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  1. Likely due to presence of the Alaskan Anti-Alien Aerospace and Armor Artillery or AAAAaAA for short.
  2. I've been really getting back into Planetside 2 lately. DBG has been slowly reworking the game and the new upcoming update for it looks amazing and there is nothing on it's scale anywhere else as far as I've seen (except maybe Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade).
  3. I build my own as well, last one I made I bought a GTX 770 a week before the 900 series was released....
  4. I'm sorry but it's in the signature.
  5. Sorry for the wait guys, I just got a job at a summer camp with limited internet so getting on here was tough, but I'm home now. Most of the first few "sessions" will just be you messaging me about characters and what you want to do with that as well as me giving you a run-down of the world. I'll hopefully get a group message out shortly for those who have messaged me. I'm still looking for at least one more player.
  6. There is no specific system, post length will probably stabilize as we go, but mine will most likely be the longest as I'm telling each person what goes on. How often we post is unknown at this time. (I'm kinda new to this.) I will definitely do some stuff through PMs.
  7. Yeah no problem, just message me when you get the chance so I can get a verification of who's in for sure.
  8. Yeah, leaving early could be an issue. When it comes to language it shouldn't be a problem. Any language that would be used would be native to the world, having been influenced by it's history.
  9. No need, this is my first time gming online.
  10. It wouldn't be super structured, just back and forth between me and the players. There would be no rolling of dice or anything.
  11. The arbitrary troops might not be arbitrary after all...
  12. The world looks high fantasy, but I guess it will probably have more of an epic fantasy feel to it. There are different races and magic systems. (No less than 6 at this point.) I might restrict you guys to humans because the other races are pretty rare.
  13. I'm looking for players to for an rp to help me worldbuild. (yay) The entire rp would casual and unstructured. I would GM. The world is a high fantasy setting. If you have a question post it in the thread. If you are interested PM me.
  14. Since people seem to be gravitating to rping in the faction threads, and since Chaos started a war I thought it might be a good idea to start a thread dedicated to starting a more structured thread (still not totally structured) for the rps in this corner of the forums. On a more RP note the scenery in the NC is getting old as well. I'll be the GM for now, just to make sure things don't get too crazy. (but by all means be crazy, we're not here to make a lot of sense) The scenery of this thread is dark and formless waited to be shaped by the will of the first guild to claim part of it as their own...
  15. Updated for the Observer's Guild. I'll figure out troops after I get everyone else sorted.