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  1. It's unbelievable. Great Job!
  2. I believe he was trying to become Honor. In fact my feelings of relief that he's dead after realizing how horrible Gavilar was and how ambitious his goals were have lead me to a horrible prediction. What if he's still around and revealed in RoW? Some kind of Cognitive shadow that picks up a huge investiture dump at some point in the next book. It would also help give some context as to why remaining Sons of Honor aren't clowns (because so far they seem like it). Honestly I hope I'm not right in this. But it would really turn up the book five fervor for that Gavilar prolouge chapter if it does happen eh?
  3. Hey Ya'll I thought I'd just drop this here. You'll notice at the bottom of my profile is a theory from 2013 postulating that humans came to Roshar and Parshendi were natives. Along with a request for anyone who'd said this previously to speak up. I just noticed it, it made me laugh. Rosharian Anthropology
  4. This topic should be shut down. Noone can finish Part 4 without deciding to marathon the rest of the book.
  5. My Amazon Preorder book was just delivered. I'm at work now just watching the time tick by sweating more every second. It's going to be a long night.
  6. CR= Cognitive REALM. Sorry that took way to long to decipher. Yeah, I hope full dead. It would be sad but effective.
  7. I really hope she's dead. Why even show her dead body if she's not dead. Too many fake-outs if she's not. Just leave empty armor and make it a mystery where she's gone if she's not dead. Sad. I really liked Eshonai.
  8. He was a super powerful Allomancer because he got Allmoancy from Lerasium.
  9. Not on Nook yet either.
  10. I brought up a question about GreatShell Senescence a while back and if they do achieve senescence and what that does. Also if them not reaching that state is why hunting them will cause ramifications. I've never see anyone ask him about this.
  11. Vlad protected Wallachia from those damned Ottmans! I'll hear no poppycock denouncing him!
  12. Does anyone know who the Counselor of Gods is? That person has apparently written a Seven volume collection of political musings that Marasai notes while digging up the Governors dirty laundry.I'd assume it's someone from the original trilogy but I can't think of who it is from the survivors. My guess would be Breeze but wouldn't they just call him Breeze.
  13. He's really nice to meet in person. I met him at a signing for Promise of Blood at the B & N in Mentor. I wish I could have made it to that signing yesterday. I saw a sign for it at the Middlefield library and it sounded cool.
  14. I think the change is better. It's really weird that it was changed tho. If this forum weren't so PC I'd say it is Copulated-up to change it. But whatever I can hang. Hopefully with a more reasonable amount of time to crank out the future books this will not happen again. Will the audiobooks be changed?
  15. I thought it was entertaining. Not great but good. Lightbringer is very good.