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  1. I don't think that was the case, but I could be misremembering. I found the use of pronouns in the book particularly interesting, and I was extra attuned to them because I am actually a linguistics major currently writing my senior thesis about the gender-neutral singular they.
  2. Interesting that you use a male pronoun to refer to them; Brandon uses genter neutral pronouns throughout for all diones, but I must admit that even with that I perceived Morriumur and Cuna as female more so than male.
  3. Not necessarily; it seems that Spensa’s deception has been pretty widely revealed so somebody must be aware of the tech she used. That said I think it’s highly probably Cuna did manage to escape somehow.
  4. I'm firmly in the Starsight camp. While I loved the ending, I felt Skyward felt too predictable and too YA throughout, and I thought the themes were a bit too on the nose. Starsight really blew up the proportions of the worldbuilding in a way that I was not at all expecting and made me all that much more excited to learn more about Spensa's story. The set-up of Skyward was obviously essential but I just found Starsight a more engaging read overall.
  5. So I haven’t posted on here in forever but just finished the book (release was perfectly timed with Thanksgiving break allowing me to devour it much faster than I usually would) and all I have to say is wow. What a ride. I had mixed feelings on Skyward but Starsight has improved on all fronts. Probably my favorite non-cosmere Sanderson book yet and one of the best mid-series books I’ve read in a good while. As others have said though, that ending... Only thing that will justify having to wait 2 years for book 3 (in all likelihood) is that we get a Stormlight book in the meantime. Back to (not even) lurking...
  6. Miss this place sometimes... Always nice to pop around for a little nostalgia trip... If there's anyone out there, how are you doing?

  7. Wait, what's this about Apocalypse Guard being cancelled? I sadly don't follow Brandon as closely as I used to but last I heard the first book of that is coming out next year? When/how/why did that change?
  8. This does sound really cool. Good to know, that is a substantial length and the potential relevance helps, though as you say we may not see SA3 for quite a while which means I have plenty of time to spare. Once upon a time, certainly. These days... Not as much. Alas, the time since the release of Words of Radiance has seen a gradual decline in the avidness of my Brandon following. I'm now more of a casual fan than the fanatic I once was. By essays do you mean the Khriss introductions to which Rasarr referred? As I said in the OP, the only works here that are new to me are Shadows for Silence and Edgedancer (and, looking again, the Allomancer Jak Story). I was just kind of thrown off by the fact that Brandon is rereleasing a bunch of stuff that many people (myself included) have already paid good money for. Indeed, I have already spend well more than the list price of this book getting purchasing most of this material in the past, so I am getting relatively low value for Arcanum Unbounded. I understand why this is an amazing deal for someone who has not read any of this material before, but to someone who has, it's kind of irksome. But based on what y'all have said here, it does sound like this is worth the price of admission regardless (plus, I realized it comes out on my birthday, so I can treat it as a gift to myself, and it comes out right before I have Thanksgiving break, so I may actually have time to read Edgedancer right then if I so wish). Plus, perhaps this will serve to reignite my Sanderfanhood, to an extent. :-] I hope I'm not coming across as too slontzey, I see now that I may have overreacted a bit... (oops, lol, I forgot this site had a swear filter, I was really confused for a second there)
  9. Hey all. I apologize if someone has already made a topic of this sort, but being a very, very infrequent user and being unfamiliar with the site's new interface I don't really know what I'm doing. Being a much less avid follower of Brandon than I once was, I only recently became aware of Arcaunum Unbounded. Based on the information I have read about it, it appears that the only content in it that I have not already spent money on at some point will be the new Stormlight novella (!!!!) and Shadows For Silence in the Forests of Hell. I must admit, to me, this seems like somewhat of a cheap cash grab on Brandon's part. Now, I have already gone years without reading SFSitFoH and thus can go plenty more time without reading it (and it appears it is now available for $3 on its own, which is not at all unfair). But this new Stormlight novella has me intrigued. Alas, again, being a less avid follower than in years past, I could probably pass on this one as well, for a time. Thus my questions: Suspending your general assumptions that nobody on this site could possibly even consider not getting a new Brandon book immediately, is Arcanum Unbounded a worthwhile purchase? Does Brandon plan to eventually release the Stormlight novella on its own (and also do we have any knowledge of its nature beyond being a Stormlight story)? Are there any additional special features to the book beyond the literary content that I may not be aware of? Is there any particular benefit to purchasing a physical copy of the book over a digital one? I know it may seem silly to go through all this when we're only talking about $15-$20, but again something about this feels kind of cheap to me (and alas, as a college student, I must consider all purchases carefully). Thank you in advance Sharders.
  10. Hey Straw! What's new in Sanderson Elimination? Bernard, I can no longer recall what the names of the reputations were, but they were quite different before and changed much less frequently (and one would reach the highest reputation level at a number of upvotes much lower than the current highest one; this was a time when there were half as many members on the site using it much less rabidly than people do now, and people were generally more stringent with upvotes).
  11. Hey there Sharders! Who remembers me? This new site is confusing. Long live the glory days of 2013/2014 17th Shard! Who still remembers the old reputation system (have the admins created a new new one yet?)? (Do not take this as a sign of my imminent return; I was merely bored/procrastinating and ended up here and here we are.)
  12. Classic thread right here.
  13. Oh ok, so nothing to make it worth a reread. I'm glad I waited till this to come out to buy the book though, since I never owned the old version.
  14. Wait, I'm confused, is the general text of the book updated/changed? I thought it was just bonus material (but I'm really out of date on my Sanderson stuff these days...). I bought the new edition but didn't plan on rereading the book itself.
  15. So I have finally, after more than two years (yes I'm a slow reader but also very busy and generally don't devote much of the free time I do have to reading, at least not at this time in my life) made it to The Crippled God (final main arc Malazan book) and I will get through it by the end of 2015 if it kills me (I'll have to take a break from it to read Shadows of Self, which may complicate things).