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  1. Thanks all for the compliments! Delightful: correct! =) Stroniax: You're right they do need the tattoos. Totally forgot about those.
  2. I always wanted to draw some of the members of bridge 4, especially after reading Words of Radiance. I'm not going to label who is who, but hopefully everyone can figure it out. HERE is a much larger version.
  3. @ Ozyara Thanks and you totally can use them as long as you give credit.
  4. During a re-listen to the audiobook of Way of Kings, I decided to draw what I imagine Kaladin would look like in Words of Radiance which eventually led me to start drawing a lot more portraits of other characters. I probably will revisit this again and redraw them (or more) after the 2nd book comes out.
  5. This is when Steelheart tells Deathpoint his only two choices.