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  1. I said it in 2015 and I say it now. "I want my google assistant to respond to Syl! And randomly unprompted throughout the day say quips
  2. Brandon deserves his own coin! And why not take a shot at pushing a coin to the masses. Now i know someone here understands how to do this....
  3. As a former addict I found myself in the same spot. What radient order is he? I rushed threw and started 2nd reading today for detail
  4. anyone figure out what kaluk'i'iki means
  5. i think this has been mentioned before. but do we know what Rock names Kal in the chasm
  6. google phone, you guys are awesome. now i just need to get my phone to periodically quote syl
  7. Any programers out there that can make my "ok google" Syl instead?
  8. ok thanxs to #108 i get what a "ships" is, but does it stand for something? how did it come about?