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  1. Does Lift not use shardfork to eat stuff? And some kind of shard staff as she does not want to cut? It seems like it is totally possible to make shards to be dull enough to not be a danger. So if we can use it for purposes not related for weapon, think of all the uses you could have.. A shard rake or a shard watering can! Wyndle will be ecstatic!
  2. Got it. Then this means personal intent would not matter, and Jasnah can't go from shattered plains to Shin just by wishing to reach Shin and go due east? The intent theory wouldn't work in face of the collective cognitive force then. Then it seems like there would be world hopping hot spot for elsecaller, maybe road sign says " scardial -> 30 days on foot" , "<- sel 45 days on foot"
  3. Wow. thanks for such a comprehensive response! Still one question after finish the response.. if the intent shapes the cognitive realm (knock knock, Matrix?), then how would it work for a world hopper who visited the world the first time, and have no concept about how the world should look like? This is one key assumption but still feels not easily defendable. But maybe just like Brandon.. It works in his head, but not really in math / physics.
  4. We know that shadesmar and physical realm shares roughly the same space, and can be used to connect to other world's shadsmar just by traversing through the map border. My question is.. do we know how that map projection comes to be? Eventually it transforms the spherical surface of a planet to 2D in some way. Is there any significance about the center of map? the border of map? Was there WoB on the possible importance of these, or is it like what I assume just happenstance during the map drawing process? This probably won't matter to most people as perpendicular point is what they use to travel, but for an Elsecaller or anyone who can cross the realm at will, it may make their trip much faster if they can drop into shadesmar as close to the border of the world they are going as possible.
  5. So we have established that night blood can kill spren, the cognitive realm being. So what if we wield it to kill all the void spren that it could? Does that mean no more desolation? And I wonder if dawn shards are really blade type of weapon, would it share some traits of night blood...
  6. Wait a minute. This suddenly gave me some idea. If we say soul casting is to persuade the cognitive aspect of a soul, hence alter the physical aspect, then what is forgery? To study the soul's history in the physical form, learn the cognitive traits it would have, and make the stamp that would alter the soul's history just right so it have a different manifest in both cognitive and physical realm. In that sense, if you put the vase back together, and sink a stamp on it so that it had never been broken, then it would be convincible that it would be the same vase's soul. Then would Adonalsium not be a target for this history rewrite? Unite them, and then sink a stamp.. Where to sink that stamp though.. I remember reading about Hoid used to be in one of the draft in Emperor's soul. Why was he there?
  7. Well. I think Adolin tends to lose interest after a while and the past romances partner tends to be too single faced. In that he and Shallan would be excellent together. Plus the possibilities of lightweaving bed time activities... Adolin have found himself quite a catch this time.
  8. Smedry buster 2300 - Chapter Alice ( well, thanks Alcatraz.. that is very useful..) - Bombs dropped. And these weren't your ordinary bombs either. Covered in black, painted a pure black, if I'd been looking closely instead of panicking I'd have seen that they had SMEDRYBUSTER2300 stenciled on them. Himalaya had explained that she'd seen them -- weapons designed specifically to deal with members of my family -- hanging under the wings of ships above. They'd deliver a concentrated explosion at the point of impact, creating a column of lava that would rise a hundred feet in the air and burrow an equal amount down. Stat - Chapter 17 - ... I need the cure, stat." "Stat?" the woman asked. "It's Latin," my mother said. "It means I'll rip out your tongues if you don't obey RIGHT NOW.", Of course I could be thinking too much and these are not pun at all..
  9. Sigh. being not a native speaker have its downfall, especially when you are reading a book full of pun. Hopefully you guys can shed some light on those hard to catch one. First Q. Smedry buster 2300? That has to come from somewhere.. where? Stat means right away... but does that threat regarding tongue have any merit? I believe there are way, way more. just those I can think of right now.
  10. I am actually not sure whether this should be in stromlight board or SH. But as there are some SH specific information, I post it here. Please move it if deem necessary. In SH we see Kelsier had to run for weeks to get to the edge of Sel's cognitive realm , and it also seems to take Jasnah a few month to get into shadesmar, locate whatever info he need from the sprens, and finally get back to physical realm. Both indicates that traveling in shadesmar still takes some proportional time. So... How exactly does oathgate work then? From my search on the forum, it had been theorized that oathgate is simultaneous transportation of the paired gate platform, and the use of it requires investiture related to the amount / mass being transferred. Sounds like we can say this is a elsecaller faberial, that can be triggered by any Radiant ( no nahal necessary / not keyed to the soul / nicrosilic? ). But what is interesting is, as elsecalling seemingly routes through shadesmar, the operation of oathgate does not seem to give any glimpse of the process? The mass of troop just all in a sudden see calm sky and the ancient tower instead of the colliding stroms, with no glimpse of any hint of shadesmar in between whatsoever? Guess we won't know for sure until we learn more about elsecalling. But anyhow, based on what we know now, if elsecalling can allow near instant transportation to other location ( the Tia Aon, anyone? ), that would require a method to tele-transport in cognitive realm effectively. Would that not be the best ability Hoid could wish for? Now I know why Hoid is waiting for Jasnah there... : ) Dear Jasnah, please ignore this silvery spike and what I gonna do next..
  11. How about mixing Wax's steel ferring capability with Vin's horseshoe trick, shake it with nicrobursting and top off with speed bubble, served in a spaceship capable of several furring combo? You get a FTL flaming Lamborghini style cocktail mix like this: First the propulsion. Tap on steel to decrease mass of the ship to 1 percent, add nicroburst to push off a ring shaped anchor on the ground. You get a hell lot of acceleration to lift up. The anchor should be ring shaped so it won’t hit your ship, but provides a stable and predictable thrust vector, plus the possibility to adjust course off single anchor. At next instant ( maybe with the help of speed bubble for timing ), increase mass to 100 times and nicroburst pull on the anchor, so the ring anchor shoot pass the ship. Now the ring move at a higher speed ahead of the ship. Then we pull hard on the ring ahead of us with 1% mass to shoot pass it, and then pull with increased mass to bring the ring back in front of the ship. You should be able to see the linear horse shoe trick in effect (It is not that different from the idea of project orion.) We should be able to continue this a few dozen round to get close to light speed, only consuming a few bucket of iron and a gallon of nicroburst. To make the ship to actually go FTL, we will need to throw more speed bubbles related assumption in. In this I assume that, the planetary coordinate framework for speed bubble will eventually wear off when you are far enough from the planet. When you think of it, this coordination framework needs to end somewhere. And if there is a place in space where no planet's coordination framework is in effect, the spacecraft will eventually become the only object that is fit for the base of coordination ( relativity takes over ) So when we get to this self-coordinated zone, we should be able to finally throw a constant speed bubble around the ship. As we can now throw constant speed bubbles, lets throw two at a time. One large enough to envelop the anchors in the steel push / iron pull process, and use a smaller speed bubble around the ship or just the ship controller to get the precise iron / steel push timing. With speed bubble to assist on the timing, it can be theorized that the larger speed bubble need not be too big, as we can start nicrobursted high-mass pulling as soon as the ship is ahead of the center of the ring, and run the low mass pulling as soon as the ring shoots past the ship. This way one propulsion cycle can be done in the time it take for two nicroburst, plus the minimal ring travel time. This should only be a few seconds for the space ship point of view, and in split second level for the stationary observer. If all the above could happen, as soon as we went into self-coordinated zone, we can be warp speed in no time, then we maneuver the ring anchor to somewhere ahead of the ship, stop accelerating and just maintain the momentum. And once the ship is closing in another planet, and starts getting near the edge of the self-coordinate zone, we maneuver the anchor to the front of the ship and do the reverse propulsion to slow down below light speed. Then we approach the other planet in sub light speed, and gently slow down with the reverse propulsion. The end. FTL and minimal fuel cost. I guess if we spike Wax to give him Iron pull, and strap Wayne on his back, we can start prototyping this method already..
  12. Remember how chalklings went through the grass? They move like shadows on grass blades, shape broken up like a projection on 3D surface. In that light, I am not certain if the strategy of a deeper line of forbadence would work for them, if they move like shadow projection. Same goes for the ceiling lines. Would chalklings care the height of the chalk line if they moves like projected shadows? In my opinion they should work like how they move, consider the 3D world as a projection, and ignores the Z axis completely. So the ceiling line should work the same as a ground drawn line? Next come a question on the height of the barrier created by the line of forbaidence.. In the battle in the dorm , it looks like that the line of forbaidence on first floor did not cause any trouble for anyone on the second floor. Either the line is not thick enough to hit the ceiling, or the berries height is limited by the existing ceiling. If it is the later case, it further strenghthens the idea of the barrier being a projection of the chalk, and the height rule may not mean anything.. Else if the barrier is strong enough to stop a cannonball, and I drew it really thick under a low ceiling, would the ceiling not break by the line? (maybe retired duster can also do building demolition this way to have more income?) And, if the line of forbaidence is of limited height and chalkling cares about the height of the chalk line, what is stopping someone throw a fishing line over others line of forbaidence and have chalklings climb over the line? In that case, a fishing pole would be equally essential as chalk in a battle. Just have someone in the circle who is really good at throwing lines into other's warding circle and have chalklings run through the line. Brandon would still have a lot to explain on how the line interact with the 3D world.. Before that, practice line throwing would help: )
  13. Hum.. If Brandon says so... Thought I found a way to hack the system.. If it were possible, Ati would be so happy and go spike a few dozens of soulcasters to help him do this deed.
  14. Then maybe just enough investititure to coin the first bead of Lerasium.. and then after that start the breeding plan? I know that may be the same amount of investiture of one shard splinter. Soulcast night blood into a piece of lerasium? That sounds like it is gonna hurt.
  15. I remember reading a WOB that it is possible to soulcast allomatic metals. Then, what's stopping us to make god matels? Endless supply of mistborn and atium to fight voidbringers would be an interesting sight..