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  1. Jasnah returning from Shadesmar thinking she has epicness to perform only to have Wit let her know it's done The chasm scenes with Shallan and Kal The Lopen Syl defying the Stormfather Page 17 to 1080. =)
  2. Gaz. Has to be.
  3. Can we post spoilers for unpublished books here. If so, there are two things this letter could be addressing.
  4. , which pushes him into a canyon.
  5. Where's the justification? Nothing about his decision was morally or legally right. He broke the trust he as a leader has with his men. That is the most evil act a leader can do. Your first example is simply another version of that breach of trust. You other examples, while evil, are not what I was speaking to. I'm speaking of a specific instance and what I, as an officer, consider to be the worst thing a leader can do. But then, it's all a matter of perspective. I'm an officer in the US Army. My values and opinions are those of such. A Soldier places his or her life andfaith in their leaders. It is that leaders responsibility to keep that faith and do everything possible to protect those lives. Amaram, in that one instant, threw that responsibility away. He deserves his guilt, just as he deserves his fate, whatever that fate may be as deemed by the laws of Roshar. Edit: Also, allow me to clarify. I am speaking in the terms of military leadership, not political leadership. The belief I am espousing is in the vein of pure military. An officer in any army can make decisions that are military, political or both. It is my opinion based on my values that the worst thing a leader can do in regards to the military is break the trust of those he or she leads. And there is nothing which can justify breaking that trust.
  6. I'm sorry, but Amaram's actions in regards to how he obtained his shards are reprehensible and have no justicfication. What he has done with those shards in the time he has had them is irrelevant. That he chose to have his own men killed and one enslaved at the suggestion of another is inconsequential as the ultimate decision was his. What it comes down to is this: Amaram murdered three of his Soldiers and enslaved another. As a leader of Soldiers, I find what he did to be the most evil act a leader can do. Someone above mentioned that leaders have to make the hard decisions. This is true. Amaram makes decisions every day that could lead to the death of many men. But that's not the choice he is making here. He murdered his men. In the next few months I will take command of a company. My choices will greatly affect the lives of the Soldiers who serve in that company. Should I have to take my company to war, there is a chance that Soldiers within that company could make the ultimate sacrifice. My company and myself could be placed in a situation where some of us may die. And yes, the orders I give could very well lead to those deaths. But never, and I do mean NEVER, would I be justified in putting a gun to one of my Soldier's head and pulling the trigger. My 1SG could suggest it. My battalion commander could suggest it. My XO could suggest it. That one death could save the lives of the rest of my company. My battalion. The United States. The world. It would still not be justifiable. A true leader of men would never murder one of his Soldiers. I am a captain in the United States Army. I am a leader of Soldiers. Those Soldiers' lives are my responsibility. It is an honor and a trust I take very seriously. Amaram does not deserve the position he is in. He deserves to be tried, convicted and sentenced to death for breaking the trust of his position. Nothing he has done with the ill-gains of his break of trust, or anything he may eventually do, will ever justify the actions he took. I'll step off my soapbox now.
  7. I don't know. It says Renarin "read". That's very intriguing.
  8. Or it could be something along the lines of, "we have our eyes on you," only they're implying, "we'll be listening for you."
  9. I will run with scissors with my eyes closed and my shoes untied. - Order of Risktakers
  10. Lightweavers: I will be a beacon by which others can see.
  11. From : Nearer the Flame- "Jasnah shook her head to herself, though Shallan could not guess what thoughts had caused the unconscious gesture." Could this be Jasnah interacting with Ivory?
  12. Nope. Teft is the product of Bela and Narg's attempt to RULE WORLDS!
  13. Hollywood is systematically destroying my childhood. Sigh. Wonder when the remake of Bedknobs and Broomsticks will be announced. *goes to find a corner to huddle in*