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  1. Good job getting the high resolution glyphs! They look awesome. Maybe with them we can figure out some of the secrets Isaac and Peter are not sharing.
  2. Yes there is! There are spren who hang around skyeels and chasmfiends. True they are likely nature spren rather than emotion spren, but they are still attracted to some non sentient entities.
  3. It could just be a product of the horneater language. Their syntax is different than alethi. Or maybe that is how horneaters refer to objects. For instance, in spanish all objects have a gender, so maybe a sword is masculine in horneater. It could also be similar to how we refer to ships as "her". Before the battle at narak, has Rock ever been close enough to a shardblade to possibly guess that they are dead spren? There are no shards on the peaks, sadeas didn't have a blade when his (horneater word for leader) came down to challenge. And since he was cook, he was never on guard duty. He was there when Dalinar gave sadeas oathbringer, but Rock was in the crowd, not up close. I wonder if Rock could have figured out the spren connection had he seen one close up.
  4. @seloun, this thing, you make it sound easy. You are not airsick like other lowlanders. You must be cousin! If you come to the peaks, I will make you family!
  5. that is exactly what I was thinking when I wrote it! But it applies just as well to the cosmere's 17th shard. @seloun, those are good! I especially like szeth's ketek, so minimal, but captures him exactly.
  6. What color are shallan and jasnah's eyes? Do they follow the gemstone/eyecolor rule too now that they are shard weilding surgebinders? I don't recall anyone having red eyes, light or dark, besides the stormform parshendi, and shallan would have to be garnet red for the pattern to hold. I am not convinced that this is a firm rule without more proof.
  7. Maybe you can fix the noun to verb on szeths by changing "still living" to "still alive". Life to alive isn't too much of a strech is it? Great job, by the way. I like them better than my ketek for Hoid, though to be honest I created half of it while falling asleep. Hoid is where trouble starts World hopper Roamer Hopping worlds starts trouble Where is hoid?
  8. Actually, the double eye symbol of the Radiants is a glyph, or at least there is an option to shape it as such. on the back of Amaram's cloak it was shaped as the glyph "oath" . See the very end of chapter 55, Rules of the Game.
  9. Knitted spren?!?! What an awesome idea! I guess I know what I'll be trying to work on this weekend! Now what sort of spren do I want...hmmm...
  10. That's amazing! I love it! Did you already have these legos or did you have to go out and buy them special?
  11. *speculation* Could those points of convergence be locations of shardpools?
  12. You mean this quote? I have been thinking about this line. H isn't the only letter in the woman's script that has diacritical marks. Does that mean other letters can be considered symetrical for each other? R and L? D and TH? G and CH?
  13. That's a spoof from Young Frankenstine, right? Been a while since I've seen that. Upvote for the laugh you gave me! I had never actually thought about which arm was missing before...weird. oh darn, I will just have to reread WoK and WoR to see if they slipped in a reference while talking about Lopen carring water skins or the rope. But i'd bet that wherever Lopen's missing arm is, it is making obnoixous gestures at our confusion!
  14. You might be on to something here. It could just be a stylistic choice, making the coastline look so blocky. But it would be sneaky to hide writing there. Now we just need to summon our master gylph decoder for his take on the suspicious coastline.
  15. This may seem off topic, but the boarder around the colored Roshar map reminds me of architecture decorations, like you would find around frescos or mosaics in classical style buildings (brought to mind decor in the US capitol building). I wonder if the map is a sketch of one from a fancy building, like the gallery of maps, but with more than the shattered plains, obviously.