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  1. A figure stood in the doorway to the street. He was backlit, little more than a silhouette because of the bright sunlight shining in behind him. An amazing, herculean, awe- inspiring silhouette.

    © swipe :)

  2. Deathpoint: He wore a relaxed-fitting black business suit with a light tan shirt underneath, no tie. He was tall and lean, but solid, like a lot of Epics are. Steelheart: He wore black. A shirt, tight across an inhumanly large and strong chest. Pants, loses but not baggy. He didn't wear a mask like some of the early Epics did, but a magnificent silver cape fluttered out behind him... He was majestic, with that jet-black hair, that square jaw, an impossible physique, an a frame of nearly seven feet. Faultline: He carries someone with him, a thin woman woman with her hair in a bun.

    © Swipe :)