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  1. The more I reread the Lord Ruler's death, the more I can't wait for 'Bands of Mourning'. Because it doesn't add up. It's as if the Lord Ruler lost all his powers when he lost his bracers. His push against Vin stops as soon as the bracers come off, as if he can no longer burn Steel, and he goes for the bracers the the way a mortal would. Even assuming he hadn't stored anything in his other jewelry, explaining why he didn't tap Steel and run to the bracers, and even assuming the bracers were too invested for him to pull them to himself (but not for Vin to push them), he could still have used Pewter to move more quickly and steadily than he is described in his last moments. Keep in mind that his body was only Middle Aged by the time Vin pushes the bracers off the edge, so his advancing age wasn't necessarily to blame. But for a guy who's been using his powers for 1000 years he basically acts like a muggle at the end. I don't think I can claim credit for thinking of this though. We've been discussing things over at Steel Ministry, and I have a feeling someone else suggested this first. I'm also not sure if it hasn't already been floated here. Nevertheless, this is something I can't get out of my mind. Thoughts? Link to a preexisting thread talking about this?
  2. Made some profile updates :)

  3. I'm back! I know I've been absent for a while (and I think I was midway through a conversation on another thread when I left; awkward!). I'm just here to post a theory in the vain hope no one else has thought of it before me (like what happened last time...) Onto the Theory/Hunch: relatively recently I encountered a WoB that blew my mind: Source Now you may recall me theorizing back in 2013 that, just as one acquires Allomancy through burning (Lerasium), one would acquire Feruchemy through tapping. You also may recall that the Well of Ascension (and its cache of Lerasium beads, encased in their weird pottery) was formerly in Terris. My theory is this... Feruchemy came from the ancestors of the Terris, to whom the prophecies were given, tapping the beads of Lerasium at the Well of Ascension to gain Feruchemy. Once each bead's charge was tapped, they were left at the Well; either no one told them the beads could be burned (and why would you stick something sacred in your mouth?), or else the beads didn't have the Allomancy charge at that stage. If the latter, it is possible that being left at the well gave them the ability to make Allomancers, though that is just idle speculation, and not directly relevant to my totally iron clad speculation that the beads were the source of Feruchemy. Thoughts? Further evidence? We-thought-of-this-ages-ago-Kadrok-go-back-to-the-rock-you've-been-hiding-under?
  4. Yeah, it's an interesting one. He does, however, say that there are some resistances just from having a Mistborn's spirit web: and also regarding investiture he does mention that: Which puts me in mind of Savants, although note that this comment doesn't cut out Feruchemy (though also doesn't explicitly include it). Invested by regular use of Feruchemy? Is that a thing, and what does that look like?
  5. I think the WoB about Mistborn being invested is a little misleading as stated here, and it's well worth reading it in context (but only a little misleading; it's not a matter of Moogle reading it wrong so much as it's a matter of the WoB being a little ambiguous and not easily summarized). After agreeing that Mistborn aren't specifically invested when not burning, he backtracks with "I'm going to have to back up on that one and say, yes, the mistborn are as invested as a Knight Radiant" before clarifying that Invested isn't really the right term: "Investing the wrong term, but you have all these connections in the spiritual realm". Does this mean that talking about someone "with powers" as Invested is an incorrect use of terminology? Is a Feruchemist Invested? Perhaps having these kinds of powers is always a matter of "connections in the spiritual realm". At the very least I think it's well worth adding the "Mistborn are as invested as a Knight Radiant" for clarity.
  6. "I would so wanna be a Coinshot! If I could pick any Allomantic power it would be a Coinshot, okay, like, I just wanna fly..." Lurcher for me. Why fly when you can be really lazy instead? So much better than Coinshot in my opinion. And flinging metal at people? Please. That's what guns are for!
  7. I can see why you're missing Renarin, he's Artifabulous. (Did I write this post solely to make that stupid joke? Yes. Yes I did)
  8. Maybe put that all in one post next time.
  9. Need to start a funeral music company called the Band of Mourning.
  10. Indeed! That also! A super-immortal fleeing doesn't make any sense at all given what the heroes knew (though they were pretty distracted by Limelight at the time). Limelight's plan makes sense since he doesn't actually have to kill Larcener, he just has to get his cells to make the Motivator, but I'm surprised no one questioned him. Maybe they assumed he knew Larcener's weakness?
  11. I loved the Larcener as Calamity reveal because I have a love/hate relationship with permanent power theft/copying. It's such a cool power because it lets you have, as well as an assortment of powerful abilities, little "useless" abilities that are good in a day to day situations but you probably wouldn't want as your solitary power. I guess it's the difference between being a wizard and a superhero... having an assortment of random abilities which share the screen time, versus having a few core abilities you use in different ways. I loved the way Larcener used his powers, conjuring his comforts, making decoys and generally getting around like a really lazy wizard. Permanent power theft/copying is cool. However it's also a terrible power because it becomes an "automatic pick" which distorts any interaction with the universe... my first impulse with the "create your own epic" thread was to make someone with power theft/copying. Because why not? I love Telekinesis, but why pick Telekinesis (or whatever power is your favourite) when you can pick a power that can let you have the power you actually want... and all the others! It also ruins the fictive universe, because in a universe of people with power theft/copying, the thieves/copycats not only start to quickly outclass everyone else, but also lose all the individuality of their powers and become homogeneous. So permanent power theft/copying sucks! So when we first hear of/meet Larcener my reaction was "Dingo!" And then I started hoping he was really a non-epic who'd developed the motivator technology to masterful levels and whose array of powers were all derived from dead epics (which would have been a really cool story line by the way). But as irritating as his powers were (because of their universe breaking implications), I really enjoyed him as a character. And then when he's revealed as Calamity, his differences from the other Assumers (who are implied to all be non-permanent power thieves, and therefore non-broken) are all explained, and the universe became non-broken again. Hooray! In hindsight, in fact, the severely broken nature of Larcener's powers strikes me as a hint intended to point to his true identity, much like the strange ways he is restricted also hint at what's ahead.
  12. No problem. If you haven't seen it already, this might also interest you: Source: http://www.theoryland.com/intvmain.php?i=979#53 The Coppermind Wiki is a goldmine of WoBs about specific characters. I knew this one existed, but it's nice to be able to just look up Sigzil and find the source of it
  13. Brandon has noted a connection between Worldsinger and the Scadrian Worldbringers before. http://www.17thshard.com/forum/topic/1308-hoid-founded-the-worldsingers-and-worldbringers/#entry22043(This is the source the Coppermind uses for this information. I'm sure there was a better source for this... can anyone find it?) Also, this (old) discussion might be of interest to you: http://www.17thshard.com/forum/topic/2504-sigzil/
  14. I found the need for a corpse-boat weird too. Also, why a corpse?
  15. In Secret History dead Koloss appeared as Humans in Scadsmar (my pet name for Scadrial's Cognitive realm). Now that Sazed has changed the nature of Koloss, do dead Koloss appear as Koloss, or humans? (Probably still humans would be my guess).
  16. Yeah, Scadsmar was "inspired" by Shadesmar, and it's only a pet name.
  17. @mjk: You're amazing, thank you for that post. Regarding the reappearance of Atium, I'm surprised no one has quoted this yet: Source: http://www.theoryland.com/intvsresults.php?kwt=%27sazed%27(Number 9) Also, this: Source: http://www.theoryland.com/intvsresults.php?kwt=%27atium%27(Number 17) I think these indicate that Atium isn't just going to spring up without Sazed directly intervening, regardless of the timeline Kelsier gives. EDIT: Man I hate the quoting mechanics on this site. I'm constantly wrestling with the ways they randomly screw up. EDIT 2: Fixed it.
  18. Ooooh, good theory! Makes sense.
  19. And we're back to double Iron. At least I'm consistent.

  20. Forgive me if this has already been suggested (I do so hate reading the same speculations again and again expressed with varying degrees of eloquence, so if someone has already said this, I sympathize people, I do!). Okay, so we know that compounding works by essentially reprogramming a metal, making it a key for a different power than usual. Basically you're using Allomancy to fuel Feruchemy powers: Source: http://www.theoryland.com/intvsresults.php?kwt=%27compounding%27 This is all known. My question is, what happens when a Compounder holds one of those fancy Cubes from the South and burns their metalminds? Say Miles burns a fully charged metalmind while holding a cube and then flings the cube into an emergency ward (or Scadrian equivalent). Would the cube heal the patients? Send out waves of healing energy? Does the cube make Feruchemy external? OR, does the healing cube simply repair itself (the dull option)? Also, Compounded-Copper cubes as "holo"projectors? Compounded-Brass cubes as ovens or heaters? Feed people by compounding Bendalloy into a cube. So many applications!
  21. Drat. I forgot about spoiler season. I can't edit my title. If we're still in spoiler season can a Mod change the title to something less spoilery. GAH! I'm sorry I forgot!
  22. Allomantic Gold appeals to me for its potential for actors. Call up alternate selves, learn their gait, learn how they hold themselves, what body language they use. Boom! Versatile actor.
  23. There are whole sections on Mistings in society using their powers for their jobs in the Alloy of Law supplement of the Mistborn Adventure Game, for those who are interested. Great minds think alike it seems, because generating power by Steel or Iron Allomancy is one of the innovations outlined in the Alloy of Law supplement: Page 206 For those who are interested you can get it here: http://www.crafty-games.com/buy-now/alloy-of-law/ (The core book is here: http://www.crafty-games.com/buy-now/mistborn-adventure-game/) Sorry, I didn't mean to turn this into a plug for the game, but I do like to include links to it whenever I reference any of it.
  24. Technically Marsh isn't a Mistborn. A Mistborn can burn all the allomantically viable metals, meaning not just the 16 but also any of the god metals and godmetal alloys. If a Mistborn stumbled randomly upon one of the 16 alloys of Atium and knew it was Allomantically viable, he'd be able to start burning it straight off. Marsh, on the other hand, would have to find a Mistborn to spike if he wanted to burn that metal. We aren't even sure he's got any of the Post-Final Empire metals, unless he went ahead and murdered someone for Allomantic bendalloy, or Ruin decided it was worth killing a Mistborn for. Marsh only has the powers he was spiked for, and he probably can't even burn the full 16, let alone the other Atium Alloys (Lerasium and the Lerasium Alloys can be burned by anyone so they don't count). So yeah. Not a Mistborn, just a Misting with a whole bunch of tacked on powers. Ahem. Disengaging nitpick-mode.