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  1. Too much what?
  2. I already pitched this idea to some people, but does anyone have any thoughts? So, when reading the piece from shadows of self, I noticed a little something, and I'm wondering if anyone else caught it. At the end of the first chapter, Wax sees Bloody Tan, who he knew was dead, as he shot him in the face. He is confused and wonders if he actually saw Bloody Tan, or if he was slowly going crazy. This would have been alright (to me) except that I remembered in Alloy of Law (page 157) there was an article in the Elendel Daily (the little interludes scattered throughout the book) and I quote "'The Faceless Immortals Saved My Life!' A women in the Fifth Octant suffered a harrowing experience when a fire broke out in her tenement. She and her children were saved by a shadowy figure SHE SWORE WAS WEARING THE FACE OF HER DEPARTED HUSBAND... yada, yada, yada." So, dead people coming back to life, eh? Okay, this is were it get controversial. Who do we know thats still hanging around up there, up to no good, and would LOVE to come back into a world where everyone worships him and mess with people (give them fake prophecies and mischief like that)? (look at #6) And, no Aeromancer, its not kandra... (#12 in the above link)
  3. I'd watch it...
  4. I was going through WoK with some friends of mine (aeromancer and AH) and I noticed something interesting. So some background. -One of Shallan's many abilities is her artistic skill. -She can draw scenes exactly as she remembered them. -It takes her a second to remember a scene. All these are mentioned in the book. -She killed her father (No, Luke, I AM your father! (sorry)) -with a Shardblade -a Father who happens to be a Brightlord. Now, to the story. Shallan and Jasnah take a walk, they goad a couple dudes into attacking them, and Jasnah kills them. (I know I'm simplifying things A LOT, but I'm trying to get to the point.) Now, Shallan is thinking to herself the moralities of the issue, and trying to draw what Jasnah was doing with the fabrial. She spaces out as shes thinking about Jasnah/fabrial but continues to draw. When she looks down, she has a mini heart attack. Why? She drew a picture of a room. In that room (which is a nice room, I may add. It was large, with swords and shields on the wall, etc.) there was a large table. On that table is a half eaten meal, and beside that is a DEAD BRIGHTLORD. Still, not so much a reason to freak out. So its a little discerning that shes drawing dead people, but the book tells us she broke out in cold sweat, took the picture, crumpled it up, and chucked it out. The way it was written, you could feel that Shallan was shaken up. But, what if that Brightlord was her father, and the picture was the moment right after she had slain him with her shardblade? Drawing a picture of her mysteriously dead father's corpse would certainly freak her out, and being an extremely traumatic moment, it would stick to her mind (if not that, definitely her subconscious). It could also be considered incriminating, if someone were to walk into her room and see that. One more thing. When would be the very best time to assassinate your very busy Father that likes to dote upon you? Now, I know that this isn't some huge, plot-turning discovery, and I'm sure many of you sharders are lining up to destroy this theory, but I think this is a cool little 'proof' that seems like a Sanderson thing to throw in there. So...
  5. Thanks!
  6. Are we allowed to discuss the excerpts, or is that through PM only? Also, For those who read them, what do you think?
  7. Hopefully, I'll be at the Milwaukee signing!
  8. Is it just me, or does Fortuity reminds you of Hoid pumped up on pewter, tin, and atium? "...making room for a man in a bright red pinstriped suit, a red fedora, and a deep red and black cape." "He had a long face and a hawkish nose" He can detect if anyone can kill him and can dodge a a hailstorm of bullets. he's also very strong and very nimble. Any thoughts? Lol Its all just stupid speculation ;P
  9. I promised some uploads, so here's a start. This is a mini sketch (about two pinkies big) that I quickly drew up. Hopefully I'll draw a full size version of this soon and scan it. This is how I imagined Hoid, belting out insult and playing his guitar/lute on a stool. Enjoy! (I accept comments, constructive critism, advice, and llamas by the pound)

    © M.K

  10. Nice!
  11. This is from the part of the prologue (is that how to spell it?) where David ran away only to be spared of Faultline's destructo-whatnots. I don't expect to win, but I said I'd do this so I did. Just paper, pencil, and a little gimp to touch up. Good luck to the winners! I might finish it up (color and stuff) later, but WAY after this contest is over.

    © What's this 'copyright' you speak of? Never heard of it ;)

  12. Is there a copy of white sand? It's got to exist somewhere, right?
  13. ... when this comes out (or when you win the early copy of the book can you do the full thing? Please? With some lurasium on top?