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  1. Yeah, I got mine. I'm slightly nervous now that there is some small chance that they might 'use' (some of) us on something completely different, and not what we wanted to do!
  2. The piano
  3. Ahem, 'youngins'? Hmm, now THIS is real music...
  4. Amen. Nothing like it on the planet. There's a new album coming out soon, don't you know....
  5. Lol, I'm skimming over your posts because I've only seen the first two eps, and I don't have any excuse, as I'm in the UK. I was as nervous as ever I am when a new Doctor comes along, not to mention a new show-runner. I thought the first episode was difficult, clunky and not as engaging as it could have been. It felt forced to me in places, but there are some good characters there, and I did very much like the way the new companions feel much more like back in the early days with a small group instead of one stand-out companion and heavy relationship overtones. Not that I didn't love what they did with Rose Tyler, Amy Pond, Clara Oswald and Bill Potts, but the dynamic was beginning to feel stuck. For me, the second episode was much better, more in the groove (all though a bit more mourning would have been appropriate, that lack felt odd to me). Glad to hear there is more good stuff to come.
  6. Just finished 'Cold Days' (Dresden Files #14) by Jim Butcher. As a long-time writer of un-published SFF, the Dresden books are punishingly good and sickeningly readable. I am thoroughly looking forward to some more head slapping and shucks-ing when I delve into 'Shadowed Souls' (Dresden 14.5), although it is an anthology, so some variation there, I imagine. My real concern is I'm running out of Dresden books!! On the side, I'm reading 'The Name of the Wind' by Pat Rothfuss (finally!!). I've not doubt it's accomplished, but I must say I found it rather self-indulgent to begin with. I never don't finish reading a book, but I do sometimes put them aside for a period out of frustration. That happened with this particular tome. Things have picked up (~page 100), but I can't help noticing some moments that feel to me like 'auctor (author) ex machina'. Sorry, my pretentious way of saying I think the writing shows too much in places I'm enjoying it now though, although Kvothe's personality gets on my nerves from time to time. I mean good grief, his 'Woe is me' act can get pretty tiresome, like no-one else has ever suffered hardship, or had a great love, please.
  7. This is all great advice, and important to follow, however the first and most important thing (to reinforce what @Ixthos said), is to write and write and write and write, then write some more; share it with people, get critiques then go back and re-write, edit, revise then move forward again. You're a writer right up until you stop writing.
  8. Good grief!!! I haven't replied to your kind comments here. What the heck is going on?!?! That's a 6-month oversight! Wow, I'm really sorry about this, I have no excuse whatsoever. I have just reached this chapter in my edit, so I am all over these comments now and will post back replies shortly.
  9. I agree. I agree. I dunno, I think that maybe would attract a lot of people; that chance to get publisher authors' eyes on work (without paying for the privilege in $£€). I agree.
  10. There is a line earlier about storybook magic, where J uses the term making a reference to it not existing (i.e. fireballs and such). Wouldn't you blinking know it 'The Name of the Wind' page 96, third paragraph...bah!
  11. Hi Aeromancer, great to have you around for the end of this and I think very useful to have a slightly disconnected critique of this last piece. I was looking for an overarching title to tie together several different stories and AK worked very nicely with a novel that I wrote in the same world. The geography and place names are based on a transposition of a real world location, hence the super title AK. BUT, some dastardly chap has used it already, so I'm in a bit of a quandary. I continue to use it as a working title, but I'm 99% sure I going to have to change it. P.S. would you mind replacing the full version of 'A------ K------' in your post with the abbreviation? I suppose it's not that common, but G**gle being what it is, these posts might pop up when people are searching for the other chap's work This is a fair point. I'm not sure about constantly, but certainly there is a bit of dog (not that much); the tiger (x2) and the horse. I haven't had a complete read through from anyone (including myself) yet, so I'll tag this for Edit #1. Interesting point. I think I'll need to mull on this one. Again, tagged for Edit #1. I'm glad this worked for you. That 'm' word is a really strong one, but I won't look the gift horse in the mouth (pun intended, of course!). Yes. Others have said as much. I'll call first draft on it, but it's good to have what is hopefully a sound base to develop. I'm looking forward to working in more of Ch's action into, although it will kill the word count. I already need to slash a fair bit to get to novella length. Not quite sure what to do about horse, but I'll think about it. I'm glad there are aspects working for you, and thanks for all your comments!
  12. ...fewer weird typos (Sorry, but if you're gong to set them up that well, I'm gonna take them )
  13. LOL. Once an engineer, always an engineer.
  14. This is what I wish I'd said.
  15. Lol, @Mandamon, welcome to my world