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  1. Early after the Recreance there would also be a high incentive to 'lose' shards won in battle. Anyone you grant shards to instantly becomes a potential threat to your position so there would be a natural inclination to reduce the number of these threats and keep the amount of shards in your vicinity to a manageable level. You wouldn't want to just keep them in some cache for future use either, too risky.
  2. How high/unrealistic is 1000 broams really? Shadesmar cares about the Stormlight more than the gem itself so type of gem shouldn't matter. 1000 diamond broams is probably on par with Adolin's yearly fashion budget. So while certainly expensive for what it appears to be, I'm not sure it's prohibitively expensive. The oddest part of the exchange is that Kaladin just brushes off the price as being a Shadesmar oddity without really being curious what made the chain expensive.
  3. Do we actually know that? Whatever Adonalsium based mechanism would no longer work, you are assuming that the post-shattering Parshendi lifecycle isn't putting honorspren in Gemhearts, just as I am assuming that it is. Honor & Cultivation have been their for a while, just because they didn't create them doesn't mean they didn't change them.
  4. My take when reading OB was the corrupting of Parshendi is the Fused inhabiting a Parshendi's gemheart instead of a spren from Honor. Basically it's a corruption of Honor's mechanism to give Parshendi their forms.
  5. Instead of going big, why not small? Kaladin has often found himself up close and personal with opponents but has always gone with a knife, why not claws? And does the spren have to appear in their hand? If not, go MMA style and have the weapon appear as a sharp object from knees/elbow/forehead/feet etc? When WoR came out I wondered why they even have the spren appear as a physically directed weapon instead of just a small particle that flies around the battlefield based on the Radiants directed will.
  6. Are all early oaths superseded by later ones for the different orders? Or is this something exclusive to Skybreakers? If exclusive to Skybreakers it would be funny to me since you often see conflicting laws on the books but the most recent one takes precedent. As for the Skybreakers being not what we thought they were I agree but I wonder if what we are seeing now is what they have always been or if it is a result of the leadership of an insane Nale? I am actually looking forward to the Szeth focused book now because I can't wait to see what Brandon does with this.
  7. The law is simply a legal code not a moral one. Nothing more, nothing less. By itself it is not justice, it is not merciful. Can those things be incorporated into the legal code? Absolutely, but it is no less the law if it doesn't have those things. In fact, the concepts of justice, morality and mercy are much more ambiguous than the concept of law which makes where the OP's argument has gone even more mind boggling. And yes, the person or group that makes the laws are the ones with the biggest stick and it's been that way since the dawn of civilization.
  8. Don't forget the other person we know who has potentially met Cultivation: Lift. Lift tells Dalinar that he smells like 'her' which both thought meant the Nightwatcher but Dalinar's gift came directly from Cultivation.
  9. The one aspect that keeps jumping out on me when I think of the Shin vs the rest of the humans on Roshar is the lack of epicanthic fold which is prevalent throughout the rest of the continent. In our world there is thought that the fold evolved as a form of protection for the eye but other theories discounts this. Roshar isn't our world tho, so there may be more a case of it's prevalence where highstorms are a major concern. At the very least, it shows that there hasn't been a lot of genetic interaction between Shinovar and the rest of Roshar for a really long time. Perhaps even longer than we think because the 4 depictions of the Heralds all show them with an epicanthic fold...
  10. @eltari Congrats on the newborn! My son was born Oct 30th so I feel you, I ended up taking the late night feeding shift from my wife in order to read
  11. Hoid is also really big on the whole secrets and lies aspect of cryptics. Even the name for that type of spren is a great adjective for him! It really is a perfect fit.
  12. I believe it is stated in the book that there was only one Bondsmith at the time of the Recreance. The gem stories also mention only one Bondsmith when Urithuru was abandoned.
  13. To build on what @WhiteLeeopard said, a big part of Kaladin's growth is highlighted through Dalinar: failure is a part of the journey, the most important step is the next one, etc.
  14. It is strongly implied in one of the Listener songs from WoR that humans destroyed Natanatan creating the Shattered Plains. It could be evidence of what wielding a huge level of Stormlight is capable of and is pretty earth shattering (sorry couldn't help it ) So I wouldn't rule out what could be done with such a ridiculous amount of Investiture, especially with multiple sides in a war armed with them and influenced by Odium.
  15. Thinking about this some more I really like #3. I wonder if Dalinar will end up with the ability to re-forge Splintered Shards, and potentially Adonalsium itself. Pure speculation but makes me think that at the end of the first half Dalinar leaves Roshar thinking Odium has been defeated, perhaps for Sel or somewhere else with Hoid. With the power he is gaining and the second half having a separate cast of primary characters something has to happen to move him into the background.