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  1. Regarding Teft: I deal with severe depression, borderline crippling (I barely function and can't work a regular job due to it). This was a really accurate description of how it feels for me on a day to day basis. At least the part of me that hates myself and wants to give up. For Shallan and Hoid, it was probably one of my favorite parts of the book. I love how Shallan is almost always happy to see Hoid. Hoid treats her almost like a daughter or granddaughter, or so it seems to me.
  2. Overall I loved the book (Hey I even wrote a review on it with my advance copy I received on the 2nd of November). Important Bits: Kaladin really didn't get a lot of love this book, but that's okay. We got to learn a ton more about Syl instead. Jasnah didn't get a whole lot of love in this book, but those scenes where she was the PoV. damnation.... Navani seemed more of a backpiece in this entry than in the last couple. Elokhar, I was really growing to like the character.... Dammit. Taravangian is quickly becoming one of my more hated characters. I don't like him, he's a manipulative bastard who is arrogant enough to believe he alone can save the world. All the Bridge 4 scenes were amazing, especially Tefts and Rocks. Rocks family showing up was awesome. Shallan overall was interesting this book if only because of her multiple personas taking on a very increased role. Not enough Vasher, but it was really cool to see Vivenna show up as Azure. It's pretty obvious she has a true awakened blade that isn't a complete failure like Nightblood as well. Nightblood and Szeth's interactions were great. Moash really disappointed me. He's another character I'm quickly growing to hate as well. Dalinar, wasn't expecting his past to be quite like that. It's interesting to see him grow over the course of his flashbacks into who we meet in Way of Kings. My absolute favorite bit though was that I loved Hoid and Shallans interactions. I feel like he's quickly becoming a father figure to her in ways that her own father never was. Frankly I'd love to see this aspect of their relationship improved on in the future. Venli, I didn't like her in Words of Radiance, but damnation if she didn't step up in Oathbringer. Pity about Eshonai though. Points I'm unsure about: Was that Galladon in the lighthouse in Shadesmar? Definitely a person from Sel though. That Blessed Domi comment gives it away. Speaking of Shadesmar they apparently trade with Nalthis quite frequently if they had goods from the Court of the Gods. The third letter confused the hell out of me. It seemed like it was multitude of responses to a letter Hoid sent out to all the shardholders. I could be wrong though.
  3. He has Breath, been confirmed for a while, look it up on the wiki.
  4. I don't know if intellect is really a necessary part of changing forms however, I personally doubt it. Besides changing into Storm form really only requires a Voidspren to be present during a Highstorm, or if Hoid is right the Everstorm.
  5. It could possibly have to do with the fact that it's hard to gather that much Stormlight to use to bridge the areas that are "water". I'd be curious as to how other magic systems traverse The Cognitive Realm however, if it requires a similar amount of Investiture use to cross worlds.
  6. We don't know why Hoid has the ability to use those forms of Magic. He's also not immortal, he's just jumped forward through the time that wasn't important to him, since it's been at least over 4 and a half millennium since the Shattering. That said Hoid could've implanted "Taln" with Hemalurgic spikes that held the memories of the real Taln, but like others said there's a seperate thread on the matter.
  7. Yes, as others have pointed out Dull Form and Slave form look very alike. Why would Scholar and Nimble form have anything, but different physiological changes inside the head where the brain is, which wouldn't be visible on the outside where others could easily discern the differences. However Venley was way too ambitious and just being influenced by Odium wouldn't explain that I think. Also that epigraph was too conspicuous. Why would Brandon mention the ambition of Scholar form if it wasn't important?
  8. So I was listening to Words of Radiance and after finishing it, I noticed something about Venley and her scholar friends. She was really ambitious and was quite backstabby towards Eshonai and the rest of the Parshendi. No doubt Odium was influencing her in some way, but my question is how did he get her of all people to listen after all these years? My thoughts on it is that she and her friends actually found Scholar form because of it's innate ambition, and it was more easily influenced than other forms of Non-power. Epigraph on it: Scholarform shown for patience and thought. Beware its ambitions innate. Though study and diligence bring the reward, Loss of innocence may be one's fate. I'd love for this to be discussed, as I'm open to further reworking the theory if I find convincing arguments or proofs to back it up.
  9. I'd love to see the WOB on that, cause I don't remember reading that from what we know from his various signings. I could have missed it however as I took a break after the summer last year to enjoy other series, and haven't been on these forums for ages until I finished Words of Radiance a couple days ago.
  10. Agreed, I'll edit the main post in a day or so, when I get the time. Also any further thoughts would be great. I just thought I might be headed in the right direction and wanted to see if what I thought would spur others to help build the theory. I agree that it's probably different for each Shardworld and that everyone sees them the same, but still it'd be interesting to see if Shadesmar(or whatever it's called there) is made of metal on Scadrial or sand on the White Sands world. Would possibly be the reason why it's so hard to travel to Shadesmar on Sel as well. I mean glowing lines don't exactly make a stable platform to stand on after all.
  11. So I was thinking about this last night, when I was trying to go to bed and had just finished listening to Words of Radiance, what if the Cognitive Realm's appearance is based on your perception? For example for someone like Hoid, he'd probably see it as something completely different than say Jasnah or Shallan. Rosharans (is this a canon term yet?) associate spheres with holding power in the form of Stormlight so when they travel to Shadesmar they see a world made out of spheres; where as someone from the White Sands world might see it as sand of some sort. Revision: Instead of having everyone see it differently based on their beliefs, it would be shaped differently for each world, with spheres for Roshar and sand for the White Sands world. Metal for Scadrial. I'd assume something to do with light for Sel, or I've just been playing too much Infamous Second Son and enjoying the Neon Power way too much. This may also explain why it's so hard to travel in Shadesmar (or whatever it's called on Sel) around Shadesmar as well. Edit: I'm leaving the original theory there just for reference purposes, but I'm adding parts that have been suggested in the posts below. Would appreciate any feedback on this, as I found the concept really fascinating and in line with what little we know of the Cognitive Realm.
  12. This thread is in the Cosmere Theories forum though. So it really doesn't belong in this thread. That said I'd love to be an Allomancer. Never have to use public transportation again except for an airplane ride.
  13. What I was speculating about in my thread wasn't just about becoming a Feruchemist through taking in Atium and Lerasium. I was speculating about what it would do for people who aren't Mistborn already. For example what would eating a bead of Atium have done to someone like Elend(prior to the end of WoA)? But if you want to discuss that it should probably be done in my thread.
  14. Bummer, I hate delays. At least I'll be able to get it for my birthday! I love having my birthday in March.
  15. That's my only critique for the cover is that Kaladin looks like he's going to trip and hit his face into those rockbuds.