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  1. Thanks!!
  2. Sheeeeeesh Archetype, you drawing maniac! This is awesome!!
  3. Oh wow I really like the style you've used here. Did you use the Scribble filter in Illustrator? I like it.
  4. oOo I like that! Nothing gets me up in the morning like blood spattered typography.
  5. Thanks Windrunner! Yeah, TWoK is awesome...but I have an unfortunate story regarding it. Have you ever listened to music while you read, only to have that music forever and inseparably connected with whatever scene you were reading? It can be awesome with the right soundtrack.... ...But unfortunately for me, I read the final Kaladin battle while my kids were watching this song ( ). So I inadvertently pictured Kaladin like, smiling and tossing his hair in slow motion and just having the time of his life while destroying his foes. Hahahaha. I just need to read it again, maybe with *ahem* a better audio selection.
  6. The city of Newcago is an empty husk. Streets, vehicles, lights, even windows have all turned to steel. In the midst of this desolation, and under the foreboding shadow of Steelheart's tower, a lone rebel sparks the revolution. Created with love in After Effects for my wife, the biggest fan of Brandon Sanderson I know.

    © No copyright

  7. Hello everyone! I just joined the forum - how's it going? I've been reading Brandon for a few years, but until now didn't have a solid reason to join the forums...but with the Steelheart MegaVault contest, I came running. I'll be uploading something soon. I really, really love the Mistborn series. Well, I love all of Brandon's books. But you know. That's the series that really blew my mind first. My claim to fame - I waited in line at Brandon's first signing for The Gathering Storm...just to get my Mistborn trilogy signed. >_O Also, I tried to make a mistcloak once - it was a total fail. I'll try again someday! About me personally, I'm 27 and a UX designer from California. I met my wife online at a Final Fantasy IX forum, now we have 3 kids and 3 consoles She's a fantastic aspiring novelist and a huge fan of Brandon as well. Okay, attached is a preview. ^_~