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  1. Well, my mom randomly left my dad about a month and a half ago. Havent seen her since, and we got rid of her bed today. Feeling kinda down about it all.
  2. Guys, has all the DW episodes from Eccleston onwards. Just make sure you are running adblock, or you will get nothing done.
  3. Mine would be dice I think. Very detailed dice. They would just roll through the enemy defenses.
  4. I've recently been hooked on Guild Wars 2. Did my first fractal today, I'm impressed that it actually has a challenging endgame.
  5. "Steel yourself, this is gonna get messy" - An Inquisitor practicing Hemalurgy
  6. I got a job interview at a public library next Thursday morning!
  7. Today I called for an interview at a public library, which is my dream job while I'm in college. It got me wondering, what are you guys dream jobs?
  8. comic

    Definitely an OOTS fan here, that last strip is good, cant wait for more.
  9. So, I'm a pretty dedicated League player, and would like to know who on here plays. I've run into at least one of you on the game (looking at you Calmseer). My summoner name is SpiritOfElantris. Send me a friend request or reply to this post and I'll add you. Also, I'm Silver 4, and quickly moving my way to Silver 3 at the moment.
  10. I am currently in college to be a Spanish Teacher.
  11. A bit late here, but I can't resist a good pun. I thought edgedancers were about losing traction, not gaining it.
  12. I like the idea of the shards choosing their host. As for Ruin choosing Ati, its quite simple. Ruin chose Ati in order to Ruin him. Ruin built Ati up, but set him up for failure, because it wanted to Ruin him. Theres a quote in one of the Mistborn books about Ruin understanding that he could build one thing up to knock two things down. Built Ati up, nearly ruined Scadrial, while ruining Ati. Odium, being the shard of hate, chose someone who is hated by all and hates all.