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  1. Don't be silly. It's because Poe wrote on both .
  2. Actually, I'm pretty sure that's just an internet thing. I'm not claiming responsibility for the phenomenon, in any case.
  3. Except he has to say it like this:
  4. *sigh* I'm going to miss the lost potential of the Jasnah-Hoid travel log. I suppose there is always the chance it will come up in Jasnah's flashbacks... Hoid: Would you like to know how I judge the experience of your company, measured in terms of blows to the head? Jasnah: Shut up, Wit. Pattern: No mating...
  5. Book: Shallan is feeling successful and mature. Me: This is obviously an ironic setup, but what could possibly happen to bring Shallan down a notch? Also me: Jasnah storming Kholin. Book: Jasnah walks it. Me: Storm it. Also me: *smiles smugly*
  6. The first interlude needs to be from Jasnah's perspective. And she needs to tearfully run to embrace Shallan and apologize for leaving her. There are feels. And then she realizes that everyone is watching and Elsecalls away in embarrassment. And we spend the rest of the book trying to find her again. It's probably a good thing I didn't write this book.
  7. Are you implying that you only make good puns? I find that unlikely. I got Hoid, so this quiz must be perfectly accurate.
  8. And now onto something completely different! I just can't help but hear @FeatherWriter's delightful reactions in my head whenever Renarin is mentioned. "No Shallan, no! You don't get to exchange information about ancient evils with my baby after you tried to gag him and called him creepy. Just... no. #NoDeadKholins2017." Anyone else disappointed that we're not going to get Splintercast Reads Renarin & Steris Forever Oathbringer?
  9. Hmm...I guess it's a reasonable reading that he had been taking the gauntlet off and on the whole fight when he needed to heal someone, rather than just taking it off at the end for no explicable reason, which is how I read it. Feels like it could have been written clearer either way Another question that's occurred to me: is contact actually required for Renarin to use regrowth? Hand contact specifically? Lift seems to be able to use it just by breathing on people, in which case Renarin should just be able to raise his visor. Is this a difference between orders? Renarin just doesn't understand his powers yet? Lift is just awesome? I'm reading too much into it?
  10. In the WoK prologue, Szeth mentions that wearing Plate would somehow interfere with his surgebinding. Most theories presumed that this was a limitation of modern Plate (which explained why the Radiants in the visions could Windrun in Plate) but Renarin surgebinding in Dalinar's old Plate would seem to contradict this. So either we're misreading what Renarin was doing, or Szeth wasn't entirely correct. There is definately some kind of interaction between Plate and a Radiant's use of stormlight (see Kaladin in the area) but the exact nature remains unclear, I think. Edit: wow, double ninja'd.
  11. All right, I'm in a post-y mood. Let's see... Kylo Ren is the best character in Episode VII. The grind-fest at the end of Shadow of War isn't that bad. The storytelling in the Five Nights at Freddy's games is excellent. Candy corn is the best and should be sold year-round.
  12. You've basically just said what I've spent the last 20 minutes trying to compose. So...thanks? In a weird way, I agree with @Calderis in that morality is byproduct of the natural consequences of actions. I just also believe there are meta-physical consequences to our actions that aren't readily visible to our limited human perception. I guess when I say "absolute morality", that's really all I mean. I'm also arrogant (errorgant?) enough to think my religion teaches those consequences properly when most others get it wrong . I also second the love for the engaging and civil discussion. Calderis, you're extra-awesome for having to defend your position against the rest of us. Those who come by their beliefs (or lack thereof) honestly are always better than blind zealots, by my reckoning. Also, sweet Harmony, it takes me forever to write posts, which is part of why I rarely jump into active discussions. Edit: it just occurred to me that comparing people to "blind zealots" isn't a very high bar, but hopefully ya'll get what I mean. Self-examination is good. Moving on now...
  13. *Deep breath* Okay, jumping in on the discussion of morality! My beliefs on the subject ultimately boil down to: absolute truth and morality exist, but we humans are often so bad at discerning them, that we just have to muddy through and, as Nohadon says, take things on a case-by-case basis. I leave it to God to clean up when our judgement falls short (which is often). (As an aside @Calderis, I find your statement that "Moral absolutes ... eventually find everyone guilty" very interesting, because that's exactly what my theology says. Hence the need for a perfect Savior to redeem everyone. ) Concerning Taravangian: I think what we need to acknowledge is that, in my opinion, his long-term decision making ability is significantly impaired. Think about it: he oscillates between sociopathy and genius to over-sensitivity and near-vegitativness. While not often to these extremes, his perceptions of the world still shifts daily. As someone with a bipolar disorder, I can bear witness to how shifting mental states can seriously mess-up how you see things long-term (forgetting even the short-term problems). Think about how someone with depression can lose the ability to see positive things in the world. Now replace that with a megalomaniacal delusion that you can make all the best decisions for everyone in the world (and that you could convince people of this). This is not conducive to making sound rational decisions, no matter how "smart" you are. Consider Taravangian's own observation that, at extreme levels of intelligence, he can be nearly as "stupid" as at the same level of dimwitted-ness. Now consider that the Diagram was made when he was transcendentally brilliant. The fact that Average!Taravangian puts so much faith in the Diagram is what causes me the most concern. He doesn't even really know what the end-goal of the Diagram is; he doesn't remember writing it, and has himself acknowledged how much his world-view can shift with his intelligence. (Note that this changes somewhat if the Diagram was the direct result of outside influence, but what's important here is Taravangian's viewpoint). This is where I struggle. He obviously feels guilt over his actions and feels he is beyond redemption, but, as others have pointed out, this does nothing to change his behavior. As far as we know, even at his most empathetic, he doesn't do anything to alter course. This consistent, blind faith in an entity he knows to be a sociopathic megalomaniac is...if not evil in and of itself is either bafflingly arrogant or foolhardy. Then again, some of the decisions I've made while hypomanic probably appeared a little arrogant and foolhardy...The Point (TM) is that, no matter how good an idea it seemed at the time, I should not have spent $100+ dollars on GURPS supplements, and Taravangian should not be following the mad rantings of his super-powered evil side. Looping back to my original point, I don't think we quite have the necessary perspective to judge Good or Evil in this case. He's effectively suffering from a mental disorder impairing his judgment as well as what is effectively religious zealotry, both of which make it harder to adequately weigh his intentions. So, for now I'll go with "greatly misguided, and in need of a good butt-kicking". Cudos to Sanderson for writing such interesting characters that make us confront and examine our own morality. As far as him becoming a radiant, I'd like to think that the entry requirements result in radiants tending to be better people overall...but I would not be at all surprised to see him end up as a Bondsmith.
  14. Too late, someone thoughtlessly upvoted me in another thread. Now I am Svrakiss! *rawr*
  15. When "Torturer of Heralds" is considered an honorific.