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  1. I know it was posted for Kaladin on the first page but I feel like New Divide by Linkin Park would be a great song for Shallan and Kaladin both. I am now imagining them on a stage doing some sort of duet Karaoke version
  2. The problem with your analogy is that it is very unlikely that the planets would be traveling at relativistic speeds. (that's actually one of my favorite thought experiments)
  3. Here is the final costume (minus the scars). I'll be wearing this weekend at Tampa Bay Comic Con
  4. I think you are misunderstanding special relativity. Time is not affected by distances between objects (unless you are counting distance form a source of gravity, such as an astronaut in space) but rather based on velocity relative to the speed of light. This also only affect the passage of time and not events. Things can still occur at the same time but have much different time scales for those events based on their relativistic speed. This does bring the possibility that the time span of "A year" would be different on all the planets do to circling their sun at a different location on the orbital plane. Also, even in a dwarf galaxy, stars would still likely be lightyears apart from each other In short: Things on Earth and things on the other side of the galaxy are still taking place at the same time. Light just takes a while to get between these locations (source: 4 years studying physics)
  5. Yeah, they go up along the arm from where he got cut getting the Atium. I got that thanks
  6. I'm going more for the "showing off" on a raid type of Kelsier from near the end of the book (rolled up sleeves to show the scars). I also have the coin pouch and metal vials
  7. Ok thanks, I think I actually have the clothes to make this work already in my closet (White shirt, black vest, gray pants)
  8. I hope this is the right place to put this. I am working on a Kelsier costume for Tampa Bay Comic Con and I have the mistcloak, the hair and the scars figured out. I just don't know what kind of shirt or pants I should wear. Does the book ever give any good descriptions of that or at least the colors? I can't find it. PS: I'll post completed pictures of the costume when i have it done.
  9. I'm not talking about the events that occurred in the books. I'm referring to how large events all completely changed the world at some point in the past
  10. The following contains spoilers for pretty much all of the cosmere stories. We know that the books don't take place at the same time and that they go in the order of Elantris, Mistborn, Warbreaker and Stormlight. It think that certain past events did happen at the same time The Events Elantris: A large chasm opened in the near past that caused the Aondor to stop working correctly. Mistborn: A thousand years ago, the Lord Ruler took the power of preservation and caused massive upheaval in the world Warbreaker: The first of the Returned began to appear and the Breaths began to be used Way of Kings: One of the events of the past. (Day of Recreance, Last Desolation or the Shattering of the Shattered plains.) I haven't been able to find any evidence of this theory yet and I have never met Brandon Sanderson to ask him. I was wondering what you all thought