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  1. Hey everyone! A couple of my buddies and myself are knee-deep in an off-the-wall Sanderson-inspired tabletop mini-series we've entitled MICEBORN! The title might give it away, but it is a Mistborn-themed adventure that has been lovingly mashed up with Redwall! It's only four episodes long and two of them have already dropped with the other two dropping on 5/18 and 5/25. Each episode is just under an hour so it's not a huge commitment, but we wanted to make any podcast listeners out there aware of this project. We had a blast recording it and we drop a TON of easter eggs for other Sanderson works throughout, but for the most part, we keep it spoiler-free for all Sanderson-related books. We hope all of you enjoy listening to this mashup and hope you stick around for our other mini-campaigns! Thanks for your support and sharing with your friends! Episode 1: https://www.improvtabletop.com/e/miceborn1/ Episode 2: https://www.improvtabletop.com/e/miceborn2/ (You can also look us up on popular podcatchers) -Improv Tabletop
  2. Is there any information on what 'the thrill' is? I'm speculating that it might be from odium. It would explain why dalinar started 'losing' it in way of kings the more he thought about the radiants and such.
  3. Huh. I totally missed that Eshoni was using the thrill at the end and not Adolin. Thanks for the reminder!!!
  4. Thanks moogle!
  5. I would give away my children for this game....
  6. Oh yes! I would LOVE to get some spiky, Inquisitor infested gifts!
  7. If this prize was a birthday cake, I would be eating all year round. Count me in!