think it's a stretch to assume the other 2 could as well but what about his brothers and sisters? And their kids and so on and so on all the way back to Vo? I suppose what I'm asking here is why, over the course of the hundreds of years hasn't this resulted in an entire nation of people who can do this rather than just the one branch of a family and will the ability carry on into all of Dedelins grandchildren or only to Vienna children as she is his heir? Edited for some spelling mistakes but I probably missed some as well
  11. Thank you. I think I remember something about the parshendi not being of Odium originally now that you mention it and I know that Hoid etc were from Yolen but I didn't know that it had veen confirmed that the shattering had actually happened on Yolen.
  12. Sorry if this has been covered elsewhere and I've just missed it but I've been listening to a couple of Q&A's from last year and in one of them Brandon answers a question by saying tgat technically all of tge shards gave been on roshar. Do we think then that it is possible this could be the place that andolisium was shattered? Or failing that the planet andolisium resided on pre-shattering?
  13. Just a thought but I believe we have a WOB that scandrial is a low investure planet so if you were burning stormlight, which has s higher level of investure, rather than preservations mists would you become an even more powerful allomancer, be no more powerful but only need to burn a really small amount to have the same effect, or would it just overload you and burn you out? Please note I'm assuming that the person burning the stormlight is already a full power mistborn like the LR or Elend
  14. Thanks for the advice regarding double posting. I agree that it's questionable if this means a full Feruchemist but if he does consider himself a terrisman then you would think this is the sort of terminology he would be quite careful and precise with
  15. Sorry this should have been with the above quote. Its been a while since I read AOL but where does it say waynes dad was a full Feruchemist?