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    I'm interested in Visual Development for animation and games. I love comics! And I'm going through a huge star trek obsession at the moment. So bare with me.
  1. Hahaha amazing!
  2. I like this quite a lot too. Really interesting imagery.
  3. @kurkistan Thank you very much. That's super nice of you to say.
  4. I'm a huge Star Trek fan. I actually enjoyed both of the new movies, for just being fun action flicks. Though its sad that they don't follow the original series's use of moral and intellectual conflict. Dudes punching and shooting each other gets a bit boring after awhile.
  5. Hi Windrunner. Thanks for the vote of confidence! I hope to stick around as well. I'll try my best to not be a lurker. I tend to get a little shy about commenting.
  6. Hello everyone! Like a lot of the other newbies recently, I joined up so I could try my hand at the Steelheart MegaVault contest. I'm a visual development artist living in LA. I recently graduated with a degree in Sequential Art (aka comic books), so an art contest based on Epics was too tempting to not try. I hope people like my entry! If you'd like to see more of my art, you can check out my art blog. Thanks for reading and see ya around. -Kristal
  7. @kylemills thanks a lot! @zadakeem I'm glad you like it. It took a couple hours as I tried to figure out the best composition. And tried to get the right effect.
  8. The first time Deathpoint uses his powers really stuck out to me as an artist. It was such a strong visual, I had to draw it.

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