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  1. Thanks Weiry! I'll start a new thread next time. I thought of it when rereading the Mistborn books, and the bits about Vin hearing the pool made me think of the listeners. Of course this just brings up all kinds of other questions. Does this signify the rhythms are then generated from an investiture source(s)? And if a listener snuck through a pool to Scadrial, would they be the ultimate, always on Seeker? I think they'd be the equivalent of a savant that burned 24/7 their whole lives, so maybe they'd be sensitive enough to pick out feruchemical usage nearby as well. Picture attached!
  2. I received my copy of Elantris with an answer to a question I asked, and didn't see a better thread to share it in that was still open. Hopefully that was a useful bit to ask about!
  3. Thank you Limelleth! I've been lurking for a while, trying to absorb the ocean of information available Argent, I did notice that difference which bugs me, but it just seems so consistently used that it can't be an accident. Well, as much as it can be "consistently used" with two examples so far. For point two, I don't think he has to be an ardent. The note says "I had to spend hours watching bridgemen to sketch their stupid forehead glyphs" which makes me think he's spending time observing and studying the tattoos so he can draw them later out of sight. If he was in range of them watching and sketching it wouldn't take him that long to draw them out. Plus, the "stupid" comment makes him sound pretty grumpy
  4. Would I be off in considering the possibility that Nazh is Galladon? We've already seen him in WoK as Grump, and both sets of notations from Nazh use the term "my friend".