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  1. Did a little more research, It appears some cities did have public bath houses with showers starting in mid to late 1890's.
  2. I do not recall mention of Showers in MB era2 and that may have been too early. In the US it was 1920's when Showers became common in urban city areas, it was 1950's -1960's for rural homes to have indoor plumbing and even then older homes were less likely to have showers, and may just have had a hand shower sprayer on a tub. I think it was even later for some other countries. Meant to Quote lacrossedeamon
  3. is bakerkit survey page just not updated? I do not see that tracking has been added to anything yet.
  4. I like this biological reason. I was thinking that as far as magical system Salts can also be metals, like Sodium Chloride (salt), or Nickel Chloride, Copper sulfate. Magnesium sulfate...
  5. The seethes are caused by air, so it brings to mind some kind of basic life form that is ingesting the spores and releasing oxygen. Like cyanobacteria and stromatolites did for the earths oceans.
  6. While I am having fun imagining 12 giant mushrooms as moons, it makes sense that there are 12 fungi farms that are dropping their spores onto the planet. I have attended a Humongous Fungus Fest in Michigan, that fungus stretches across 37 acres, weighs in at 21,000 lbs., and is around 1,500 years old. I know there are larger ones out there, so a planet/moon covered in a fungi farm is very feasible.
  7. I really need to re-read Elantris, I had forgotten that.
  8. I like this, I wonder what the effects of Hoid's curse could have had on Design? Ulaam also specifically mentions giving it "seven different faces.” There is also the quote from Wit on design being a monster
  9. Looks like there is now a third epub option on backerkit in addition to PDF Secret Project #1 Ebook – Kindle Secret Project #1 Ebook – EPUB Secret Project #1 Ebook – Kobo
  10. From my e-book reader I could not tell that they were transparent. I can make text larger but not images
  11. 1. Hard for me to tell on the reader, but I assumed they were yarn or socks on a line, as her family knits socks.
  12. Methane is a good theory, I was thinking along similar lines but thinking there might be some kind of bacteria perhaps that feeds off of the spores/ or dead spores and that causes oxygen buildup and release similar to methane release.
  13. WOB on the possible skybreakers that assist Steris.
  14. There are many options for free ebook apps for different formats, and Brandon often has multiple formats, and they are always DRM free so that you can use your reader of choice.