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  1. Thanks a bundle! I wonder if it would leave you something like Scadrial's version of a Drab... And you're probably right. It's been a while since I sat down and read through the trilogy. However, is it possible for a Seeker or something to tell when someone is a Misting even if they aren't burning metal? You have Aluminum or Atium Mistings, along with others, that would be otherwise impossible to detect, as the metal is useless by itself or incredibly difficult to obtain. If it isn't possible, then wouldn't you have to use a Mistborn to either get access or boost these metals? Someone with Hemalurgically enhanced Duralumin would be insane. Imagine how fast they could shoot a coin. If they also had enhanced Steel, we could be talking bullet speeds.
  2. Interesting... I thought that Stormlight was the form Investiture took on Roshar. I wonder what that means about Stormlight itself. Is it a separate form of Investiture that is compatible with Rosharians' Innate Investiture, or do all Rosharians have some level of Stormlight inside themselves? Perhaps it's a parallel to Scadrial, where Scadrians(?) have a bit of one Shard's power inside of them, and Stormlight is similar to the Mists.
  3. You... are totally right. I feel sheepish. Thanks for not crushing my skull. I've been reading through the games chronologically, and haven't gotten to 6 yet. In hindsight, I obviously should have payed more attention. Totally my bad, and I'll do much better from now on.
  4. Edit: I totally get that Sanderson Elimination is still in it's relative infancy. It's remarkably well set up already. I just want this to be the best it can be. Thank you so much for all the understanding replies! The awesome community here is what keeps me around. This is all pretty much nitpicking, but I've seen similar games on other forums that got out of hand pretty quickly before things like this were in place. Perhaps a sort of temporary "sign up" thread or something would help. A place where a GM could post all the starting information beforehand, and people could request to be a part. For example, a GM could start a new thread in the section. They'd post the basic scene, possible rolls, etc. a day or two before the game would actually begin. This would allow everyone ample time to apply to get in, the GM to send out everyone's roll, and keep all the initial setup in one seperate place. It'd also allow time for people to sort out any balancing issues or the like. It'd solve the problem of going through pages of setup before the game even starts for those playing and for those just following along. I know it's not needed, but I think it would help streamline games, setup, and this forum in general.
  5. No worries! My first post was a rambling mess, so I'll try to clarify a bit here. I don't think the Returned are part of a seperate magic system. I agree that they're a part of Awakening, but I totally left out my theory about that. Oops. My theory about Returning is that, while everyone is invested with Breath (everyone being people on Nalthis, and referring to the base state, prior to the exchange of any Breaths). However, my theory is that dying cracks, or at least modifies, your Spiritweb. On Nalthis, this means that you are now open to a... higher form of Investment, this being the "Divine Breath" that makes Returned what they are. Death is Nalthis' version of Snapping, in a sense. (I've also toyed around with the idea that Returned are a sort of special "Lifeless" created by their Shard, seeing as they both have a single breath that gives them life and they've both died.) Also, the Reod could potentially fit in either my first or second categories. The main issue is that we really just don't know enough about the magic system yet. Either it fits the first, and there has to be some sort of crack or change that happens to your Spiritweb and then you are (at least able to be) affected by the Reod. It could also fit the second, where you are always open to it, but are chosen (randomly or otherwise) to become an Elantrian. Reconsidering the options, and looking at my own logic, I really should have put Elantrians in the second category, but it honestly is in the "I don't know enough to accurately place this" box. As a sidenote- All this comparing of magic systems really has me wondering about the scale of investiture. There's been lots of speculation that Vasher is at least attempting to use Awakening with Stormlight as fuel instead of Breaths. I'm interested to see how quickly Nightblood uses Stormlight. Assuming he does. It could be hard to nail down, because at least with Breaths, you hold an exact number of them. No idea how you'd measure Stormlight, seeing as it doesn't come in units and also drains steadily. I guess lots of my questions revolve around the concept of being able to mix and match Magic systems and "fuel" (or foci, or whatever). I want to say I read a WoB that was based around this idea, but I can't seem to find anything...
  6. I'm not sure if this is the best place, but I'd like to voice a few concerns, suggestions, etc. *These may have already been solved one way or another, but in my (admittedly) brief search, I couldn't find anything official. If solutions have been established, maybe a more obvious place for them to be posted would be in order. I don't know exactly how much freedom the GM's have, and I don't want to step on any toes. My first concern is getting into games. I'd prefer to avoid checking in every half hour to see if a new game has opened up. If there is a way to schedule upcoming games, it'd make things a bit easier for those who haven't had the chance to play. I would suggest starting a thread exclusively for future GM's to give at least a time frame for the beginning of their game. They could also potentially give a quick summary of the scenario/ powers. Again, I'm not sure if this is strictly up to the GM's or not, but it appears as if in most games, it's first come, first served. Would it be possible to get a list or lineup of people would like to play, so they can be contacted when an opportunity arises? To be fair, I've only been interested in joining a game for the last few days, but even by the second game on this forum, over 20 people had signed up before 24 hours had passed. I would imagine it's hard enough to manage ~20 people, let alone 30+, if the GM doesn't close entries or have a player cap set up. While these may not be serious problems now, they could quickly become so if interest keeps growing.
  7. Side note about moving around Newcago- I always assumed it was a literal transformation to steel, meaning that all surfaces maintained their textures (much like soulcast wood). This would have some effect on friction and such, but it's not just slick roads and sidewalks.
  8. TL;DR - Spiritwebs mystify me. This is going to be pretty long, and I'll probably add more that I forget or leave out later. I'll just be throwing some of my wild ideas, speculations, and ramblings down here to see if anyone has any input. First off, if this has been done and discussed before, I apologize. I just needed to put all my scattered thoughts in one place. Also, if any of this has been confirmed or denied, please let me know. I need to put my wearied mind to rest. I can't recall any times when we see someone survive being used to charge a Hemalurgic spike. I'm unsure if this is because they die from the physical aspect (such as bleeding to death from having a chunk of metal stabbed into a bindpoint and such), or through the spiritual aspect. Tied to this is the question of whether someone who is used to charge a Hemalurgic spike loses all of their Power (read: access to their magic system). I assume they do, but if we took a Twinborn, would it be possible to steal only their Allomantic power, but leave their Feruchemical Power? Unless, of course, being the "chargee" for the spike is inherently fatal. I seem to recall there being mentions of preferring to use Mistborn in the creation of Inquisitors. These Mistborn clearly don't survive, but is it because they die from the physical side or the spiritual? I know that snapping is a near-literal term, in that your spiritweb receives "cracks" that investiture can now fill. I see most (if not all) of the Investiture in the Cosmere as falling into one of two main categories. 1) Your Spiritweb receives "cracks" so that Investiture can fill them, granting access to the relative magic system or 2) You are born already Invested Under number one, we have Allomancy, Surgebinding, the Returned, and Elantrians. You have the obvious Snapping, the need to be "broken" to form a Nahel Bond, dying and receiving the Divine Breath, and the Shaod (more on this in a moment). Under number two, you have Breaths, Feruchemy, and Soul Stamping. As far as I know, you are born with the ability to use these without the need for a damaged Spiritweb. I suppose you could add a third category for things such as Hemalurgy and potentially the Dakhor Monks, where you intentionally alter your spiritweb at the cost of another's. (Interestingly enough, the categories appear to line up with the net-positive/ neutral/ negative system. I'm not sure whether that applies to all magic in the Cosmere, or specifically the magic on Scadrial.) Back to the subject of the Shaod. I briefly mentioned my thoughts on it in a reply to a post, but I'll put them here as well. I have two highly speculative theories. The first is that the Shaod is/ is guided by some (more or less) sentient being/ force, perhaps like the mist in the Mistborn Trilogy, the Highstorms in the Stormlight Archive, and Returning in Warbreaker. The second is that the Dor, being described multiple times as a force trying to push it's way through the Aons, is... "corrosive" to the local's spiritwebs. That, or simply being surrounded(?) by the Dor alters spiritwebs over time. Plenty of holes in both, they're just food for thought. Sorry for the wall of text. If you read that entire thing, I'd love any thoughts, ideas, counter-theories, or suggestions. (I'll add in supporting quotes from the texts, WOB, and other theories when my brain isn't melting out of my head.)
  9. That quote is a direct answer to one of my exact questions on my list to potentially ask Brandon. The question, word for word, is: "When you burn metals, are the metals themselves fueling Allomancy, or are they similar to Aons, acting as keys or doorways?" Glad I found this before I asked an answered question.
  10. I've got a fair bit to say here, so bear with me. This is pretty much all off the cuff and may include things that have been directly contradicted, so forgive me for any of that. I'm pretty sure it's not the "piece of metal" that's tearing the hole in a person's spiritweb. I also don't think the tearing/ snapping has to do with the bind points either. I'd definitely put money on it being directly related to the fact that the metal is invested. Having what is essentially a piece of someone's investiture forced into you (at the bind points- they are important, just not for the snapping) would likely be more than enough to "snap" you. However, I don't recall anyone starting without powers and gaining them through Hemalurgy except for Ol' Ironeyes. Marsh, however, CLEARLY went through some craaazy stuff to become an Inquisitor, which could easily have facilitated him snapping by itself. I have two likely ridiculous theories about the Shaod. The first is that it is guided by some (more or less) sentient being, perhaps like the mist in Mistborn, the Highstorms in Stormlight, and Returned in Warbreaker. The second is that the Dor, being described multiple times as a force trying to push it's way through the Aons, is... "corrosive" to the local's spiritwebs. That, or simply being surrounded(?) by the Dor alters spiritwebs over time. I see the "external source" as being... Power. For lack of a better word. In Allomancy, You gain net power. You can burn metals to increase eyesight or physical strength. In Feruchemy, It's neutral, because in order to increase something, you have to have decreased it previously and stored it (or vice versa). In Hemalurgy, it's negative. For example, you have person A and person B who each have 1 Power unit. A takes a chunk of metal (not sure how specific a spike has to be) and stabs it through B. A uses the charged spike on his/herself, giving themselves increased power. However, because Hemalurgy was used, A now has 1.5 units of Power, as opposed to 2. Thus, Hemalurgy is net-negative. Sorry this is so long. I've been thinking about this all day, and putting this all down on paper (sort of) has brought up MANY more questions for me. I'll throw them in a new Topic on the forum, so I don't completely derail this thread.
  11. @Awesomeness Summoned Thanks. Any reference to there being a strict 1:1 ratio of spren to bond?
  12. Just a thought- if the Stormfather is such a powerful spren, is there any chance he could have multiple bonds? If not, are there any canon references to having multiple Bondsmiths at once?