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  1. Well, I loved Irom Man. That witty character is just too much for me, I had a fair laugh qith many of his quotes. And some characters are gorgeous.
  2. Congrats, Windrunner!
  3. Thank you! Already bought them by Amazon.
  4. Of course! Friends... *puts a HUGE spider in fRR's bed* ... I can't do the practice potion... it keeps saying I added the wrong number of snake fangs, even though it said I had put 6. Bug?
  5. In fact, peple tend to say the first generation was the best (Pokémon-wise) but the truth is, it's based in animals and random thinks, like almost all of them. Vanilluxe may be an ice cream cone, but magnemite is a magnet with an eye. Muk is a handful of sludge, so is Grimer, and Growlithe is a dog. A very cute dog, but just painting a dog red and white and adding it as a Pokémon is NOT original. So, I agree with you, each generation has original and non-original Pokémon, cool and absolutely hideous Pokémon.
  6. I liked Black and White. I think they had, by far, the best plot of all the Pokémon Games, finally presenting the ethiocal conflict about whether it's moral or not capturing Pokémon and using them for battles. I wanted to keep playing, to reach the Pokémon League to meet N, and not only because it was supposed to be my in-game objective. I'm excited about B2W2. A friend of mine has a very complete Pokémon website (in Spanish), and all the information that is leaking seems great. Oh, and I didn't like Bianca, true, but I did like Cheren.
  7. Thanks! Of course I know Writing Excuses (love it, in fact), but I did not know about David farland's website. That will help me, too. However, it's your recommendation os Card's book which really hits the spot. My friend likes Card, so it's a sure bet, and I like him as a writer, so... I'm going to look for it. I will need it delivered soon and I will probably won't be able to find it in my country. Any more suggestions?
  8. Hiya, guys. I was wondering if you could help me. I've someone who wants to learn how to write very badly, and I would love to give hin a book on the subject. I mean, I can give some advice or, better, show him things written in the Internet about the subject by Brandon and other superb authors, but I would really like to know if there is *something*, some book, that has helped you to learn how to write, that any author you know has mentioned, recommended or, even better, written. I'm looking, myself, but you're all great readers, so I would really like your help. Thanks
  9. I also hate the username thingy. I'm ProfecíaChispas30234 (yeah, registered in Spanish). Just received second e-mail.
  10. Well then, happy belated bithday, Shivertongue And... happy birthday, Spacemonkey! You know, the problem is that the bok which contains the 'turning old' members is at the very far bottom. Very far. I never scroll down that much. Maybe you could modify it so it would appear above today's active users, so everyone would see it?
  11. Staff of a forum are all those people who have a duty on it or are commited to it in some way - generally moderators and administrators, but there can be also super moderators and collaborators. Usually they have powers that normal users don't, so they may use them to keep peace and quiet in the forum (and spike people ). Admins have all the powers that can be had in a forum (banning users, creating categories, forums, promoting someone to moderator, giving awards...) whilst moderators have only a few.
  12. There are many people who love A Song of Ice and Fire, whilst others find it terribly tedious. I read up to book four, then didn't buy the fifth one because I felt li9ke if the author were pulling my leg. However, it has a lot of fans and they consider it a masterpiece, so I guess it's ultimately a matter of tastes. The problem is, too much sex scenes, too much political scenes and too many characters, some of them you really don't care about. I feel like if Martin didn't like his characters himself, and that's the reason you misht find they act in illogical ways. Thyey're not so illogical - not in that world, but oh well. I don't really think Stark would have had much choice, for example. Now, I) strongly recommend you to read Mistborn 2 and 3, even though I think you will enjoy them less than you could have, given that you have already read wiki information about them and so won't be so surprised but plot twists. But oh well - nothing you can do. Don't do it again in the future!
  13. ... and I should be going to university or I will be really late, but just couldn't stop reading. Honest, why can't I upvote you more than once for that post? It's a masterpiece! Some of the things you explain I had been taught before, but never in that way, never so clearly and from the basics, so I wasn't aware of what I was doing until now. Don't worry about teaching students, you're freaking awesome as a teacher Ok, so I thin I have iot all clear (or as clear as that can be) now. Maybe I wouldn't know how to do exercices with complex numbers but the ones which are similar to the examples you've used, but I understand the theory. Thanks! *copies the post and saves it safely in her computer*
  14. Thank you!

    Yes, I love them. I'll read it as soon as I come back from university.

  15. Seems great! I'm hoping for a PC realease too. I have neither PS3 nor XBOX.