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  1. Hey, thanks agains Asmodemon, it's good to hear from you! Hope you and yours are safe and well. Awesome. That is very much the tone I am going for. I'm not sure it lands and people have rightly called a later issue, but that editing, after all Okay, and it's a fair point. I was hoping that it would seem like they were all just swept along by events and it would not seem remarkable. I will say that I think you're the only person who has mentioned it, but that does not invalidate the comment, of course!! I'll need to think about that. Another reasonable point, and it does imply knowledge of the facility's layout that Q would be less likely to have, compared to E. There are a couple of fairly vague references that suggestion Q has been to the facility before in his past life. They're not played up at all, but they are there. It's something else I'm going to have to consider. LOL. In the news the other day (although I saw it mentioned on Twitter) there was reference to a proposal (not sure how serious it was) to reintroduce bears to the UK. I mean... bears?!?! Oh, darn and dash your ironclad logic!! I... You've got me there. I actually have no answer to that in the moment that does not sounds rather forced and reverse engineered. I'm going to have to consider the logic of M's nickname reveal. This is good, I think. I think your reaction is somewhat more positive than maybe a couple of others. It's a gamble to do that to M, for the reason you note, and really relies on the reader buying into the bigger stakes, as you describe. There's work to do on the ending and no mistake, but this is a really helpful comment, thank you! Great comments, @Asmodemon, plenty for me to chew over there and no mistake! Much appreciated.
  2. Hey, @Asmodemon, I'm so sorry I have not been through you comments yet. It's just madness ATM and not even down to CV-19. I really do appreciate you reading and hope to respond tomorrow
  3. Maybe post it up on the Reading Excuses Facebook page? There are 156 likes / followers. Not sure how many active, but it would be nice to build up some activity there. I'm terrible at doing that!!
  4. Hey, everyone! I do believe there is something of a consensus that having a thread to collect posts, news, questions and general chit-chat on the business elements of writing would be a useful thing. So, here it is. The thread name is self-explanatory, I hope (but also kind of boring, so open to suggestions for a snappier name.) Cheers, Robinski p.s. @Silk, I wonder if this might be pinned? I don't think there's too much clutter at the top of the forum.
  5. Hey, folks. I'm really sorry about this, I'm already behind in grits and grit responses, but I'm going to have to delay a couple more days or so. I'm subbing to an agent and need to get my 'rust' together. First four chapters of TMM, which I am going to edit, then edit the synopsis again, then go over my covering letter again. I'm really not that happy with it to be honest.
  6. Love publishing; hate rollercoasters!
  7. @kais is brimful of good advice. Listening to their sage words is a good strategy! From what I have seen there are numerous different ways to 'do it right'. I jumped into endorsing your doc because that it exactly the sort of thing I do, and I think you can glean very interesting stuff from that, but as Kais reminds us, it's good to focus on what's valuable now. Have you listened to this week's Writing Excuses podcast? Wouldn't you know it, it's on the subject to querying!! It's more about how to approach that psychologically than about the mechanics of it, but there are some interesting nuggets, like how Brandon basically avoided querying because he didn't like it. The only non-form rejection he got (of many) was from Joshua Bilmes, who is his agent. Now of course, if Brandon writes out a grocery list, it gets published (to paraphrase Mary-Robinette). Yeah, I find it quite tricking. you tend to stop seeing some folks' tweets if they don't post much, or you don't respond to them much. It does take some managing, and deliberate searching out of things, I think. Some authors and agents will do AMAs from time to time, and it can be really good just reading the Qs and As, even without participating. But you should participate, as it will raise your profile a bit. Also good to follows associations. I'd say include some UK ones too. We are 'divided by a comment language', after all Joking aside though, it's a readily available market, and a really well established and 'rich' one two, I think, when you look at the heritage of UK SFF. I believe there is no geographic barrier to entering work in competitions run by the British Fantasy Society, the British SF Association, etc. and there are a goodly number of publishers of all scales in the UK, publications and platforms to market to. Oooh, I love talking about publishing. I bet there is source material on YouTube too, talks by publishers, agents and editors. It just occurred to me as something I should check out. One of the best, absolutely invaluable, aspects of going to WorldCon for me, was going to numerous panels on publishing, including what agents are looking for, talks on contract terms, experience of agents, etc. etc. etc. It was just fascinating. One thing that WE stress every time they talk about publishing is picking the right publisher, agent or editor to approach. Doing the research to know about them as people before approaching them, to not target them, and to ALWAYS treat them as people. I mean, why wouldn't you? but I guess some writers maybe don't see it that way. I could go on all day. @Silk, I wonder if we should have a Business of Writing (or Publishing) thread? Or do we just keep all this stuff in Lounge?
  8. Hey @Silk, thank you so much for reading. Apologies for the delay in responding. TOO MUCH HAPPENING!!! Cool. Excellent I think there is a word for words in English that don't have an opposite. I forget what it is now... <consults the internet> Ah, yes, unpaired words. Like 'Postpone', apparently in India they say 'Prepone', but not very much. Scrutable does not seem to fall into this category, for what it's worth. Take your point. I was trying to distinguish between M and E, but I don't want it to sound weird. I've changed it. Check and... I was going for cool phrasing, but I've reworded to make it clearer. Well, all I've got really is that it was M's job to find them and he could not. Cleaned up, I think. Tidied up. Hi five indeed! Check. Excellent. Okay. I liked to think he was hedging pretty hard, and demonstrating how uncomfortable he was with it. I'll note it for the next edit. Emmmmmmm, because the ideas were coming to me around this point. I'll need to try and tidy up here. These last few chapters were rewritten pretty heavily, so they are probably needing more tidying (even) than the earlier ones. That's good! I'm pleased. I think one or two folks though it was the airstrike, but buy thinking was it would make a much bigger bang than that. This is a fair point, although I didn't find it to be a stumbling block for this chapter. It's possible that that's because I'm picking up reading after a little while, though. Yeah, there is not much I can say about this. I'll see how it feels to an alpha reader next time through, I think. That's probably months away. Cool I found this idiom a bit hard to parse, too. And seconding Mandamon's comment here. If you needed a reason for K to suddenly decide he needs to get the hell out of dodge, you could potentially have the soldiers recognize him as being on the lam? Right. I'll need to ponder this so more. I actually really liked this moment. Making the whole thing slightly less unpleasant is hardly necessary, and it strikes me as one of the mundane little things that could very much be what breaks someone's composure, especially when tensions are already running high. (I liked Q's bafflement as well.) That said, considering they've been in a van this whole time, I do wonder where Q got it to begin with. Well, they were in a vehicle K borrowed from the sheriff's department lot. I might ascribe a bit of WRS here. I'll see what the alpha thinks down the line. I started laughing uncontrollably when I read this, and am now dead. I think part of this is that Q tends to sound very confident when he's making assumptions, and in this case the others let it ride, so it was definitely easy to interpret the original version of this dialogue as a sure thing. Uh-huh. Fair comment. I think it's better now. Great comments, thanks so much for reading, @Silk. I feel that I got off relatively unscathed this time
  9. Far be it from me to send anyone in the direction of social media, but... In terms of developing knowledge of the industry, one of the things I find really quite helpful--aside from WE, which was really my introduction to 'industry issues', and going to my first con in August '19, is Twitter. Following writers, and lit agents and editors really does expand ones horizons a fare bit if you find the right ones. I find Anne Tibbets really good to follow. She is no nonsense, and really good at explaining (in short posts) why she didn't pick something up.
  10. Wow. That's great. As you say, it's a massive subject. A section on markets would be particularly useful as you move forward, although, it's probably rather a fruitless task, as there are resources already in that vein, for example Submission Grinder: Also, there are small presses that others will be able to tell you more about than I can. So, so, so much to cover before you even consider expanding it to cover UK entries under similar headings. Well done, This will be a useful resource for many on here, I am sure
  11. I feel like this is what happened to Leo di Caprio's character in The Revenant... Also, no one's ever accused me of being precise before . I feel like that might a case of mistaken identity. #iagreewithMandamon
  12. I think that might have been me
  13. Noted! TMM is only 90,000 words, so it's a relative breeze, I think. Oh, yah. Do you know, I think if you are finding it hard, as you describe, then you are probably doing it right!! If the revising is easy, something is wrong That's a deal I'm happy for you not to, on the basis that you haven't read what went before. Also, I doesn't seem fair of me to to ask you to read TMM or TCC, given that I'm not going to be editing them for a while.
  14. Muah-hah-ha-ha! Seriously though, I genuinely (as I know the other do too) look forward to reading every single new voice that comes through here. It's always exciting to open that file for the first time. Just as exciting as I know it is nerve-racking to send your work out for the first time!!