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  1. Every time I hear Maroon 5's - Moves like Jagger the sequence of Vin and Zane attacking House Venture to kill Cett plays through my mind. I don't know why, it must of being playing on the radio or on the TV in the background as I was reading that scene and now they're linked in my mind.
  2. This also goes well with "builder" being an attribute of order 8.
  3. Before WoR I didn't see Adolin becoming a radiant but now I do. But I see it happening in a different way. Instead of attracting a live spren I can see him reviving the spren that is his shardblade. I can see that the killing of Sadeas (which I was so happy about btw) causing cracks in his soul which the spren that is his blade can seep into as Adolin say's the first ideal, while trying to come to terms with what he's done. Then at the point that he faces what he's done and accepts the consequences he say's the second ideal of the order that the blade represents (the Dustbringers I'm thinking) and the spren comes back to life.
  4. Nah, Syl's not going to die, without her there'd be nobody to bring Kaladin poisonous leafs to cheer him up when he's down.
  5. Possibly describing Shinovar? Because it's protected from Highstorms? OR Maybe Sly describing somewhere, the chasms perhaps?
  6. But is unable to finish on account of being sent back in time for blinking so much.
  7. Seems like Adolin after a dual, sounds like he had quite the time of it. But it doesn't sound like he lost the dual, if he'd lost then I think the tone would be different. I think this could be from Shallan's POV On second thought, whatever fighting he was doing I don't think that it was done in Shardplate, maybe fighting some of Sadeas's men? or sparring with the Bridgemen?
  8. What if the body on the ground is his Ryshadium, Sureblood. He has a strong bond to that horse, so maybe someone just killed it and that's why he's screaming. The sudden unnatural crack could be a Thunderclast breaking free of the ground.
  9. Shallan as a child? Eshonai Maybe? ? Could this be her changing into stormform? or a different new form. Being pulled into the deep suggests water, so this could be from chapter 7, Shallan ends up in the water perhaps.
  10. I think at this point the thing I'm most excited about is the relief I'll feel from all this torturous anticipation when I finally hold the book in my hands.
  11. You have to win them by killing a shardbearer, but be warned, this can be extremely dangerous without shards of your own. Good luck.
  12. Just got confirmation that the order of WoR I made last night from Amazon.de has been shipped and will arive on Monday 3rd. I am so so happy right now. I live in the UK and thought I'd have to wait until the 6th to get it. Any UK members who want to get it earlier than the Uk release date and don't mind paying for express international shipping might want to consider ordering from Amazon.de
  13. Ok if we're interpreting it wrong, how about this. Kaladin has a budding romance going on with Jasnah, Lopen takes this a confirmation that being a Surgebinder will go down very well with the ladies, so well that it'll attract royalty. Then makes the comment that when they finally figure out how to make others Surgebinders then he too will get himself a royal bride.
  14. Kaladin has learnt the Basic Lashing and this is him practicing on someone else for the first time, namely Lopen.
  15. After reading this I just went and ordered a copy from Amazon.de in that slim hope that they'll also send it out early. I don't really mind buying a second copy, I want the Tor version which you can't get from Amazon.co.uk. Buying a copy from two different countries, guess I've done my bit to put Brandon in the #1 spot. EDIT: Just got my confirmation email. It said estimated delivery date 27-28 February. If I get it then I will be so unbelievably happy, totally worth the £30 it cost me.