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  1. Could another full Shard gather up any of the chunks for a power boost? Might be interesting. And adding some Ambition would probably only make their intent stronger without too much overall change
  2. Pretty sure, if I'm wrong someone still come along to correct me, that Aviar form a bond with a worm? Parasite? Whatever, on the main island. So that's probably giving them a link to whatever investiture is being accessed. And I think i saw a WoB saying that there WAS a shard there at one point so maybe it's residual from whatever shard that was?
  3. Alrighty
  4. Hence why I said basically.
  5. Not gonna go to the trouble of finding it, but in one of the Germany signing WoB he basically admitted that Kelsier spiked his CS to a mistwraith Edit: so if his CS is "stapled" on by a spike he must still be a CS. You take the spike away and he reverts to a CS
  6. Most wheel of time rereads I've done I skipped book one because it's so storming slow...
  7. Well it seems a theme that the more "dangerous" of the 2 surges is saved until they're later in their Oaths for each order, obviously more so for Skybreakers than any other but only because of HOW dangerous division is, and we've seen a lot of gravitation but not much adhesion for Windrunners so there's that. Plus I doubt any one surge will be completely useless when u have access to another. Mixing powers is a theme in the Cosmere, but when u only have access to 2 powers ur probably going to figure out the best ways to combine them.
  8. Everything's kind of on a spectrum. Aluminum is on one end of the spectrum, it resists all forms of Investiture pretty well from a magical sense, non invested objects are what would be the opposite of that, since they can be effected easiest. Doesn't matter of its pushes pulls or getting cut with a shard blade. Invested objects/ people are inbetween those depending on how invested they are. But I don't think we've seen anything that stands out as WAAY easier to be affected that I can think of.
  9. I was finishing the wheel of time series, so when he did the towers of midnight I wanna say? I discovered the WoK and I've been hooked ever since. The fact that he was able to match Robert Jordan's writing style pretty damnation well sold me on Sanderson 100%
  10. Well idk if ur the only one who skimmed over it, but pretty sure no one in world got the chance to read WoA lol
  11. Honestly tho. Atleast he's actually working on something, unlike that other guy
  12. Did you mean: The Winds of Winter
  13. Jasnah is probably the person who's been a KR the longest as far as we know. She had a bond before WoK and we aren't even sure what Oath she's on, pretty sure I saw an argument that she might already have Plate that was pretty convincing
  14. I know u didn't, kind of made an assumption that, with how many people are turned into screaming disembodied voices, it would have had to of been a broad canvas as opposed to individual hits.
  15. I don't think Odium would willingly Invest that much into the entire human population of Roshar, it would weaken him more. And we know he's kind of against Investing in a planet, he just got stuck on Roshar. We know it takes a significant amount of Investiture to create a CS and for Odium to have granted enough Investiture to every single being any Herald or Szeth killed seems pretty unlikely