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  1. Glad there’s a release date for the omnibus version but must admit I’m disappointed it’s not coming sooner so that I could buy this before reading Evershore so I don’t have to drop the extra $5. Guess I could just wait but the hype from having read Cytonic and the other novellas will likely have dropped by April. Wish they could have done a lower price voucher or something for people who already bought the ebooks.
  2. Ugh, not a fan of this title - I have a hard time imagining how this would be the best unique title for this book as opposed to any other book in the series. While I understand the publisher’s issues with the Nowhere title, it’s too bad Brandon and co. couldn’t come up with anything better. (Though FWIW I didn’t totally love Nowhere as a title either.) The US cover art is nice, better than the awful Skyward art and maybe a little worse than the Starsight one, but the UK cover is once again far, far superior.
  3. This is incredible. I am in awe.
  4. Fair enough. If I can snag the ebook before 11/17 I'll read it but at least it sounds like this book is going to be less important for RoW than Edgedancer was for Oathbringer, especially given that Brandon didn't even write it until after RoW was already done.
  5. I'm trying to keep up with this - what's the latest update on when Dawnshard will be available to those who didn't snag it in the Kickstarter/Backerkit? At this point I've pretty much given up on being able to read it before Rhythm of War...
  6. Darn, I think I pooched myself by waiting to buy the book because it appears the Backerkit isn't open to people who didn't back the original Kickstarter anymore... Hopefully Brandon will honor his intention to get a general ebook release out before RoW's release date because I want to be able to read Dawnshard before that.
  7. Hm, I’ll look into it. Is there a way to contribute to the Kickstarter in a way that is essentially just buying this book?
  8. I realize this has probably been indicated elsewhere but I've had a hard time keeping track of Dawnshard. I had assumed it would be given a wide release (virtual since it's being released so soon after being written) but some things I'm seeing seem to indicate it is only available as part of the TWoK leatherbound kickstarter. I want to be able to read it before Rhythm of War comes out but haven't contributed to the kickstarter. How will I be able to access Dawnshard?
  9. I don't think that was the case, but I could be misremembering. I found the use of pronouns in the book particularly interesting, and I was extra attuned to them because I am actually a linguistics major currently writing my senior thesis about the gender-neutral singular they.
  10. Interesting that you use a male pronoun to refer to them; Brandon uses genter neutral pronouns throughout for all diones, but I must admit that even with that I perceived Morriumur and Cuna as female more so than male.
  11. Not necessarily; it seems that Spensa’s deception has been pretty widely revealed so somebody must be aware of the tech she used. That said I think it’s highly probably Cuna did manage to escape somehow.
  12. I'm firmly in the Starsight camp. While I loved the ending, I felt Skyward felt too predictable and too YA throughout, and I thought the themes were a bit too on the nose. Starsight really blew up the proportions of the worldbuilding in a way that I was not at all expecting and made me all that much more excited to learn more about Spensa's story. The set-up of Skyward was obviously essential but I just found Starsight a more engaging read overall.
  13. So I haven’t posted on here in forever but just finished the book (release was perfectly timed with Thanksgiving break allowing me to devour it much faster than I usually would) and all I have to say is wow. What a ride. I had mixed feelings on Skyward but Starsight has improved on all fronts. Probably my favorite non-cosmere Sanderson book yet and one of the best mid-series books I’ve read in a good while. As others have said though, that ending... Only thing that will justify having to wait 2 years for book 3 (in all likelihood) is that we get a Stormlight book in the meantime. Back to (not even) lurking...