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  1. When does the hugo packet come out? This is the first year I am voting? there are alot of good reads in it.
  2. delete my last post. I see I already posted this and for some reason the post was bad. Sorry.
  3. The Time Travellers Wife is the best audiobook I ever listened to. The movie sucked. The quality of the performances was outstanding. The audiobook of 'The Road' by Cormac McCarthy was great too. The movie for that one was lousy also. I think those were the two best audio books I listened to based on quality of the presentation and the quality of the book combined.
  4. As Brandon has noted on his blog... the entire series is up for a Hugo Award. TOR has put the ENTIRE series in the Hugo packet. So if you sign up for Gencon as a 'voting member' which is roughly $44 (exchange rate since its in England this year). You get the entire series for $44. You also get the 4 other nominees as well. So if you want to get into the WoT... here is a way to get it cheap.
  5. by bookmarks this means you can't sync where you left off? I have a droid phone, ipad, and a windows pc. So if i get to a certain point in an audiobook, i cant resume on another device? i have not used audiobooks? how hard is it to find where you left off? Can i get to a specific chapter easily? There are periods where I dont audio alot of books. I go into phases. can you set up email alerts saying 'you need to use or lose your tokens?' so i dont forget?
  6. Brandon Sanderson probably isn't that rare of a name. So though this is funny, I doubt this reference is to this Brandon.
  7. I thought I read somewhere that your monthly token can't be used for all books. Are there many books that you can't use your token on? How long can you stockpile tokens for? There may not be a book every month that I want and I may not want 12 audio books in a year.
  8. just got a jawbone up24. Looks like it had more features than fitbit. The top of the line fitbit got pulled from the market. For those who dont know its a bracelet that tracks your movement, calorie, burn, sleep cycle and charts it for you. Im dieting, so i figure Id give it a shot. Only takes height/weight/gender for calculating calorie burn. Doesn't do body fat percentage. This is dissappoint because the sites I have visited that do take body fat percentage, and I compare to those that don't. They over-estimate calorie burn. The sleep part of it is interesting, apparently I woke up 3 times last night and only had 2 hours of really deep sleep. Not sure how accurate this. Its kind of neat so far. Make me want to move so I can get to 10,000 steps/day (I Have a desk job). Its more of a toy than a necessity. The new one is pretty expensive ($150 at best buy). anyone else use these? Im on a diet. Down 20 pounds so far this year. I have been doing p90x3 (new 30 minute version starting week 11 out of 13) and I do hot yoga 5 nights/week.
  9. I listen to alot of audio books. I like them because I don't have to sit when I do it. It helps motivate me to move. I like them when the weather is nice. I like to listen to them when I ride my bike, take a walk, do the elliptical. Motivates me to go longer because I want to find out what happens next. Audible is $15/month and you get 1 book. Are these new releases? What do I get for my service fee? Though I listen to audio books, I doubt I would need more than 12-15 audio books/year. However, I dont want to sign up for this if its just a fee, then I have to buy all the books I want anyway. Ill just buy the audio books or get some out of the library.
  10. The Time Travelers Wife is the best audio book I ever listened to. The story has two characters in the first person and the audio book has a male and female actor voicing each. The quality of the audio book is outstanding. The movie is garbage. Its not just that its a good book, but the quality of the reading is terrific. I listen to alot of audio books. I like to listen to them in my car and when I take walks/ride my bike/workout, etc... It motivates me to move since I get to listen to a good book. I can tell the difference in the quality of the readings. This is the best one I have listened to. This is from a guy who does not like romance.
  11. congratulations. I discovered you when I found out you were picked to finish the WoT. I think alot of WoT fans are now Brandon Sanderson fans. Not sure I helped. I bought the audio. I am avoiding the forums here since I wont get to audio it for a few weeks. Its been cold in DC. I like to audio books when I take walks for exercise.
  12. I can't guarantee Ill make it. The post was also for Brandon's team. I don't know what airport he is flying into. Dulles would be easier. If you come from the airport you can take the free express part of the dulles toll road that has no traffic. If he is flying into Reagan getting out west is going to be tough that time of day.
  13. as an fyi to anyone coming from out of town... there is often alot of traffic in this area even at 7 pm on a weeknight. just park anywhere at the mall. there will be maps. you can't miss the B&N. Its 2 stories. That bookstore is usually pretty busy. one other thing... how spoiler free are these events? I won't have read the book by then. Ill be getting the audio book and Im going to save it for warm weather. I like to listen to warm books when I ride my bike or take long walks around the neighborhood. Too cold now for that.
  14. This got me curious. What NYT article do you think he is referring to? I live in Northern Virginia, so I can't make out it out to this. I don't know if its a secret so I can wait until afterwards. Anyone know if this speech will make it on youtube? Brandon is good about letting fans post his stuff on the web. This got me curious.
  15. This are very good. I discovered Brandon when he was selected to finish WoT. Like most WoT fans I was 'who is this kid?' Though your writing style is very different than RJs, I think you were the best choice to finish the series. The series needed a real fan who was also an experienced writer. It needed an author who has the right personality to collaborate with Team Jordan. To be honest, I had issues with a fair amount of what you did in the series , but that is understandable. Your writing style and the way you compose words is very different than RJ. I have pictured what it would be like for RJ to finish the Stormlight archive when I read A Memory of Light and knew that his style would contrast with yours alot. These posts are outstanding. For anyone really interesting in what Robert Jordan was like, I highly recommend going to youtube and searching for 'team jordan' there is a session at Jordancon where they talked about RJ and some of the stories are hysterical. Hey peter: how about a blog post about your role in this? I have a hunch you have had a more important role than most people realize?