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  1. The difference being mine has evidence in the text to back it up. A shard of the stone of ten dawns IS a "Dawn-Shard". There is no speculation to that.
  2. Okay, well I'm sorry to disagree with you. Your speculation is no more valid than mine.
  3. They are also said to "Bind any creature voidish or mortal" At the end of OB they bound The Thrill inside of one. You can say "Probably not" if you like but we know next to nothing about what happened on Ashyn. So little that using it as proof of anything is almost meaningless. That's like saying the creature that strides the Storm that Kal and Dalinar see is the Stormfather. It could be, but we don't know what it is. So any speculation related to it is exactly that, speculation. Sure, what I'm saying is speculation too but there is a lot more evidence pointing towards what I said being true. So much so that I am next to certain that I'm correct. I don't make that claim lightly and don't have any more evidence than you do but I'm not going to ignore the evidence I have simply because something happened on Ashyn that we know literally nothing about. BTW, it was also said that the surges were what destroyed the planet. It could have easily been a war for the Dawnshards or the Stone of Ten Dawns shattering that was the catalyst for the burning of Ashyn. I mean, can you provide me with any other piece of evidence besides that to make me doubt my theory? If not, without more information, Honor's claim about them doesn't undermine my theory at all. Edit: Also, in the Prologue of Oathrbinger Gavilar says that with the right gem you could bind even a god. I've wonder over and over again how, if men are of Honor and originate on Ashyn how Honor ended up on Roshar. It wouldn't make sense for him to have always been there if men weren't. Especially with the WoB that says that the Parshendi were not originally of Odium or Cultivation but never of Honor. Why not? So, to throw out an idea of how the Dawnshards could have caused the destruction of Ashyn and how Honor wound up on Roshar, the Dawnshards might have been used by Odium through men granted surges, to bind Honor inside of it and then somehow they escaped to Roshar with Honor inside the gem/s. This one I *know* is a wild theory but it's an answer to the hyphothetical you raised, "I don't see how perfect gemstones would have allowed them to achieve that." I could spend hours speculating on how they could have been used to destroy Ashyn. Not being able to imagine how that's possible is not grounds to discount that it's possibe.
  4. The Dawnshards are pieces from 'The Stone of Ten Dawns" they are perfect gemstones like the King's/Honor's Drop.
  5. I just stumbled across this post while googling looking for a quote or evidence that Adonalsium created the Dawn Singers. It's 2018 and you've been vindicated. You have my permission to do the Tekking101 "I called it!" dance.
  6. Today while listening to OB I cam across a quote from the Rysn interlude spoken by Vistm. It reads, “As far as scholars can tell,” Rysn said, “the King’s Drop never loses its Stormlight. A stone this large should have run out after a month. It’s something about the crystal lattice, the lack of flaws and imperfections.” “They say it’s a chunk off the Stone of Ten Dawns.” “Another story?” Rysn said. “You are a romantic.” Upon hearing this I had this powerful eureka moment. I think that the King's Drop is a Dawnshard. It was a piece (a shard) from the Stone of Ten Dawns A stone containing ten shards of Dawn... Then, once you take that as the meaning of Dawnshard you get to the quote about them binding any creature voidish or mortal to make sense. As that's exactly what Dalinar uses the King's Drop for. Binding a voidish creature. I can see the part about mortals either being a problem that doesn't fit the theory, a changing of things by the church, or Rosharn superstition that didn't understand the true history. As it implies that mortals are men and the voidish are something different. Yet we know now that men are/were the voidbringers and therefore both voidish and mortal. Unless it implies it can capture heralds as well. Though I concede the dagger used by Moash was confirmed to not be a Dawnshard. Even though the gem might not have been included as part of the question or the answer. It may also explain why they were "lost" or no longer understood in the modern world. As it is said that money changers in Shadesmar had gems that held light perfectly, as well as one of those stones that were left in Urithiru with messages in them said, "We the Elsecallers have the perfect gems. Let it be recorded." or something like that. Which would make sense. In order to get them out of people's hands they took them to the other side and left them with the spren, as I guess they assumed it was safer than in the physical realm. This is all further down the speculation highway than I'd like to go but the part about the King's Drop being a part of the Stone of Ten Dawns, making a literal shard of Dawn or a Dawnshard is very compelling in my mind. Please let me know if you agree, or if this theory is unoriginal.
  7. I don't know how to spell Sirius's name either. So, don't feel bad. On a semi related topic, I actually think that the Aimians are somehow related to the Kandra. That since they are immortal and studying the very nature of the Cosmere itself, they started experimenting, figured out Shadesmar travel and some landed on Roshar. When they got there they started doing further experiments, this time with spren and other things like Stormlight. They figured out that intent is a huge part of controlling yourself and what you can do, as well as the world around you to some extent. That if you believed hard enoug, with enough investiture, then you could do just about anything. Also, I'm *extremely* curious about how the Sleepless are born. It has to be a ritual or something. There is no way it could be a "natural" event that would happen as we're used to. Unless there is some form of "Lynch Pin" cremling... OR, and this just came to me, they are Soulcaster Savants who released themselves from their bodies and figured out how to control creatures through intent. Oh My God! I'm a genius! Everyone, come listen to what I have to say, it's so important and worthwhile that you'll never realize how dumb I really am! Anyways, I've rambled enough. I'll say this. Your theory is so accurate I dare say it's as confirmed as the Clegane Bowl and everyone knows it's 100% confirmed GET HYPE!!!
  8. Earth is part of the Cosmere. It is a shardworld. The shard that lives on Earth? Love. Think about it, what are we always told? That's right, "God is love" It's right there in plain sight! Wake up chickenple! Shardblades can cut steel beams!
  9. Hoid is a humunculus. Hoid is not a "real" person. He was created by the "keeper" of Adonalsium to be their apprentice. Hoid resented this. When the 16 came to destroy their god, they felt that he might be a hindrance to their plans. Instead, he turned a blind eye to it. He was a present non-participant. In the madness, his master died. The master named Hoid, whom he should have loved.
  10. @TheBlueShifting Sorry, this is off topic, but have you ever considered making straight up theorycraft videos for the cosmere? While I do like your "Letters from the Cosmere" series, I think myself, and others, might be more on board, with your videos, if it wasn't made in the format it's in. I don't want to imply you do a bad job or that there is anything wrong with what you're doing already. I just feel like the way they are put together is a barrier to having a larger viewership. People like me who prefer just informative and interesting research presented as such, might be more likely to like/sub/comment. I don't know of any big YouTubers doing Cosmere theories at the moment. There is a channel called "Bridge 4" whom I tried to talk into making Sanderson-centric videos. He just didn't care to do it. He loves the Cosmere stories, obviously by his name, but didn't want to take away from his other videos, which mainly focus on Game of Thrones and other popular TV shows. As the time and effort to make them, might not be as lucrative as making videos in the series he's already created. The difference is that you already focus on Sanderson's works, so it wouldn't be as big a time investment and detraction from your viewership's expectations. You are honestly the go-to channel for the Cosmere at the moment, to me at least. Meaning you have positioned yourself into a wide open market. Either way, thanks so much for doing what you do. It's really great stuff. You keep doing what you think is best for you. I just wanted to make a suggestion that hopefully you'll consider.
  11. Anyone who says, "We know "For a fact!" that what you're offering up for speculation is 100% incorrect." is just wrong to say that, based on what we know. I can't stand naysayers. I don't mind discussion and debate, that's fine, but someone who has half the facts going, "That won't work." or "Nope, can't do that." even though there is no reason to think otherwise or no way to know for sure, is just fundementally irritating to me. I don't have any problem being incorrect in my assumptions or my guesses. I do, however, get very defensive when someone who hasn't spent as much time looking at facts I've looked at says, "Nope. Sorry, you're wrong." Which, I feel, was *exactly* how I was greeted with this idea. LEINTON Can Breath be used to power Surgebinding? BRANDON SANDERSON They are very similar Investitures, and most of the magics can be powered with the other magics if you are capable of making that happen.
  12. I absolutely don't want to beat a dead horse here. I just want to clarify a few things. Vasher doesn't *currently* know how to convert/use Stormlight as an Awakener's tool. So what? There are reasons that doesn't matter. He isn't the only scholar, nor is he the only one who has been off world. Both Denth and Shashara have been, at least one has been specifically to Roshar, if not both. (I'll find them exactly if anyone distrusts this.) according to WoB on the topic. One of the last things Vasher says to Denth is, "I know the commands to make you forget." As Vasher himself was ashamed of some of his past and, it was implied, wanted to remove it from his mind to allow him to forget his sins. It seems entirely possible that the process of how to convert Breath to Stormlight or use it in Awakening, whichever is required, is in that block of information he deleted from his mind. Also, someone said, "50,000 Breaths aren't all that many." True, but the scholars had so many more than that, that we know of. They had the phantoms, the King's Treasure, Nightblood, Lifeless, and on and on with research, staying alive, and lost/failed awakenings. I would say closer to half a million Breath were spent by them, if not more. I know I would be a lot more likely to spend a wealth of Breath knowing I can just pop over to Roshar and get as much as I want, without having to harvest them from the living. Not that the scholars were all that empathetic but it would definitely make things easier. I may be wrong about all this. I still stand very firm on the point that we DO NOT KNOW enough information about any of this to say definitively YES or definitely NO, when it comes to the question originally posed by me. I just thought it was interesting to postulate. I still would like anyone to chime in with what they think about the idea. If you can provide a definite answer, please do so. Just know that I am not trying to argue with anyone I think we all do and have agreed on all of this, except for one single point, which is that they didn't do what I'm suggesting. I say they're wrong and everything I can find says they are but whatever, I still would like to hear from anyone with anything to say on the matter.
  13. Oops, misread something and responded before realizing my mistake.
  14. Can Vasher use Stormlight to Awaken things? Brandon Sanderson No, all it does is keep him alive. But he has tried and has not figured out how to awaken things. Thank you for finally posting other than the equivalent of "Lol, no."
  15. Okay, this is kinda frustrating. I feel like you're assuming they couldn't do something, we don't know if they could or could not do. We do not, at least based on the evidence that's been posted by you, know if they did or did not have the ability to interchange the two investitures on Nalthis. I say they did because everything Brandon has said on the subject says that all investiture is interchangable. At worst we don't know. Not that it isn't possible but simply that we don't know. In fact, you did. QUESTION Can Vasher draw Breath from a highstorm? BRANDON SANDERSON I will answer that eventually... You know what, yes he can. Not Breath though, he can draw Investiture the way he needs it. and another saying exactly the same thing in a different way. LEINTON Can Breath be used to power Surgebinding? BRANDON SANDERSON They are very similar Investitures, and most of the magics can be powered with the other magics if you are capable of making that happen. LEINTON What would happen to the Breath? BRANDON SANDERSON The Breath would be consumed in the same way that Stormlight is. A renewing resource, much like Atium is. This in fact does mean it can be done. There is also the fact that Vasher is still alive, he is converting the Stormlight into Breath. Whether consciously or subconsciously. We know the Returned need a Breath a week to live. He is alive and that quote states it with no ambiguity, he is using the investiture on Roshar to do something that requires Breath. That is a conversion if you want to call it that. From my understanding investiture is investiture. The planet and who made it have a hand in shaping what its magic system does. Like if you gain the Stormlight equivalent of investiture to reach the 7th heightening, you won't gain the abilities it would grant if you had the Breath equivalent. At least not while you're on Roshar. You just simply have a bunch of Stormlight. (As far as we know, at least.) Because it was produce by the Shards of Roshar and not Endowment. Also, think of it like this. Can Szeth use Nightblood? Absolutely. Otherwise the story would suck for him to have a sword he can't use. The problem, as far as we know, he doesn't hold any Breaths. So, can Nightblood use Stormlight to feed instead of Breath? Everything points to "Yes". The thing I'm talking about is the same. The pool of investiture can be used to fuel whatever system the wielder wishes, as long as the right amounts are held. It's the wielder, who has the intent and Shardic influence on them. They are tainted by whatever planet they came from and/or whichever Shard made them or the planet. I'm sure the investiture when created on that planet, also bares the taint I'm talking about, but not to the point it can't fuel other magics. It's still just investiture. There are tons of WoB and pieces of story that say, at least in different wordings, that this is the way all this works. I think I'm done trying to convince anyone of my thoughts on the God King's treasure. I don't see any evidence that says I'm wrong, just arguments that seem to change each time I post a piece of evidence undermining the last argument. Which wasn't what I wanted to do when I started this post. I wanted an interesting discussion or proof that showed it wasn't possible. I've not seen any proof. Though, there is a lot of proof that shows that everything about what I originally said was possible. The only unproven part is if the Awakeners at the time actually did it. Not if it was possible, just if they did. They knew about Roshar, they knew how to get there, the two are compatible and "Similar in investiture" (To quote Brandon). So, it is absolutely possible. Unless you all have some smoking gun quote, that I wasn't able to find, I don't see what the point in arguing about this would be, anymore. I think we're just going to have to agree to disagree or something. Also, I messaged Brandon about this on Reddit, I'll post the reply, if he allows me to, when/if he gives one.