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    I'm an independant games developer. I spend a lot of time roleplaying as well as playing a wide variety of other games (video/card/board/miniatures/etc). I am also making/have made a number of <small> games and non-game related projects.

    Oh, I also sing and play the trumpet.

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  1. @Herowannabe Thanks This is one battle I intend to keep fighting as long as it lasts.
  2. *hugs back* thanks Primarily chronic pain. It's reasonably severe in general but today it's particularly unpleasant. More details in spoiler if you really want to know. "Ow" is a pretty reasonable summary though With all that said I'm mostly managing "ok" mentally. I'm not having a problem with depression or anything at the moment and I feel blessed in numerous ways, including in the people I know/interact with online and in person, the work I have/had, etc.
  3. Anyone up for a digital hug? Could do with one today.
  4. *cough* *wheeze* "" x_x (Long live house Ffnord!)
  5. I have been quite enjoying Discovery. I felt that the first bunch of episodes did a pretty good job of setting up and developing characters. That set up some great potential for the show but outside of that the individual episodes were mostly relatively unremarkable (except visually, the visuals were great). My overall opinion of it was going to depend on whether they would be able to execute on that potential in the later part of the series. Having just watched the finale I can say that I'm quite happy with what they did At this point I prefer it to other Star Trek shows I've watched. Though it's worth noting for context that as a general rule I have a preference for serialized shows over episodic ones. More importantly than that I have a strong preference for shows where there are detailed and interesting character arcs. A lot of (but certainly not all) more episodic shows have comparatively light character development. Often they'll have an episode centered on a single character which will have great character development, but that character won't change much throughout the rest of the season.
  6. Personally I liked it well enough. I wouldn't call it great or bad. I feel it tried a lot more risky things than TFA and often when those worked it worked really really well. TFA didn't try nearly as hard to be original or interesting but was considerably more consistent in quality throughout, lacking some of the bigger slumps that Last Jedi has. If I had to pick I'd say I prefer the Last Jedi over TFA but I'm not sure I would overall consider it a "better" film, just one that better suits my tastes. Rian Johnson has confirmed that those were not the knights of Ren. I don't think it's been outright confirmed that the knights of Ren are the other students who left with Kylo but there is reasonably strong reason to think that they are and little reason to think they aren't.
  7. A little while back I created a simple in character storytelling/rp & drinking game for D&D and played it with a couple of groups I run. (I don't drink, but characters in the world do and I've found the game can lead to some fun roleplaying.) In universe it uses a set of stones with dwarvish runic letters carved onto a flat side, but in practice I just used numbers or a set of very simple cards. Some of my players made a proper set and gave them to me as a Christmas present 0_o.
  8. Thanks. Turns out it's not that hard to learn, just takes a lot of practice and a lot of dropped coins. It's a very nice way of fidgeting once you can do it though. I bought that boxing specifically for that purpose.
  9. Mine just arrived, the FE boxing is just the right size and weight
  10. Ah, let's see. 17s links that may be of interest: Stormlight Archive RPG question Stormlight Archive d20, or How to Turn Sanderson's Epic into a Homebrew D&D Game D&D- Desolations and Dustbringers Steelministry homebrew cosmere MAG links Home-brewed Rules Discussion Work in Progress: Stormlight Rules
  11. Welcome back @Quiver
  12. Wellll truth be told I think it might've been more a product of procrastination at the time
  13. Put simply: if more people were like you the world would be a kinder, friendlier and more welcoming place. We're fortunate to have you as part of the 17s community/family
  14. Nice! Mind if I ask what software you used to make this? (I used font forge but it was a bit of a pain to get the allomantic symbols in.) (Please note that with the below text I don't mean in any way to diminish what you've made.) If you're interested: the steel alphabet does actually have existing letter assignments. Some clever people translated it here There are a few changes and additions in the letters compared with English. -all double letters are removed -Certain letters are represented by the same symbol: o/u pewter e/i tin any "k" sound bendalloy (q included) -x is represented by "ks" -Ch and Sh have their own symbols This was my attempt at a font using those letter assignments: The symbols in yours are a bit crisper though, mine start to look a bit wonky if you make them really large / look too closely
  15. I do love the area around Cradle Mountain in Tasmania. It's really beautiful. I may have spent far more energy than I could really afford hiking around there and I'm paying the cost now, but I don't regret it. (images in spoiler) I didn't get any really good photos of the wombats. But they were there, and awesome as ever