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  1. Heh, basically nailed, I don't even have a excuse of inactivity, between jumping back and forth from day and night shifts and just spending my brief downtime running dungeons. So I definitely haven't given any time or thought to the game really, and that's definitely my bad, as I know how detrimental inactive players are for the village. I should have some time later tonight and tomorrow definitely if I'm still around, but was kind of half expected to be taken out already due to my inactivity. XD Edit: Are PMs open again?
  2. The red sun was shining down upon the land, it's crimson glare filtering in through the soot-stained windows, casting the most utterly depressing grim shadow over the entire inn, no matter how hard Grumbles tried to use artificial lighting to fix the nuance of the room. No matter how big or how he tried to place them around the room, sixteen candles did not seem like nearly enough light to combat the macabre tone of the room. He let out a helpless sigh, stopping his sweeping after the sixteenth push, in his constant, futile effort to keep the bar floor clean of dirt and ash constantly tracked in by the townsfolk. Not that he had too many visitors lately, it seemed. Whether it was his lack of a presence, or the patrons being deterred by something else he couldn't understand, Grumbles was perfectly fine with the lack of mess and chaos that came with being around other people. He knew that they found his behavior patterns jarring, and downright suspicious at times. Why there had even been that one fellow that recently turned up dead had talked about keeping a wary eye around the eccentric barkeep, and Grumbles couldn't but help mutter utter his breath about the potential problems that could cause. Swish, swish, swish. Push, push, push. Sweep, sweep, sweep. And with the final motion, he dumped out the pile of ash into the waste bin, only for it to be taken outside to be dumped into the canals eventually. But it would all come back down, raining from the ashmounts, only to collect on the ground and be tracked into The Letter Sixteen once again, waiting and ready to be swept up, again, by a crazy, grumbling innkeeper. Such was life. --- See, I'm not completely inactive! I've even got the unspecific un-game related RP to prove it! But I still haven't done that great of a job of keeping up on the threads and past day/night cycles. Was trying to look back at the last couple days, and I can safely say that I still have no actual firm suspicions. Gut a few gut feelings still, sure, but don't really want to go with solely that anymore. It does seem to be a growing trend where people are role-claiming in the light of a lynch, and while it can make sense to make sure that the village gets the info of what you've done with your powers for the sake of tracking all actions and all that, I want to make sure that people revealing such doesn't necessarily save them from the lynch, as that still can't tell what team you actually belong to. It does appear that we do have some sort of trusted people who have been cleared by our now confirmed seeker, so that's something we can at least go off of. It does look like the last lynch was pretty close around Assassin, so I'll go ahead and throw a vote back up on them for right now, and will actually try and getting off of Diablo 3 more often and paying more attention over here. XD
  3. Yeah, i went and upgraded to diablo 3, and have let that consume my soul and freetime. Will try browse the thread while at work and vote before the rollover, but im feeling pretty far behind atm. >.>
  4. Going back through the Day 1 lynch, and also have some of the same suspicions on Madagascar again, more or less now also with the knowledge of Dalinar's alignment, the vote very clearly looks like they took their vote off of Dalinar once it looked too close for comfort, and then voted for herself which basically didn't do much except save an eliminator. Also keeping an eye on Wonko for basically doing the same for Hemalurgic Headshot, but with the decent enough reasoning of not wanting to lynch someone of their first day of the game. Also I think there might of been discussion of them being a possible suspect for rioting shenanigans? Not entirely sure, still in the process of catching up. Doc 12, Araris, and Locke are the 3 players flying "Most Under the Radar" for me, which is a new suspicion system my #Paranoia has created for me, in which I take the 3 players I've paid the least attention to, or have had the smallest or no suspicions of at all -- which makes me suspicious of them for flying under the radar so well. But most Elim Teams like to try and split up some of their players so some are active and drawing some of the attention, while a few just kind of coast and glide by undetected because they never caused any stir or had any reason to draw accusations towards themselves. This weekend will be a little tough for me to post as often again, as I'll be going out for another Magic tournament. Got the SCG Open here in Columbus this weekend, going out to play some Modern! So that's what most of my time will be spent on.
  5. Phew, Grumbles picked a wild time to disappear for a couple days there. Something about repeating the same, repetitive actions over and over and over again... Heh, picked an interesting time to start playing Diablo 2 again, been a good few years but dived right back in with a majority of my time... will try not letting that happen for the rest of the game. With all that said, am definitely glad the focus on Dalinar wasn't completely unwarranted and yielded fantastic results. I know I was definitely unsure and would have dithered on the last vote, regardless. I'm not too sure about the double-up on Lopen, it does seem very likely that the Spiked could have a coinshot -- or at the very least a second Mistborn, knowing how Meta likes to troll -- but I wouldn't also completely dismiss the chance of a village coinshot going after him, especially with the previous discussion of the spiked having a lurcher. I still need to go actually read the last cycle and a half and not just the results, so won't make any type of poke votes yet, not until i can get a little bit more conviction.
  6. Eh. I basically expected this to happen, and kept debating with myself at work whether or not this lynch would actually have have merit... I guess we at least know Dalinar was telling the truth about pewter. And depending on how Meta does the roll for what metal Mistborns get each cycle, there'd be a slim chance of him getting pewter again. I honestly just figured the *safest* course of action was to just follow through with the lynch of Dalinar because of the off chance he was lying about actually having pewter to potentially stall for one last cycle, and that seemed to be the case regardless.... so, with that.... we still don't actually have much to go on. Something something about spilt milk and rusted metal.... As far as the night goes, I would just recommend we let our Power Roles use their best judgement as opposed to any actual coordination, especially sans PMs. I haven't been able to analyze any actual votes tallies/switches and manipulations to really get any solid leads off of that though. I've been trying to use my time away to not take how players are posting compared to their "usual play style", especially since I've been so far removed from the meta, and just been trying to find similar themes or ideas between posts, and get a feel for my suspicions that way. With that, I've definitely been keeping an eye on Lopen, Madagascar and Hemelurgic headshot. It may simply be tunneling in these first few cycles, but their posts just seem more or less echo chambers that are stirring things up more than leading anywhere, but like I said, that's just my initial feeling after semi-skimming things. Lopen should have enough past experience with myself and others to be able to direct the attacks on Wilson the first night to try and take out a potential key player, also planting the seed of their theory connection me to poor old dead Kip. See, I can come up with my own radical theories.
  7. Huh, well when your head is up on the chopping block, guess there's no reason to hold anything back. >.> That would indeed mean a second mistborn, given he's telling the truth, so that's at least something to keep an eye on. I honestly don't know if we keep the lynch focused on Dalinar, or not, given the role-claim. As there's really only one way to actually test it 100% going forward, and even if he's telling the truth then we still don't learn that much. We can't rely on going into the Night Cycles to have (hopefully village seekers) start scanning him because we can't trust there's not a Spiked Smoker as well. So do we go ahead on a lynch that won't yield us too many results, or do we focus elsewhere for now and keep the question on Dalinar pending? I'm honestly not really sure right now. But I'll go ahead and put the vote on Dalinar for now in case I can't post again before the rollover, because a revealed Mistborn isn't really going to be that useful going forward for the village, and the role-claim is one rusting good way to try and survive the lynch if he is indeed a Spiked. Best to just rip this bandaid and get it over with.
  8. You can totally paraphrase what people said to you in a PM, but of course that doesn't mean people will be able to take your word on what you're saying, especially when it comes to the words of a dead man. With that said, that is one raging koloss of a bandwagon on dalinar already, which isn't too surprising, but seems like people have definitely tunneled on that pretty hard. With all of the discussion of the coinshots so deliberately being told to go after Dalinar, if there were any Spiked Lurchers they totally would have targeted him, because like it's already been said, now we have to waste another lynch trying to figure it all out. Of course same could be said for if Dalinar is spiked too, so that leads nowhere. I'm going to resist the urge to just vote on Lopen for the convoluted assumptions involving me, as the whole Kipper-seeker connection was a bit of a stretch, and ultimately a moot point with his death. I was confused as to their vote last cycle too, but didn't have too much time to post in between then and now. I'll instead vote for Madagascar for right now, see if they have anything to add to the conversation (as storming fun as it is to read ) in terms of actual suspicions, and not just jumping their lynch around back and forth.
  9. So for no more PMs id assume no tineyes this game and we had a mistborn with tin for the 1st cycle. Interesting GM troll
  10. Actually not been up to much, just been checking in on my phone while at work to *try* and keep up on things, mostly failing. I poked vote on Wyrm earlier because we were talking in PMs, mostly discussing the latest news in Magic the Gathering. XD Just been trying to view the threads and get a "feel" for the posts again, since I've been gone so long from the forums and these games, my gut-instinct is a little off now, since I don't really have a pulse of how people tend to play, or typical behavioural tendencies that players have, etc. That said, Hemalurgic Headshot feels a little "off" to me so far. Their posts don't really seem to add much in the vein of actual discussion, just seem to be more or less posting for the sake of inactivity and putting forth the effort of participation to avoid the Crusades, without adding much substance to conversation. That said, that's just an initial feeling off of what I perused while at work all day, and I don't know players' current meta-play styles, so that might not be as unusual. Trying to avoid the current discussion of the Wilson/WGG thing right now, as most players have already hit all of the major talking points about it, so adding anything further would just obfuscate the debate at this point. It's either the WGG or it's not, and we just need to rely on power roles (Seekers, Lurchers, etc.) to keep on top of that for now until we can get actual verified results. As far as that goes, if we have any Village Seekers, they should have Scanned somebody last night, as that was definitely their best chance to start a Trust Team before anything else had happened. So if they got proper results, they should be communicating with whomever they scanned to work together going forward to earn and build trust and investigating the WGG further. But other than that... *Disclaimer* Just because somebody contacts you alleging to be a Seeker, I would not auto-confirm them as Village. Even if they are correct -- they very well might have scanned you -- but that doesn't guarantee their actual allegiance, so do not trust any Seekers yet, because you may not know the allegiance of the Seeker. I would recommend you *work* with them going forward to best coordinate things for the village, but I would not let them necessarily dictate what your actions are going to be, just yet.
  11. Well looks like I haven't been missing much in games, if we're still having this same old debate. I feel like I already did a RP of Grumbles having deja vu..... Either way. The possibilities or assumptions have basically all been laid out, of the old, infamous Wounded Gazelle Gambit or it being a team of Spiked trying to get rid of the most "dangerous reputation" players. Any of those can lead to assumptions of at least some sort of veteran player on the team, to be aware of Wilson being a target like that would be this big of a talking point (solely for the sake of it being a large talking point, it seems by now....) So instead of being completely sucked into that same old debate, over and over again.... (I'm really feeling a theme here, with these AGs......) Let's talk about something else to be aware of. So if there was a lurcher that did save Wilson from an attack, that gives them a starting point. Of course doesn't 100% verify her yet, but that gives any possible Seekers a starting point as well for the next cycle, starting with anyone that might've scanned last night. The Lurcher that protected Wilson can continue to do so for now, and any other lurchers continue to use their own discretion I guess. We'll see how the vote manipulations go for this cycle, and villagers probably shouldn't meddle too much unless there's a scary pile-on or bandwagon or something. Speaking of.....Wyrmhero [Redacted Vote] _____________________________ Grumbles walked out of his inn, wondering where that so called private detective Wyl Sharpe had gotten off too..... there crazy man had been muttering something about some sort of Promised End no longer being a thing....
  12. The scene was utter chaos, the solemn blanket of peace and calm that had always sheltered the village square had finally dissolved, like the final vapors of mist evaporating underneath the morning's red sun. People were shouting and running around, not quite sure what to do or how to properly respond to what was happening. Grumbles had come running out of his inn, too late to see the scene as it unfolded as he couldn't be interrupted from finishing whatever task he was finishing, but had plenty of time to see the aftermath. He muttered 16 prayers under his breath, entirely unsure of where to begin, just watching what was happening unfold before his very eyes. Like that funny word those in the Eastern Dominances would use for that strange feeling of experiencing something once before, but not really being able to shake the feeling. Well, there's not really too much to go off of right now, obviously. I think this night is more or less just keeping your head low and hoping you make the morning! Coinshots should be rather sparing, if not entirely reluctant to go full vigilante yet -- although it's your powers so use them at your own discretion! I'll probably be fairly limited in PM activity, as that's not really my style anymore. Paranoia is my best friend, and I don't tell nobody nuffin', so don't even try. I'd assume the role distribution is going to be super troll-ific, given the nature of the game, so we'll just have to wait and see what we can as the cycles go on. For now I'll just angrily grumble about everyone and everything via RP.
  13. Grumbles sat behind the bar, doing what he did best and maintaining his namesake by muttering and grumbling under his breath at every chance he got. The Letter Sixteen was his pride and joy, the most prominent -- and only -- inn that the entire cursed town had, and complaining was the only stress relief Grumbles had at having to constantly clean and reorganize the place. His wildly unreliable customers always complained to him that he was cleaning too much, that he was wiping down a mess or fixing a problem that wasn't there. Scrub. Scrub. Scrub. Wipe. Wipe. Wipe. Rinse. Rinse. Rinse. How could they not see the bloodstains soaked into the grain of the wood, the over-turned tables and broken glass? The Letter Sixteen was supposed to be a place of perfection, not this disheveled mess he couldn't help but constantly see no matter how hard he tried to keep it all clean and neat. He finished wiping the wall, trying to get the blurred and faded words to finally disappear, even though he would paint the wall fresh every week. The cryptic message would still bleed through, taunting Grumbles with it's illegible warning. Scrub. Scrub. Scrub. Wipe. Wipe. Wipe. Rinse. Grumbles sighed a breath of relief as he squeezed the cloth dry, finishing the final, sixteenth motion. He relished the splendid, fleeting moments, however rare they came. Then he took a look around the bar, seeing as night started to fall, the ash outside still falling well past twilight as the mists started to creep out of nowhere, slowly blanketing the town as it did every night, as it always had and always will. But with nightfall, and the rampaging rumours of the koloss and talks of curses and end of days, Grumbles knew that everybody would need a place to congregate and calmly, patiently talk things through. The last thing everybody needed was people making wild assumptions, believing lies and false promises, or whatever people would do to try and take advantage of others in such dire times as these. Grumbles muttered under his breath, looking around at the mess that still filled the inn, knowing that there was not nearly enough time to clean and properly prepare in time for people to start showing up. His stomach rumbled, and he idly wondered if there were any chefs he could hire in the town to help out with things around here....
  14. Grumbles sat at his desk as he did every night, following the same routine. He ran his callused fingers across the smooth, worn down wooden surface, etched with the countless scars and nicks that comes with age and fine, hard use. Each scratch and bump sung a memory for him, the forgotten chorus of a song long ago faded from memory. He couldn't remember the words, but he knew the steps for the dance. It was a brand new waltz, following all of the same movements; of the same song he had heard a thousand times before. Run his hand along the surface of the desk, checking each blemish and imperfection, making sure everything had stayed the same and nothing had changed and knocked on the wood three times. Check. Check. Check. Reach up and scratch the spot behind his ear three times for good luck. Check. Check. Check. He stood up, planting his weight on his left leg, pivoting into a half-turn and walking three steps to go distinguish the candle on the table next to his bead. Check. Check. Check. He muttered a curse, cursing the mists, cursing the ashfall, cursing the town and the Lord Ruler for going on and dying, leaving him and everybody in these rusting circumstances. He went to go and lie down, blinking three times to clear his head before closing his eyes for good and finally giving the long sigh of relief of finishing the day without making any mistakes. He couldn't but held have the nagging feeling of having experienced something similar at least once before, but not really understanding how or why. Even stranger was the fact that the sensation came and faded without triggering his nervous itches and making him start his whole routine over again. He finally reached his hand up to his mouth, giving three final prayers and one more - the final blessing. Three sets of five sets of three, and one more for good measure. 16. He never knew why the number had pleased him so much, but it always did. And as long as he could complete the day in sets of 16, he could rest easy, without a care in the world for what tomorrow's dawn would bring. Well, if anything could bring me out of my hiatus again, it would be the AG. So let's see what happens, shall we? Sign me up as Grumbles, the town crazy who nobody seems to ever understand....
  15. Elodin was lynched! They were the final Darkfriend Dreamwalker! Village wins! -------- I promise to get the write-up stories finished and posted as soon as possible. Hopefully starting after this weekend. (Participating in Magic the Gathering tournaments all weekend! ) Well done to the village and all the players for sticking this game out, and I apologize again for how long some of those rollovers and delays were, and appreciate everybody's patience and good spirit about everything! Will post the Docs and links later when I have more time to compile and get everything good to go. Thanks again, everybody!