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  1. I don't buy that David is afraid of water, because he spent most of the book around water. True fear is not something that can be overcome that easily. My theory is that David is afraid of becoming an Epic. That's his nightmare. So, "being an Epic" is his weakness as an Epic. When Calamity granted him Epic powers, he didn't reject them. But his weakness kicks in all the time, so it is as if he didn't get any powers. As far as we know, Epic + weakness = normal. Since David is always weak, he is the same as any normal person. He was able to receive Prof's gifts even though he was an Epic.
  2. His weakness is "being an Epic". So, he is weak by "being an Epic" (i.e. he is "always weak").
  3. Some random thoughts after reading: Why did Obliteration leave? What is his fear/weakness? Megan's escape from "true death by fire" is very similar to how Deathless avoided "true death by Infinity Blade" in Sanderson's other stories. My theory is that David did become an Epic. However, "being an Epic" is his ultimate fear. So, when he became an Epic, his fear came true, and as a result, he was limited by his weakness and he won't be able to use any of his Epic abilities. That means in the climax of book 3, David has to overcome this fear to really become an Epic. Just a theory.
  4. It just came to me one day that "the most important words A MAN can say" may be... his marriage vows. It may even have to do with how Dalinar has lost all his memories of his wife.