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  1. If anyone is looking for me, god knows why, check SufficientVelocity for emeralis00.

  2. Share your ridiculous stories about maintaining the computers of people. You know who I am talking about. Those situations where you have to guide a person step by step on how to turn the computer on. I have a few gems from my dad. He worked as a computer specialist over the phone several several years ago. These are some of the conversations he would have. Person:Why isn't the computer turning on? Dad: did you press the power switch? Person: Nooo... Dad: Press It. Person: its not working. Dad: Is it plugged in? Person: Does it have to be? dad: Yes. another one. Person: Why isn't the computer talking to me? Dad: It can't talk. Person: But I saw a movie where a computer talked. And another. Person: I keep trying to install windows on my mac and it isn't working. Dad: (My dad referred this one to his boss) This is one of my own, this is the point where I learned that phone operated tech support is a futile endeavor. Person: OK. How do I turn it on. Me: press the power switch. Person: OK. Wait, it says BIOS. That is the virus that was on my last computer. %^&* I have to replace this one too.
  3. As I was going through some of the topics, I noticed that people made references to books called Dragonsteel and Liar of Partinel. Could anyone explain to me what they are and where do I find them. (if they can be found) put this in general theories because I don't know where to put it
  4. If you had a massive amount of Breath in the real world and know one else did, what would you do with it? Lets say the amount is about fifth heightening. Information on the heightenings can be found on the wiki: http://www.17thshard.com/wiki/Heightening
  5. Hello RP forum! I have been running a game of Magical Burst for several weeks, but recently lost two players (out of four) because one could not play at that time anymore, and the other had some issues to take care of IRL. Magical Burst is a game based off of the magical girl genre of anime, so it is kinda niche, but I find it fun. I run the game on Skype, timezone GMT -6. If anyone is interested, please email me at [email protected], I can answer further questions.
  6. Thanks Rainbow! I completely forgot.
  7. I got a gift... :DI
  8. Glad Someone asked some questions. I wasn't sure what to say.We play on Thursdays, starting around 9 PM (though we were still discussing a good time to start, and thinking about 7:30 to 8, because it tended to end at 3 AM). For the ages of the players, two are 18, I'm 18, and the third is 24 (the third came back, the fourth won't be coming back and is 18). The game is divided into episodes, so far we have had 4. Episode 1: The introductory episode. It started with three PCs uncontracted (fourth wasn't around yet), they each were traveling to various destinations when they were caught in the Nightmare of a creature called a youma. In this case, a giant piked tree monster based off of the sandbox tree. They were saved by a small blue cat-like creature, that called itself a tsukaima. The creature told them that by making a contract with it they can become magical girls and fight such monsters. They all agreed. The remainder of the episode was the fight with the youma. After said fight, all the characters realize that they could have died and that this is serious business. One on One event: (I also do one on one events if requested, for role playing purposes) One PC had a confrontation between her and her parents about the existence of magic. Application of magic was required to prevent the parents from freaking out too much and endangering themselves. Episode 2: The episode started with the introduction of the fourth PC (already contracted by a different tsukaima). All four PCs were attending a school. One PC's magic went out of control and ended up blasting out all the windows in a classroom. The teacher believed it was a bomb and the school was evacuated. Eventually the PCs were released and they went looking for another youma. They found one...after it had killed a squad of military personnel. After a minor freak-out, they did battle. Heavy use of magic was required to defeat the Painted Wall themed monster. It was here that the PCs discovered the overcharge mechanic and their powers went out of control and caused minor physical and mental changes. (the ending of this episode was delayed due to time constraints, the plot continued though) Episode 3: This episode did not have a youma, and strictly dealt with the human side of things. Mainly dealing with the social effect of trying to hide a pair of wings and acid green eyes from the public. One PC had a bad interaction with bullies, and a good interaction with one of her social links. The tsukaima ended up being crushed to death when a PC fell on it. A new one came to replace it. One PC was on a class trip for the entire day. (There were many oneshots in between here due to finals, one player said they had to leave permanently and requested his character die by exploding into rainbows, the request was done by having a light-themed youma chestburst out of her) Episode 4: originally intended to be a plot-starter episode, but ended up being the PCs hunting the youma that killed their comrade. The new tsukaima left to go recruit a new magical girl. One PC encountered the remnants of a spell of another magical girl, the spell being a form of mind control on an ordinary girl. The PC tried to fix things but failed and turned the girl into a yandere(think axemurder crazy stalker) for the PC. The episode ended with the PCs killing the youma. My plan for episode 5 is for the PCs to react to episode 4 (they were kinda busy not dying). If I do get another player by next thursday (or whenever we set up the next session) they would be introduced here.
  9. *hands out the PTSD*

  10. Oh and don't flare your powers. Ok? That's a big one. Make sure you note it down.

  11. RP Night! Maybe I can advance the plot now? Please? Don't make me kill another character...

  12. Happy Birthday Brandon!
  13. Approval given, sats is controlling the story right now so talk to him about integrating into the story. I'll poke my head in later when I catch up with other obligations.
  14. Messing with players head. Do the tsukaima have a contract with the incubators? Or am I just a mean GM?

  15. Happy birthday Rioter!
  16. For some reason, the text in my signature keeps becoming center aligned. I keep trying to edit it back to left aligned but it doesn't save the changes. I can add or remove text just fine. EDIT: everything, except the first two quotes in the spoiler, should be left aligned.
  17. Wait. There is a 17thshard blog? Em stalks...
  18. Um, ok. It just built up over time... I can't see any of the BBCode though. EDIT: I just added all the stuff to a paste. Its all good now.
  19. I believe it to be number 2 as well, based off of having seen only number 2 in stories. Although this is Brandon we are talking about... Simple is better. I can build a spring on a stick, but not a gyroscope.
  20. {Let your soul free.} So says the tsukaima.

  21. Blood. Fire. Death. Crazy Lolis. I love magical burst.

  22. I like this thread. also you might be able to get around the orientation problem by attaching the rubies to sticks with a spring on them, and have an attached plate for it to contact. Unless I misunderstand how the rubies move to each other, the setup could be face in any direction.