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  1. I absolutely LOVE the 1st book and I'm looking forward to the next. Was impressed with how much detail was seamlessly crammed into the story in such a natural way. The ending of book 1 was the best since Mistborn 3 for me. If you haven't read it yet then you should really give it a shot.
  2. Very disappointed in no audio version. Me and 3 other family members only listen to Brandons stories through audio format. Feels kinda crappy for the audiobook readers out there. I mean We even enjoyed the Rithmatis and you know how important imagery is to that story.
  3. Thank you! So I'm about done with book 2 and going to pick up 3. How important is the live ship trilogy to the overall story? I do find the story growing on me even though alot of the major twist so far have been pretty predictable (a reason i love brandons works...keeps me on my toes). If I could make it through wheel of time....than this should be np. Though I thinking of getting to the powder mage trilogy asap at some point.
  4. I'm honestly thinking of stopping after book 2 and just getting to the powder mage trilogy.
  5. Does it get better? Book 1 was fine but im 1/2 way through book 2 and it feels like a romance novel much more so than a epic fantasy series. I actually read "an ember in the ashes" a few weeks ago and it had less romance than the 1st half of this book. It feels like the romance is overshadowing the rest of the story. This is an epic 12 book series I just need to know if the romance takes a back seat later on and we can get more into the world and figuring out whats going on in the world.
  6. Got eye of the moonrat. Likely the 1st half and hated the rest of the book outside of the ogre scenes. Felt way to..rushed and YA for me. Read book one of the prince of thorns and just didnt like the main character and he didnt grow on me later. His goal for the next book made little sense to me and I didn't feel compelled t read the next book. Im liking the warded man so far. im about 2 hours into the audio version. Slower but more meaningful book.
  7. Anyone know if this is going to be a thing?
  8. "Tell me how did he die?" "...I will tell you how he lived" This is the heart of the issue I think. Epilogue can be vague at times and not offer the complete closure we always want but the point of the story is to take us in the lives of this characters and on their journey. How they fought How they loved How they lost how they cried How they accomplished Where they ultimately end up at the end is interesting to know to say the least but most stories are about the journey not the destination.
  9. Personally I loved the series. I have a thing for assassins though.
  10. Malazan Book of the Fallen I have 6 hours left in this audio book and the only reason im going to finish is to at least say i gave book 1 a shot. I simply do not care what happens to 90% of the cast... 1. book throws you in a ton of random viewpoints 2. 30% through the book you start to get a glimps of This post has been reported for attempting to skirt the rules is going on. 3. 50% through the book things are finally starting to makes sense.... 4. You barely stay with any group of viewpoint long enough to even care since as soon as you even think your starting to care the view point changes again to some random people who do not care for. If you like a M. bay movies where you dont need to think but you get nice explosions and can go "OOOooo nice!" To be fair the book are not simple and are complicated enough to demand attention to understand whats going on. You get huge magic and introduce to serveral super powerful characters that do really cool things but thats where the entertainment ends....there is nothing at least in the 1st book to make you CARE about why all these awesome things are happening. If you like big plots and people with crazy powers with limitless potential with people over 100k years old you may like these stories. If you want to actually connect to any characters or care about a plot after you spend 1/2 the book trying to even get a clue of than this book likely isn't for you.
  11. I had always thought It was just another AImian but after watching Brandon write the outline of e scene in real time It's confirmed that its the same Axies from book 1! I didnt see this mentioned in the WIKI or here already so.... Thoughts?!
  12. Good Catch! I guess we will know for sure after reading "Nightblade".
  13. He had a hard time with the blade when Adolin first gave it to him he Grimaced. He being a radiant means he would hear the death screams of the spren as he touches the blade just like every other KR.
  14. The ONLY KR who does not have a spren blade is Dalinar since the stormfather told him he wouldn't be a blade for him like the others. Every other KR we have seen has a "Sprenblade" as soon as they say the oath of their order. IF Renarin claims to be a Truth seeker he must have said his oath meaning he must have a blade....
  15. 1. possibly but he's had it this long so who knows