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  1. At a recent signing, Brandon Sanderson said that Ashyn (silence divine world, Roshar system) has no shard currently. One question then would be: Is Ashyn among the 10 core shardworlds.
  2. theory

    Since most/all of Bridge 4 seems to be in the process of becoming squires, a curious question arises: Can/will Rlain become a squire?
  3. Three possibility stand out to me here: 1. Shallan used the NPAM to kill, either using it to kill her mother or the others. In this case, the SAMENESS comes from the fact that both she and the NPAM together wrought that destruction and death. 2. Shallan was responsible for some of the deaths, while the NPAM (likely used by a dead man, or her father) was responsible for the rest of the deaths. The SAMENESS comes from the fact that she and the NPAM separately wrought that destruction and death. 3. (This one is more far-fetched, but yields possibly the strongest SAMENESS.) The NPAM caused Shallan to go berserk/possessed her, leading her to kill. The experience of, say, going berserk due to the NPAM would likely have caused her to consider herself and the NPAM as monsters in much the same way. (This 3rd option connects well with, say, an amplified version of the Thrill or something else Odium-related.)
  4. One tie to religion that stood out to me was the name "Adonalsium". It is just so similar to Adonai, one of the Judeo-Christian (and hence also LDS) names for God. I suspect that was where he got the name from, though if anyone has a different idea, I'm all ears. In fact, I have long thought that the relationship between the words "Adonai" and "Adonalsium" felt very similar to the relationship between "Ati" and "Atium" or "Leras" and "Lerasium".
  5. On spren sentience, the reason Syl seemed to lack intelligence was because of the process of moving from Shadesmar to the physical world. In Shadesmar, spren would show there true intelligence. And Jasnah states about spren, “Spren are wild in their variety. Some are as clever as humans and create cities. Others are like fish and simply swim in the currents.” So it would appear that spren do vary in their intelligence, with some being naturally sentient and others not.
  6. I suspect that aluminum's inertness is tied to some of the properties of burning it and duralumin. When a person burns duralumin, all presently burning metal stores quickly burn up. However, the duralumin store itself remains unaffected. In Mistborn, when Vin burned aluminum, all her metal stores vanished, including the aluminum store. However, I suspect that the canon surrounding aluminum's inertness and aluminum burning may not have been cemented at the time. This, then, is my prediction: I predict that aluminum and duralumin are unaffected by the burning of aluminum, duralumin, chromium, and nicrosil, and that the same property that allows them to be unaffected by these also makes them unaffected by the burning of iron and steel. (I wonder if Sazed can see aluminum clearly and change words in it, or if it shines brightly like all other metals?)
  7. I guess my motivation for this question was that when Vin burned gold, she found herself split between her own body and the body of her past self or gold image, and both bodies moved independently. What I was truly wondering was: 1) Can a person burning gold move away from their gold image, or are they stuck a specific distance from each other, like a malatium image? 2) Can a person burning gold see their true surroundings from both bodies, or are they forced to solely focus on the other person? In the only instance we have of someone burning gold, Vin was with Kelsier while waiting for Marsh. There wasn't really anything going on around her, and it was her first time using gold, so the fact that she didn't mention her surroundings needn't mean she couldn't have observed them if she had tried.
  8. Could an Augur (a gold misting) use their gold image as an undetectable scout?
  9. Only the First Ideal is shared by all the orders. Second through Fifth Ideals are unique to each order. Also, since the list of attributes in the back of the book is stated to be a partial list, the other Ideals may not directly deal with protecting.
  10. In the Warbreaker Ch. 35 Annotation, Brandon describes why some people go crazy with Nightblood while others don't. "When Nightblood was created, the Breaths infused in him did their best to interpret their Command. What they decided was evil was someone who would try to take the sword and use it for evil purposes, selling it, manipulating and extorting others, that sort of thing. Someone who wouldn't want the sword for those reasons was determined to be good. If they touch the weapon, they feel sick. If others touch the weapon, their desire to kill and destroy with it is enhanced greatly." The reason the only two people we see touching Nightblood without going crazy are Vivenna and Vasher is that most people Nightblood wouldn't kill wouldn't want to touch the sword in the first place. Even Vivenna had to be commanded by Vasher to touch it. Just coming close to Nightblood made her feel nauseous. I have to say, if I found a sword that made me feel nauseous just being around it, I think I might just leave it be.
  11. I suspect that the Aons would be the focuses of Elantrian magic, and maybe the bone formations the focus of the Dahkor magic (in other words, the focus of Selian magic is the symbols).
  12. Brandon said that the metals act as a focus for the power of preservation. Is it possible that that language might also apply to colors in Warbreaker, or is the only similarity their physical aspect?
  13. Has Brandon already RAFO'ed the question of Seons being splinters of Aona? If he has, then another question to help get to the bottom of that would be: "We have already learned that humans cannot be splinters, they can only have splinters (As in the Deific Breaths of the Returned). What about a nonhuman? Can a nonhuman, conscious entity be a splinter?" If the answer is no, then we know that Seons and Skaze cannot be splinters.
  14. By the way, all my information on the time since the first returned comes from Hoid's speech to Siri. Pg.345: "'The workings of the souls of men—their power to animate ordinary objects and the dead to life—is something discovered barely four centuries ago. A short time, by the accounting of gods.'" Pg.344: "'Should I not speak of the Manywar, of the shattering of kingdoms, of the Five Scholars, of Kalad the Usurper and his phantom army, which some say still hides in these jungles, waiting? Those are the events we focus upon, the ones men know the best. To speak only of them, however, is to ignore the history of three hundred years that led up to them. Would there have been a Manywar without knowledge of the Returned? It was a Returned, after all, who predicted the war and prompted Strifelover to attack the kingdoms across the mountains.” Pg.348 “'Five, Your Majesty,' the man said. 'Including His Immortal Majesty, Lord Susebron, but not including Peacegiver.' 'Five kings,' she said. 'In three hundred years?' Thus, there were 300 years between the First Returned and the Manywar, and 300 years between the Manywar and present day. Interestingly, it took almost 200 years after Vo, the First Returned, before Commands and Awakening were first discovered.
  15. And Helen Keller would take up her mantle as God...I mean, ahem, Lord Ruler.