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  1. @stonehand I'm usually not a Lirin guy, but I like that!
  2. What Stormlight characters would you like to see become Radiant who haven't yet? What Order and why? I'll go first. I was thinking about Truthwatchers today and what kind of characters would make good (non corrupted) Truthwatchers. I came to the realization that The Mink would make a terrifying Truthwatcher or Lightweaver. He'd be absolutely impossible to contain, track down, or defeat. His brilliance paired with Illumination make him so deadly in my mind.
  3. Leshwi having a true lost friendship with an Honor Spren is one of my favorite moments in RoW. Good one.
  4. It's unbelievable. Great Job!
  5. I believe he was trying to become Honor. In fact my feelings of relief that he's dead after realizing how horrible Gavilar was and how ambitious his goals were have lead me to a horrible prediction. What if he's still around and revealed in RoW? Some kind of Cognitive shadow that picks up a huge investiture dump at some point in the next book. It would also help give some context as to why remaining Sons of Honor aren't clowns (because so far they seem like it). Honestly I hope I'm not right in this. But it would really turn up the book five fervor for that Gavilar prolouge chapter if it does happen eh?
  6. I'd say the biggest topic of debate I've seen on the forums lately has been whether or not Amaram is the scum on the earth. I have to say I've undecided and awaiting further information, but for this poll you don't have that luxury. Right now, before the release of WoK what do you think of Amaram. Bad , OK or EXTRA Bad those are your options. Begin
  7. Hey Ya'll I thought I'd just drop this here. You'll notice at the bottom of my profile is a theory from 2013 postulating that humans came to Roshar and Parshendi were natives. Along with a request for anyone who'd said this previously to speak up. I just noticed it, it made me laugh. Rosharian Anthropology
  8. This topic should be shut down. Noone can finish Part 4 without deciding to marathon the rest of the book.
  9. My Amazon Preorder book was just delivered. I'm at work now just watching the time tick by sweating more every second. It's going to be a long night.
  10. CR= Cognitive REALM. Sorry that took way to long to decipher. Yeah, I hope full dead. It would be sad but effective.
  11. I really hope she's dead. Why even show her dead body if she's not dead. Too many fake-outs if she's not. Just leave empty armor and make it a mystery where she's gone if she's not dead. Sad. I really liked Eshonai.
  12. One thing I've always enjoyed about Brandon is a common theme that drives all of his books (especially those in the Cosmere). The idea of exploring divinity; regular people searching for Gods , becoming Gods, interacting with Gods and Gods dying. These themes are very relatable to me as someone who was raised Christian while becoming increasingly agnostic (borderline atheist). I know a lot of 17th Sharders are LDS and I was wondering if some of you think that this belief lends itself towards this subject matter. I remember someone flippantly saying "Mormons believe God is a 7 foot tall blonde dude who physically exists, but on another planet." I know that may sound insensitive but that's a direct quote and I'm writing this to gain a better understanding of LDS beliefs. I assume a big part of his Realmatic structure could have been colored thru the imagination of someone rationalizing Mormonism, it's just how I feel right now based on the limited information I have. I'm game for anyone who would like to discuss this in this open and safe forum , enlighten me, scold me for prejudices , or just tell me I'm way off and I should drop it. I'm well versed in Old/ New Testament Scripture along with Methodist, Lutheran and Eastern European Orthodox theology so don't be afraid to go deep.
  13. He was a super powerful Allomancer because he got Allmoancy from Lerasium.
  14. Not on Nook yet either.
  15. I brought up a question about GreatShell Senescence a while back and if they do achieve senescence and what that does. Also if them not reaching that state is why hunting them will cause ramifications. I've never see anyone ask him about this.
  16. Vlad protected Wallachia from those damned Ottmans! I'll hear no poppycock denouncing him!
  17. Does anyone know who the Counselor of Gods is? That person has apparently written a Seven volume collection of political musings that Marasai notes while digging up the Governors dirty laundry.I'd assume it's someone from the original trilogy but I can't think of who it is from the survivors. My guess would be Breeze but wouldn't they just call him Breeze.
  18. He's really nice to meet in person. I met him at a signing for Promise of Blood at the B & N in Mentor. I wish I could have made it to that signing yesterday. I saw a sign for it at the Middlefield library and it sounded cool.
  19. I think the change is better. It's really weird that it was changed tho. If this forum weren't so PC I'd say it is Copulated-up to change it. But whatever I can hang. Hopefully with a more reasonable amount of time to crank out the future books this will not happen again. Will the audiobooks be changed?
  20. I thought it was entertaining. Not great but good. Lightbringer is very good.
  21. I'll agree, It's very satisfying that really non of the characters are farmboy rubes. They are all Takin' Care of Buisness. The Second Book if really good as well and manages to have a distance feel from The Thousands Names while still maintaining the same cast (plus an awesome addition). My favorite character is Winter by far.
  22. I agree on the Autmun Replubic, It was overall GOOD. And I'm interested to see more BM. With The Thousand Names I had just Read The first Malazan Book before reading it the first time and the similarities between the two are not insignificant. It actually helped give me a darker and more real sense of dread while reading The Thousand Names.
  23. Looks more Sam Rockwell to me.
  24. Karen Memory by Elizabeth Bear looks absolutely awesome. I'm picking it up from the library today. I really haven't been a steampunk advocate but I know a good story when I see one. The first chapter is online and I love her voice right off the bat. In it she's looking to turn the Hooker with a Heart of Gold trope right on it's head by making the protagonist a marginalized period accurate sex worker, with her own agency and motivations. Also she apparently has a mech suit sewing machine.
  25. I just finished A Betrayal in Winter, Book 2 in Daniel Abraham's Long Price Quartet. Daniel Abraham is awesome. I don't know what it is about him that I love as a writer, I think it's that he make his writing visceral and personal. I remember the emotions and flowing prose and feelings more than the actual plot. But that stuff really sticks with me. I read 60 -70 books a year and there are many books I give a 4/5 or 5 / 5 , and then looks back and struggle to remember much about after a few months. His writing really stays with me and it's the interpersonal conflicts , not the actions scenes that stick out. This is tremendously unique for me. I've been holding off on starting The Long Price Quartet mostly because I know it was a bit of a failure both domestically and abroad and has gotten a cult following of "mature" readers. People who exclaim and exhault the beauty of these books by prefacing they are "mature" (mature meaning more for the James Joyce crowd than Michael Bay). I was hesitant to try it and then not like it and think it's because I'm not sophisticated enough. But I finally bit the bullet and I love these books. Highly reccomended for someone looking for more complexity than a hack and slash adventure (and I love those too). His Dagger and Coin series which will wrap up this year is excellent as well. I can go miles deep on that series as well if anyone is interested.