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  1. The only one I found for adonalsium was "salon du Mai" the name of a group of artists founded during ww2 to, I believe, combat the nazi suppression of art. From what I can tell (since I don't speak French) there were either 16 or 17 founding members. Now this has nothing to do with anything in world but I found it an interesting piece of trivia as there are 16 shards of adonalsium or 16 shards plus Hoid. I think I know I've fallen down the rabbit hole as this makes me want to research the founding artists to see if I could find the names of shards. But I will resist as this is likely a coincidence.
  2. Is there WOB or a quote that says forgetting his wife was the curse, it always seemed like his boon to me. I figured he asked the night watcher to remove the pain of losing his wife and to accomplish this all memory of her was lost. For his curse I thought it might be writing cryptic messages about the future in his sleep. He's pretty sure he wrote the 62 days message, and knows what his curse is. I've also always thought he felt too guilty about Gavilars death. If he had a similar message prior to that somehow indicating harm to his brother and then proceeded to ignore the warning his guilt makes more sense to me.
  3. In the Gibletish Chapter of Way of Kings I noticed that "Adonalsium" is the first supposedly nonsense word Hoid/Wit says to Dalinar. I read somewhere else that another of Wit's words is Balderdash which is an anagram for Shardblade. And Wits whole discussion is about cutting up words to make other words. So I tried to find Anagrams for Adonalsium. The only one I could find was Salon Du Mai, which is the name of a French art group founded during WWII to resist the Nazi suppression of art. By my count I think there were 16 or 17 founding members, their website is in french and I don't read french so I could be off. If 16 there would be one for each shard, if 17 there would be one for each shard and Adonalsium. Coincidence? I can't decide. On the illustrations I noticed two things. First, I hadn't noticed before is that there is a River in Alethkar called Windrunner River (how did I miss that the first time?). Second, On the Map of Roshar on the edge of the stormward coast Northeast behid the shattered plains is "Dawn's Shadow." This got me to thinking (please bear in mind that my theory until proven otherwise for various reasons is that Cultivation's holder is named Dawn or something close but I won't go into my reasoning hear). If Honor was to be found in the West, could Cultivation be found in the East and if so then could her shardpool or something similar be located at Dawn's Shadow? If she is in the East then I wildly speculate that she somehow shattered the plains in her grief when Honor died. Some of this may be of no significance or it may all be exceptionally wrong but it amused me to think about.
  4. My first thought was this is literally from Words of Radiance. A book about light weavers. The first 3 lines seem to describe illusions of a sort. For the last line I don't know how it would fit in, other than it seems very cryptic. For Taln I don't think it is him directly, he'd be speaking in the third person and on the final page of WOK it mentions he speaks perfect Alethi with no hint of an accent. (He also says I have failed). I would accept it being a poem someone writes about Taln. It also would seem odd if it was just exposition in a Talon POV Chapter. Though I really would love one and hope for his POV.
  5. Regardless of whether soul casting would allow it, I see the problem as the 1-2 day hardening process. If you leave the "muck" outside to harden and your stormwardens are wrong about their predictions just once... I cannot see risking a literal "muck" storm if there is any other option.
  6. I'm not entirely sold on my ideas either and agree with some of the problems already brought up. With regard to the number of forms my thoughts are that each order would be a form of power. I'd put stormform parralel to Windrunners, because it reminds me of what Kaladin does in his vision if riding the storm. Each power form would have minor forms associated with it. But I admit this is a stretch and I need to think about it more.
  7. That could be. I thought the garden was where she killed her Father unttill I reread about the drawing. I think the lullaby gave me the mistaken impression they were in someone's bedroom in red carpet once white, not a dining room. I also picture that scene as very messy with signs of a fight, but I suppose that there is no real indication in the text that a half eaten dinner on the table would be necessarily disturbed.
  8. I'm glad the flashbacks are Shallan. I have the most questions about her and Szeth's past. But I would trade her flashbacks for Taln flashbacks in a heartbeat. I can't imagine a moment of his flashbacks that wouldn't tell me something I want to know now.
  9. Mine is the small edition and lacks the glyph. Does that give me an excuse to by the larger version for my reread?
  10. It was Balat. But I do t think he could know Shallan has a shardblade. If he did they could've sold it and solved all their problems without so much worry. It's not like she uses it. But if she killed her Father and crippled Balat with a normal sword it makes sense in a way.
  11. I was under the impression that shard blades don't glow. And if it where a a shard blade why wouldn't Shallan or her Father be bonded to it keeping it safe (wherever blades go). From the little we know if his personality I would think he wouldn't hesitate to bond a blade he could easily sever the bond if he wanted to give it to someone else later. Of course it could have a shard blade with a bunch of spheres too and that would explain the light so it could be.
  12. I've been thinking the night watcher and storm father are adonalsium spren. Adonalsium spren would be the first ones on Roshar pre-humans and therefore not born out of human ideals. Both seem to be not connected to particular ideas and both would be very powerful. Plus they are thought of as mother and father of spren which makes sense if they were the first spren. I think when cultivation and honor came each became friends with one of the powerful adonalsium spren which is why the night watcher would be associated/related to cultivation and if I am correct above would be protecting the Dawnshards. I believe in the Braxil interlude he mentions someone who stole a small black stone from the night watcher.
  13. I think she killed her father and the following is from her remembering it. WOK pg 560 says "Shallan froze, realizing for the first time what she'd been drawing. Not another scene from the alleyway, but a lavish room with thick, ornamented rug and swords on the walls. A long dining table, set with a half-eaten meal. And a dead man in fine clothing, lying face-first on the floor, blood pooling around him."
  14. I will guide those who are lost. Yet unnamed order 10.
  15. This is the first thread I’ve started and I haven’t read every other thread so I pre-apologize if any of this has been discussed or disproven elsewhere. I typed this up and it was pretty long so I'm using spoilers to hide my explanations for some points to give you the option of the short or long version. 1. Shardblades mimick Honor Blades, and Shardplate mimicks Dawnshards. 2. Cultivation's name is Dawn or some variation thereof. 3. The Parshendi call themselves listeners, they listen to a lot of songs it would make sense if they were "listening" to Dawnsingers. 4. Parshendi are of Cultivation, Jasnah is wrong about the voidbringers. 5. The WOK endpage with the non-KR surgebinding chart in my opinion is a Formbinding chart. Cultivation is a logical guess for the woman around the edges (there is a thread on this but I don’t have the link.) A. The following quote from WOK really stood out to me on my re-read from the chapter where bridge four first goes in the chasms and Kaldin is looking at a Parshendi knife B. The Glyphs for KR orders are like hilts to the Honorblades. I think that the Glyphs that correspond to orders on the second chart look like they could be made into stylized decorations for helms on shardplate. C. This is my poor drawing example, to try and visualize what I mean for A and B above using examples of the chart's glyphs to show a shardplate figure with wings and they glyphs as part of a helm. D. I apologize for my poor sourcing I really need to make a list but I read in another thread that Brandon said one of the ways of accessing the magic system has a connection to Fabrials. Fabrials work by trapping spren inside a mechanical device, Listeners work by trapping spren inside a living organism… connection made. Wrapping it up, I promise, so how does this all connect the Dawnsingers/shards to the Parshendi/Listeners. My current theory is that the Dawnshards where a mechanism by which the Parshendi/Listeners could be forced into forms and controlled. So someone wearing/possessing a dawnshard direct the movements/control all the Listeners for example in stormform, most likely using a song. This would mean Listeners weren't free and I could understand that if the Dawnsingers or Dawnshards came back there would be no more freedom for the Parshendi/Listeners. In one of Dalinar’s visions, Honor mentions not doing well without the Dawnshards. If Gavilar grabbed onto this idea rather than the idea of refounding the knights radiant he might have found a dawnshard (small mysterious bead/rock anyone). Gavilar tells the Parshendi his intention to bring back Dawnshards and Dawnsingers. They understand the import and decide to assasinate him as bringing back the Dawnsingers would mean a loss of freedom. We know that Plate can be regrown, so what if the bead/rock Gavilar gave Szeth is the seed of a Dawnshard that would become a magnificent set of Plate if fed enough stormlight? A lot of this is probably wrong but I’d love to hear thoughts form others.