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  1. I'm definitely interested in coming to a release party. I know that the owner of Epic in WVC is a huge fan, and probably will have copies on order as well.
  2. Hey all, Wondering how many people here have played Fiasco, by BullyPulpit Games. I really enjoy it, and after running several games of the Mistborn Adventure Game, have decided that most of those ended up being like a Fiasco story. I have since made a playset for Fiasco that is Mistborn themed, though it hasn't been playtested yet. Is anyone here interested in the rough draft? I'm more than willing to send it out to people if they would be willing to play it and tell me how it goes. Any takers?
  3. How often will we see updates to the Shardcast?
  4. Dear Santa Inquisitor, As a Coppercloud I understand that sometimes it is hard to find my house, especially with all those skaa inside. If I make it easy, will you promise me a spike of wonderful prizes? -ChaosModifier
  5. Yes! Yes I do want to win, to finally have an ARC of one of Brandon's books! I'd offer my soul as a bribe, but as a ginger I didn't come with one, would you take my roommates instead? He's tall and can reach things in high places easily, though does require more feeding...