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  1. And you, CV, would be the second up for Monday, 26th July
  2. Sorry I never got to this, and many congratulations! When can new get the book again?
  3. Sorry this is way late for the prompt, and that I wasn't present for the first one. I still like this idea I know it's Wednesday now, but how about this, in honour of the hugely environmentally and pandemic-ally irresponsible Olympic Games starting on 23rd July in Tokyo. Write something around a future, futuristic, fantasy, alternative reality, or just generally weird sporting event.
  4. It was going to be another hot one. Jag could feel the morning cool, burning off already at 6:43 a.m. He hoped for another run out today. It was only eighteen hours since his last, but it had been short, no more than 28.5 minutes, and not exceeding 43 miles per hour, which was a bit lame, and runs were few and far between now. But that was the way of things these days. These days since his owner got sick. Used to be they would go out on long drives, really got some speed up. An hour, longer sometimes, and every day, topping a hundred on the motorway sometimes (when safe to do so, of course), or zipping away from the lights, passing buses, trucks and slow coaches. That's what Jag was built to do, and for everyone to have fun doing it. But then his owner had got sick. He saw the man each day, struggling up the driveway on a walker, sometimes on crutches. Managing a minute or two along the road before he hobbled back again with his lady mechanic looking on, anxious that he would fall again. His legs didn't work anymore. Jag could see that plainly, even though he had four tyres. The man's engine was okay. It would be like Jag revving his 3.0 Litre supercharged V6 engine, and his wheels just spinning. He felt sorry for the man, and he related, being trapped in the slow lane, in the driveway, with nowhere to go. But he had hope. The man seemed to be able to walk a bit further, a bit longer each day. Maybe the day would come when Jag and the man would go out again, go out every day and let loose again. But only when safe to do so, of course.
  5. This is excellent. The first I've read of your writing--and a very small sample--but this is clever, and direct, very entertaining, nice character beats, and gentle humour
  6. But we are fortunate to have secured the talents of Lynn Norris.
  7. Go for it, if you get any interest. The worst that can happen is no one bites, I guess. I don't have time to critique at the moment (which is disappointing, because I used to critique everything), but I might be able to spend a little time on a prompt. It's always interesting to spitball ideas. So, that's my longwinded way of saying 'Yes, I would try and participate.'
  8. Hail and well met, Master Fox. How doth the road treat you?
  9. Another thing to consider is to go in knowing that there will be stuff that is 'wrong', or not working, or inconsistent. This is not meant to be defeatist, but no one writes a good first draft. I think Brandon says that he generally writes three drafts, if I remember correctly, and that is someone at the top of his game, very experienced, and very talented to begin with. Judging what feedback to take is another tricky thing, but to some extent can be dealt with logically. If ten people read your stuff and nine mention pacing (for example), then pacing would pretty much certainly be an issue, but if only one person mention pacing then maybe just need to set that comment aside and stick to your guns. However, if only one person mentions something, but you agree with the comment then change it by all means, because it's your work, and needs to work for you.
  10. That's a really interesting idea, @C_Vallion. Not something I haver the bandwidth for, personally, but really interesting.
  11. That takes some guts. Well done. The critical thing to remember is that the comments you get here, even if the seem harsh, are coming from place of wanting to help, of having gone before you into this sort of arena and opening up to the scrutiny of your peers (in the sense of beginning writers. If you ever feel that comments go too far, or cross over into the personal, don't hesitate too message @Silk, or myself. Given the present crew though, I'd be surprised if that were the case. Editing is hard, recognising and accepting there are faults with what you spent hours and hours creating is hard. Ask questions, ask for clarification if you need it, and don't feel that you can't ask for support. That is kind of what this is after all, a big old support group for folks trying to do the same thing, tell the story they want to the best way they can.
  12. Sorry to hear that, @C_Vallion. Hang tough! Hi there, @mishmash55. You are in the right place . 16 alpha readers!! Whoa, that's a lot. Quick suggestion, you might consider saving some of these until you start subbing here. With the best will in the world, people who love you are less likely to you what they actually think. We have no issues with that, because it's what you need Also, @kais and @Ace of Hearts for Monday, so far.
  13. That is indeed our thang.
  14. You've earned it! Critting everything is very time-consuming, especially when not subbing to the group due to other writing priorities. A well-deserved 'break' is due, without a doubt
  15. Just in case anyone was waiting, we have @RedBlue, @kais, @C_Vallion, and @Ace of Hearts for submission this week