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  1. I think it is more likely that Adonalsion is the original supershard, the shards as we know them now are shards of adonalsium, although Adonalsium apparantly only did his thing in a small part of the universe so who knows what else is out there
  2. The Vorin numbers 1 through 10, the names next to the planets are the vorin names for the numbers
  3. But that scene is from his cognitive aspect, isn't it? After he died body, soul and mind split. At that point didn't his soul already go to whereever it is that souls go after death. The mind stays for a while in the cognitive realm and then goed beyond. Only when you Return your mind gets a new 'soul' in the form of a super breath and together go back to the body. I like this theory, I think it may be true.
  4. I believe that there is a WOB that says that elantris is not a dawncity, but that he understood why people whould think it is, i'm on my phone so I can't search for it sadly.
  5. I don't think the actual effect of the aon changed, just the meaning of the word.
  6. My guess would be that investiture simply gives you more resistance against disease/allergies etc. maybe with the added effect of planet specific infestiture. Because Roshar is high in infestiture, and every week a massive infestiture storm comes by, people probably have more infestiture, kinda like on Nalthis.
  7. True, my point was that the disease did a lot more harm in the new area than in the old, smallpox killed numerous europeans, however, it killed a lot more amerindians (relatively speaking of course). So while the commen cold might be well known on Scadrial and/or Sell, it was not known on Roshar (or at least in the Purelake), because of that, a lot of people die of it, and it can be called a plague. Whether the worldhoppers knew this would happen is an entirally different question, as is the influence of stormlight on disease. I do believe that stormlight has a positive effect, and less people die of the unknown disease than would on, for example, Scadrial, where there probably isn't such an effect.
  8. The cold is nonlethal to us, but only because we had centuries of exposure to it, to a population where it was not endemic it would be very lethal, killing up to 70-80% of the population. The same happened in Europe, Asia and of course in the americas. One of the reasons the amerindian empires fell so quickly is because their populations simply died of diseases that in Europe every child gets and survives without too mucht trouble, like the meazles. The question I'm asking myself is this: Demoux, Galladon and the third should have known this if they were experienced worldhoppers, so do they think that capturing Hoid is important enough to sacrifice hundreds or thousends of lives?
  9. Hey, I'm new here and English isn't my first language, so please ignore any mistakes. Personally I thought it was because Szeth doesn't have a shardblade, he has an honourblade. Apparantly limbs severed by honourblades can be healed, while limbs severed by shardblades (alive or dead) cannot be healed. Except perhaps by feruchemists and by the Regrowth surge. This way, it would just be another difference between honourblades and shardblades, instead of something special with Kaladin or Syl.