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  1. This. I actually thought it was going to be the fourth oath. Something along the lines of self care. Windrunners tend to be givers, and one thing that real world givers have in common is that they tend to neglect themselves, in my experience.
  2. Hypothesis: Adolin helping Maya's rehabilitation puts him on the path to repairing and possibly taking up the shard of Honor. Kaladin is the son of Tanavast, but Honor is not the same as Tanavast. We know that the flavour of a shard can be slanted by the personality of the vessel and Adolin has as strong of a claim to honor as anyone I've seen.
  3. They'd be one of the few (only?) native species without a shell of some kind. My guess is they have been magically altered somehow.
  4. theory

    This was pretty much what I was thinking. Cusicech is the type of spren that the Unmade were unmade from. That could account for both the similarities and the differences.
  5. So if I recall correctly (I don't have my copy handy), we saw Ashspren in Shadesmar and they seemed uniformly hostile to humans. I think if we do see a friendly dustbringer it will require unique circumstances.
  6. Szeth and Adolin started to be actually interesting in this book. I have a personal connection with Teft. Elhokar grew up.
  7. From what I understood, the Everstorm ended the Oathpact for good as now the Fused don't have to go back to Braize, but return to the Everstorm instead.
  8. I wonder whether an awakened cloak could block a shardblade.
  9. I had the big ruby pegged for a dawnshard, but this is also a possibility. Could be a form of fabrial though, for trapping the spren of the person it killed.
  10. You're right that she does later mention that she was a royal. I forgot about that. I'm not caught up on everything Brandon has said though.
  11. I suspect it has to do with Taln. The shin would know that his was the only honorblade missing. They may have known what this meant-Taravangian did- and it may have led to the belief over centuries that walking on or breaking stone weakened him.
  12. I figured the shin are just most like the original humans while other nations are the result of interbreeding and possibly some magical alterations.
  13. My poorly-substantiated idea is that he was a stonemason. Partly because of the obvious stone motif, but also because his sword is a very utilitarian shape that I imagine to be reminiscent of a stonemason's tools.
  14. I think it uses breath because it bleeds its victims of colour instead of burning their eyes. This was what caught me on to who she was ( or at least where she was from. I still don't know why we know this is her.)
  15. Does anyone know of the existence of high quality graphics versions of the glyphs? I'm thinking windrunners in particular. Excuse my ignorance: I'm not a graphics guy normally but I need to make something for team spirit day at the office.