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  1. Brandon Sanderson and Mary Robinette Kowal's collaborative audio exclusive short story The Original is out today (September 14th) and available for download! If you want to get it to your earholes as soon as possible, check out these links to your favorite audiobook retailer: Audible | Google Play | | | Kobo Clocking in at just under 4 hours of listening time, this short but tense sci-fi thriller is read for you by Audie Award winner Julia Whelan. It follows Holly Winseed, a woman who wakes up to find that she is a replica tasked with hunting down and killing her Original in order to avoid being eliminated herself. Along the way she needs to grapple with terrorists, the underside of a seemingly utopian society, and ultimately the truth about herself. In the end, one of her will remain and one will walk away. For further information, including a sample, see this post on Brandon's site. To discuss The Original, head over to Other Stories or #the-original-spoilers on Discord! Watch out for spoilers and have fun!
  2. For International Games Week (November 3-9) I will be putting together some one-shot, one-page RPG sessions via Discord for whoever's interested. By design, the games will be really easy to get into and rules light, with a hard limit of 2 hours of play time. It's a chance to get together with people and have some fun without all the preparation and baggage. I have a number of games we can play, including but not limited to Honey Heist, Everyone is John, Lasers and Feelings, Oh Dang! Bigfoot Stole My Car With My Friend's Birthday Present Inside, Sexy Battle Wizards, Adventure Skeletons, and Pride and Extreme Prejudice. We can even do a short Mistborn Adventure Game one-shot if people are willing. At the moment I'm trying to gauge interest and get a sense of peoples' schedules, after which we can set up times and decide what games to play. Once those details are hammered out, I'll post updates here in this thread, including links to the Discord server. If you're interested in playing, let me know here or on the 17S Discord, along with a general idea of what times you're available!
  3. I thought it might be useful to have a topic to discuss/speculate on some of the questions that are left unanswered at the end of White Sand. The ones I can think of off the top of my head are the following: Elodin's betrayal - there's definitely something sinister going on there. I got the impression that he didn't want to do what he did, but was being forced to by some outside force. Autonomy maybe, given that he "saw the Sand Lord," although it seems against Autonomy's Intent to influence/control someone. Darkside magic - what can Scythe do and how is it related to sand mastery? I'm assuming that further books in the series will delve into how Taldain's magic system works on darkside. The A'Kar - how come he has become so active and powerful recently? Tidbits about sand mastery - why does mastered sand and sand that touches water turn black? How does slatrification work?
  4. The Alethkar map has a city named Savalashi but the map of the Sea of Lost Lights has the Salavashi Trench. I assume this is a typo, although it could be intentional.
  5. Thanks to the graticule in the Oathbringer map of Roshar and Peter's hint that the Rosharan system uses 100 degrees of latitude and 200 degrees of longitude, I was able to update my orthographic map of the planet! (You can see the old thread here.) This version is much more accurate, though not completely perfect—for some reason I wasn't able to exactly replicate the graticule used in the map. You'll notice that the continent is a fair bit smaller than my original assessment. I also updated it to include land cover, better symbology, and some cities that didn't appear on previous maps. I assumed in labeling the latitude and longitude lines that the Prime Meridian that the Rosharans use is the one that goes through Kadrix and that they number their lines out from zero in all four directions. EDIT: I've been informed by Peter on Twitter that the equator is too high; it should go through Kadrix. Like I said, it's not entirely perfect yet.
  6. Go for it!
  7. It's gotta be either Firstborn or Perfect State. I'm hoping Perfect State, cause I absolutely loved that story.
  8. Is there a WoB or WoP anywhere saying what the people on Ashyn call Roshar (the planet) or Roshar (the system)? I searched Ashyn in Arcanum but couldn't find anything.
  9. I didn't cry, but I did have a really visceral reaction to Dalinar's "you can't have my pain." Like, I wanted to jump up and run around the house! I had suspected for like the whole back half of the book that Odium would succeed in making Dalinar his champion and releasing all that bad anticipation was a really strange and cool cathartic experience.
  10. A little while ago I noticed that the map of the Rosharan supercontinent had latitude lines called out along the sides, so I decided to digitize it and make a "modern-style" map of Roshar. The map I ended up making is reprojected into an orthographic projection (meaning the map seems like we're looking at the planet from space). I really had a good time making it and wanted to share with the community. Enjoy! PS - I checked with the Inestimable Peter Ahlstrom and he said my placement of the landmass on the latitude/longitude lines was "very close to spot-on."
  11. I'd say the numbers on the Frostlands map are almost certainly Rosharan degrees of longitude, but I haven't fiddled with the new info yet so I can't be sure. I originally tried to get them to line up with Earth degrees and couldn't quite make it happen. It does also seem that the Frostlands map is in a different projection than the continent map—when I georeferenced the Frostlands map to line up with the Rosharan one, it deformed it a fair amount. I'd be happy to send you the shapefiles I currently have, @Harakeke, but I am planning to fix them based on the new info we have from Oathbringer and Peter, so you may want to wait until that happens. Your call.
  12. Ooh interesting tidbit. I kind of assumed that they'd have a system based around multiples of ten. I'll have to play around with the new grid and see what I come up with. I was going on the assumption that 90 degrees was the south pole, but in Rosharan degrees it's 100, so yeah, the continent is likely a bit smaller than what I came up with before. I'm a little confused by the canon grid, though, because in an azimuthal equidistant projection the equator should be a straight line rather than a curved one.
  13. Hmm, interesting. I mean, all I did to make the alignment was to resize the existing map so it matched up with the latitudes, presuming that the longitudes would line up as well. In order for the continent to fit within 60 deg. of latitude and 120 deg. of longitude, I would have had to squish the original map, changing the aspect ratio. Weird. I think someone mentions somewhere in the books that if you go south far enough, the sea freezes, so I'm sure there are polar ice caps. I didn't feel like speculating as to their shape for this map, though. EDIT: Also, someone pointed out to me that I misspelled Thaylenah on the original map, so here's an updated one (web resolution again—if anyone wants one in print resolution, feel free to ask).
  14. I'd like to make an equirectangular world map in the style of classroom maps of Earth if I have some time. I also have vague plans to make an interactive globe using Javascript + D3 at some point. I've attached a very early, badly symbolized version of an equirectangular projection. It's not very good stylistically, but it is projected correctly. Yeah, that was part of what I asked when I was getting the positioning and scale correct. You can see below the positioning that I showed Peter on Twitter when I got his approval. Also, I have shapefiles that I'm happy to share with anyone who wants to play around with them.
  15. No worries. There's always new tidbits that I find out, only to realize that most people already knew it way before. I love seeing just how far south it really is!
  16. As far as I'm aware, it's pretty common information that the Rosharan continent is almost entirely in the Southern hemisphere of the planet.
  17. Hey, does anyone know how to contact Isaac Stewart? His website doesn't have an email address or a contact form.
  18. I liked Aether of Night, but I felt like it lost cohesion at the end and tried to cram a bunch of stuff in that wasn't foreshadowed (yes, I know he's stated it's not his best work and it needs a rewrite), so I'm a bit confused about how some stuff works. Wondering if anybody understood this better than I did. First of all, when the Kavir dude tries to bond with Raeth's Amberite bud, it fails, whereas the Verdant bud that the Shentis gave them worked. Presumably this is because the Verdant bud came directly from the source of Verdant. Okay, fine, but don't the High Aedin make more Amberite Bonds by doing exactly what they tried to do with Raeth's bud? Okay, so Slaughter and Despair created the Aethers out of Chaos and Order, but the Former is imprisoned in the four Aether sources (principally Verdant)? Decay imprisoned the Twins in the pure essences of Chaos and Order, which themselves became sort of "God Aethers" (Night and Illuminous)? Am I reading that right? Why on earth did Raeth getting splashed by the pool cause him to not only Bond Night, but also cause Makkal to escape from his prison into Raeth's head? None of the Dari that had Bonded Night got Makkal in their heads. Why did Decay want the Twins imprisoned at all? It seems like the Twins were great agents of Decay. Anyway, let me know what you think. I'm still trying to parse what I read at the end and I just don't get it.
  19. So I finished Secret History and Bands of Mourning recently and I got a super creepy vibe from post-death Kelsier. Despite the fact that he helped the Southern Scadrians, I got the sense that he may be up to no good, with some seriously inscrutiable ulterior motives. In my opinion, he had kind of a negative influence on Spook, since he encouraged Spook to help him experiment with Hemalurgy and Spook later wrote that it might be a good idea to get old or disabled Metalborn to sacrifice themselves to give their power to others. I thought that was pretty creepy for Kell. Plus, the Set has been experimenting with Hemalurgy and they had to learn it somewhere. I dunno, maybe Kell is being influenced by Trell and his "coming back to the Physical Realm" hack has to do with Trellish unknown metals? Something less than savory is going on, and it has me worried. What do you think?
  20. Hey everyone! I was inspired by all the great cosmere fanart that was featured in the news, so I did a couple pieces earlier this evening. I'll be posting other cosmere fanart to this thread as it comes up. Hope you enjoy! PS - If anybody knows how to embed pictures directly in the thread (and whether it's good etiquette to do so or not), I'd love to find out. The Stormlight Archive Portrait of Dalinar Kholin, Bondsmith Mistborn Sassy Vin thinks green plants are dumb - This one is a pencil sketch that I plan to ink and color some other time. It goes without saying that all of the art on here is © 2016 Otto Didact. If you want to use it for phone backgrounds, wallpapers, or the like, I would of course be honored and you're free to do so. If you want to share with people, make sure there's some sort of attribution attached that links it back to me. If you try sell it or pass it off as your own, just know that it's because of people like you that Adonalsium shattered in the first place.
  21. From what I understand, you can use brand names, but not the text of a song.
  22. This. This is why having a graphic novel is going to be so awesome. Also, I think Ais mentions him in passing. It's like a super tiny reference.
  23. At least a better Hoid reference, yah. I can't source it, though.
  24. Maybe Scythe is cosmere-aware and forcibly ejects people from Taldain that grow too dangerous?
  25. I loved White Sand. The plot threads kept me engaged to the end and beyond, which is always a good sign. In typical Brandon fashion, there was always a bigger secret that I didn't guess, even after I correctly guessed some of the twists. I suspected that the Lord General was Sharezan's lackey, and it seemed too easy an answer that Nilto was Sherezan. BUT the realization that Nilto was Khriss' betrothed hit me at exactly the same time as it hit Khriss, which was an awesome literary experience. I don't know that I like it as much as Mistborn Era 2, but I definitely liked it better than Warbreaker and Elantris. As for why he's making it a graphic novel—he was approached by Dynamite Comics, who asked him if there was anything that he had lying around that they could adapt. It so happened that White Sand was sitting around and really only needed a good polish to be publishable. He's expressed that the graphic novel adaptation has done exactly the kind of polishing that the story needed to be really excellent. Personally, I think this was a great move. It'll adapt well and I love the fact that he's doing original cosmere work in graphic novel format, instead of just adapting already existing novels. I know a bunch of people are annoyed that it's not coming out in prose, but I personally think it's awesome. It shows that the cosmere isn't limited. Plus, there's going to be more connective cosmere tissue between the graphic novel White Sand and the rest of the cosmere, including more Hoid, which will be great. Khriss shows up in multiple places in the cosmere later, so I'm excited to see how that pans out.