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  1. I'd agree that more than 5 might be a bit much. I've still got a backlog of stuff to critique from the last two weeks, although the start of the school year has a little to do with that also Will777r
  2. Hey guys Here's my next chapter. As always I appreciate the suggestions and feedback! This brings a close to Act 1 - Hopefully it grabs you and makes you want to get to the meat of the book. Chapter 10 - Albione journeys to the Monastery of Rasole as punishment for his behavior. Here's the summary's for the first 9 chapters. Chapter 1 Summary - Albione rescues a rival militia commander, but ends up losing the knight he's sworn to protect. A night elf raid has overrun the walls Chapter 2 Summary - Charom, Albione's older brother, is in charge of the High Priestess' guard detail when the temple comes under attack. Chapter 3 Summary - Albione rescues the High Priestess and accompanies her and his brother Charom to the wall. What he finds is completely unexpected. Chapter 4 Summary - Albione is summoned to a meeting with his immediate Superior to face the consequences of his actions on the wall. Chapter 5 Summary - A messenger delivers a dangerous package to Albione's room. When he opens it, the nightmare gets worse. Chapter 6 Summary - Albione returns to his family's estate to fulfill his vow of seclusion, but finds himself further away from his God. Chapter 7 Summary - Albione returns to the temple, but two expriences make him question his faith further Chapter 8 Summary - Albione meets with an old friend who only fuels the fire of his frustration Chapter 9 Summary - Albione makes a foolish mistake which causes the temple to finally lose patience with him. Will777r
  3. I also didn't submit the previous week and would like to submit this time if there's still room Will777r