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  1. horror

    On Nale working with the Fused or taking the side of Odium, this is not surprising, The heralds have spent more time on Braze over the past millennium than on Roshar. Every single desolation started because one of the heralds broke, were persuaded. (Except Taln) so I do not find it at all wrong to assume that Ishak and Nale would have switched sides long before, even Ishak having Nale removing new surgebinders, is in the long run to the benefit of Odium and his plans.
  2. horror

    I see this as a seed name, might be someone we never see again, or might be one of those protect someone he hates struggles latter on. I think the hate the lighteyes is deeper than just those who have harmed him, he is pushed to associate and interact with Laral, he is educated and has a lighteyes name, and yet there is the divide still.. We do not know the history or family attitudes that his parents may have instilled without knowing it. I imagine, his mother may have mixed feelings, even if you do not understand the whys those types of things influence kids.
  3. Thanks, I had forgotten that.
  4. We do not know the timing. We do know that Horneaters and Herdazians are genetically related to the Parshman and existed before Honor and Cultivation. I agree we now know that the Parshmen were originally on Roshar and that a group of Humans came and brought Odium with them. 1. There must have been some upheaval after the shattering of Odium and the ascending of Honor and Cultivation, we also do not know the time between the shattering and when they arrived to "take over" on Roshar, or if they arrived together or not. The original Humans would have been from Yolen I beleive? Or based on the Yolens? I think the only one we know of at this point would be Hoid? So for the first Voidbringers we do not know if that was the first Humans to Roshar, or the first migrants after Honor and Cultivation ascended. We also can not know how originally accurate or out of context the Eila Stela passages that were released are. I can believe that Taravangian would release only what he knew would be the most damaging.
  5. I do not have books handy, but I think I remember Sja-anat tells Shallan to ask her son when she is trying to convince her she isn't the enemy. Is she talking about Glys, and is it all she corrupts are her children or is Glys her son like Syl is a daughter of the stormfather? Added Quote .
  6. The comments by the Honorspren lead me to think that her blade is fundamentally different from nightblood, a couple possibilities: 1. It works more like a spren bond in granting her investiture instead of draining it. 2. It works more like other Awakened objects where she shares breath and then takes it back.
  7. During re-read of Adolins battle with the thunderclast aside from the increased bond and perception of Maya, Blade forming in 7 heartbeats ( or less) there is this mention of sliding. @Mahoka, those are good points, there are also at least 2 times that I have found in previous books where Adolin himself mentions that he listens.
  8. I like this, I think we might see the cognitive of either Gravitation or Adhesion or both, with Kaladin in how others are pulled toward him, or how he can easily form cohesive groups. Clarifying the Squires extra ability.
  9. Yes what we have seen is all related to from the time she killed her mother and her reforming her bond with Pattern. But I think we do not know what Shallans life or experiences were before that and it is quite possible it was not as happy as the few mentions we get of it.
  10. Agree! I would be happier if there is never a love interest, I do not want Kaldins story arc to be derailed by some romance plot.
  11. Definitely for awakening, since Kaladin mentions how it is hanging down oddly. She also asks the Honorspren to cut the bales of cloth into specific shapes as kaladin and crew are leaving. I can not remember did Vivenna have scars from Warbreaker? or is that something that happens after?