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  1. The fact that a motorcycle can drive, forward is not evidence that it can drive backwards. The fact that you can drive one direction on a road legally is not a precedent that driving the other way is also legal. That is why I don't see the fact that there is allomany fueled compounding as evidence for feruchemy fueled compounding. Also I didn't say it was impossible, I just don't think it is likely at the moment. Well allomancy and feruchemy are separate things that work in their own distinct ways. The five senses are aspects of one specific attribute, our senses. The allomanic use of steel and the feruchemical use of steel are different, one is to access and filter the power of Preservation the other is to store and retrieve an attribute of the feruchemist. The fact that the two can have synergy does not mean that they are part of the same trait. There is nothing special about the eyesight stored in a metalmind other than that it is yours, but that is specifically why others can't access it. The caloric energy is unique to the individual, as I can only operate on my own caloric intake. I can't live off of another person's caloric intake. (well I guess if I ate them I could, but that would be turning their calories into mine, and there would be a lot of wasted energy ) Yes the ability to burn steel is as much a part of the person as there metabolic energy, the power they get from burning that steel is Preservation's. The fact the Preservation's power can be filtered to be the same as a trait you already have, is not evidence that all power you draw from Preservation is yours. Well I fail to see that these supporting parallels are in fact supporting or parallels on existing knowledge about allomancy, feruchemy, precedents in the books, or established rules of compounding. I don't mean that to sound rude, if it did I'm sorry, it's just that I haven't been show any reason to believe these parallels to be accurate. The theory is posted and I am merely offering my critique of it as I understand it, if my understanding is flawed then please explain. Plausibility and possibility are different things, while I have seen no evidence to show it is not possible (and thus I think it could be) I have seen no evidence to assume it should be likely (and thus don't think it is plausible). It is not that I don't think it "feels right" it's that I have not seen sufficient evidence that would show it to be more than possible. I like you have tried to draw supporting parallels from how allomancy, feruchemy, and compounding work to show why this method does not seem likely to me. I don't believe I am saying that it just doesn't "feel right".
  2. Well if you don't mind me tossing my two cents in the ring, I'll respond to the four points Darnam made above. I apologize in advance if anything I say comes across as agitated or overly abrupt, I've been told that is how what I type reads. To (1), I would say that while I don't consider it to be impossible, I do consider it to be a stretch of our current knowledge. This is because we don't have evidence to support it, because while lack of evidence is not evidence of a lack, it is also not evidence in support. To (2), Tin does store one specific attribute in the same way as Copper does. They store one thing in multiple partitions in order to keep track of what they are. In my opinion this is due to the end neutral nature of feruchemy, you cannot use tin to trade smell for sight or copper to trade one memory for another, they are distinct part of one attribute. To (3), I got nothing to say one way or the other, as I think the issue here is what you can store in a metalmind not when metal becomes a metalmind. To (4), it is true that we know that outside sources can be used to store up feruchemical reserves, as that is what allomancy fueled compounding is. I simply see no evidence that you can store allomanic power in a metal mind, because while some metal store an attribute with distinct parts, I don't see those parts as distinct attributes. To summarize, I see feruchemy as we know it so for as storing the attributes of an individual for later use. This is why a feruchemist cannot access another's stores, it is not their attribute. While yes, if you set in a sauna you can store more heat, I see that as because you have more personal heat to store. This is also why they can store allomancy fueled compounding, because while preservation gives a massive boost to the amount, the attribute itself is still flavored for them. I see the allomanic flavored power gained from burning a non-metalmind as being investiture the allomancer has access to, but I don't see reason to think of it's flavor as being a part of the allomancer themselves. As such I don't see them as being able to store it. Well that is my two cents on the issue, again apologies if it comes across as abrasive, that is a failing of mine in written communication and not the intent of the writing.
  3. Well that's mildly upsetting but not completely unexpected, it would be a weird thing to try and balance in game. My main reason for wanting to know so I can figure out how feasible a double Tin sniper would be, since the inner play between the two sight enhancements would work great for judging wind and distance. I just wondering if you store enough touch so that when you fire the rifle it wouldn't cause excruciating pain from the allomatic tin enhanced touch, while still letting you feel you heartbeat clearly. I would imagine it has a lot to do with the kandra physiology, allowing them to alter say their ears so they could except the investiture intended for sight or touch. Their entire body is made of the same material so I would think that it would be possible but without more information it would just be a guess.
  4. Well I know that sight and hearing aren't enhanced in the same way between Feruchemy and Allomancy, since tapping sight or hearing seems to "telescope" that sense. That is the effective distance that you can hear or see stays the same, its just that you create an distance around you that you can't hear/see. I can see how the same concept could be applied to the sense of smell but I have no idea how it would work for touch and taste. So I was mostly just curious if the MAG explained how tapping/storing touch and taste worked.
  5. I haven't gotten the MAG since I don't have people to play table top games with near where I live, though I have considered getting it just to see what it says on Feruchemical tin when it comes to touch, taste, and smell. Other than Tin, Nicrosil has been the most interesting to me so I've been trying to figure out what it does since I saw it. Mildly obsessive fits better in my head as scouring the Coppermind and reading the Ars Arcanums has been my method of taking breaks from studying (sad as that may be).
  6. My main problem with thinking that Nicrosil stores investiture in the type that you are accessing while storing is that the Ars Arcanum states investiture (singular) for Nicrosil while it states senses and memories (both plural) for Tin and Copper which we know stores as distinct things. As such I think Nicrosil stores investiture as a kind of "raw" investiture without any kind of focus (health, weight, breath, ...). From that I would assume that the investiture you have stored could then be used to enhance whatever investiture you are currently using. Thus a full Feruchemist with access to Surgebinding could convert their investiture of a specific type (like their stored weight) into raw investiture, then later use that raw investiture to help fuel something like Surgebinding allowing them (if they have enough raw investiture) to double the amount of Stormlight that they can use. While this wouldn't let them store say Stormlight for use latter when they have no spheres to draw on, it does allow them to convert any type of investiture they have access to into another investiture they have access to at a later time.
  7. Kurkistan, thanks for the confirmation on koloss keeping their Allomancy, and it would make sense that they would keep their Feruchemy as well. Now I'm off to think of fun koloss Twinborns. EDIT- Army of koloss Mistings/Ferrings under the control of a Soother/Rioter.
  8. A question occurred to me while rereading AoL. If a Twinborn were turned into a koloss through hemalurgy would he retain his abilities as a Twinborn? Which led to the same question about Mistings, Ferrings, Mistborn, and full Feruchemists. I don't see logical reasons for them to lose their abilities, since hemalurgy steals part of someone else's spirit web and attaches it to yours. Which wouldn't seem like it would cause you to lose your own abilities as you're adding to yourself, but we have never seen a created koloss use Allomancy or Feruchemy. So I was curious what other peoples thoughts were, because an a-bendalloy f-steel koloss sounds awesome.
  9. I think that is the point of it being unnatural, statistics are never perfectly accurate on the small scale but in this case it is. Always getting 16% regardless of sample size or trial is impossible. The first look at probability theory that I can find is Cardano's Book on Games and Chance written in 1526. Statistics is just the analysis of probability (how often the dice say you win), so I would assume any place that has both gambling and intelligent gambles statistics will eventually be developed. Gamblers are always looking to get a better chance at winning so if they are smart they look to statistics, which I would believe would be a constant. Not meant to seem rude (apologies if it does) just trying to explain my take on it.
  10. Thanks for that Pechvarry, I had always just assumed that was an aspect of Spook himself. The fact that it comes from the tin makes it far more interesting. The level of control increase when combining a tin savant with a hemalurgic tin spike may truly impressive. The only worry would be how debilitating the enhancement would be, as tin can cause problems without any boosting. So does anyone have any info on how feruchemical tin enhances the senses other than sight? They don't really talk about it in the books.
  11. If you mean how other compounders work then yeah but I'm not really sure if it would work for burning the tin regularly as (at least for sight) burning tin and tapping tin work in extremely different ways. I hadn't really thought about the increased control since looking thinking back most tineyes only have off, on, and flared as options. As for the boost in power (the only part I had really thought about) burning tin can be nearly debilitating some times as it is you made if it becomes to much stronger you risk it being nearly impossible to use, especially when you think about them still being able to flare it to an even further extent. But thank you, you've given me more to think about regarding my obsession with tin.
  12. When I finished the first Mistborn book one of the most interesting abilities was tin, by the end The Hero of Ages it was my favorite ability. After thinking about how tin works I have three main questions that. Feruchemical tin enhances senses in a different way then allomantic tin does, since feruchemical sight simply works like a zoom button. So the first question I have is what thoughts do people have on how the other four feruchemical senses. The first twinborn combo I thought of was double tin not for compounding but to have as much control over your senses as possible. So the second question I have is what are your thoughts on how tapping and burning tin at the same time works. When you use Hemalurgy to spike a allomancer with an ability they already have it enhances it power. So the last question is what do people think would happen if you spike a Tineye with a spike endowed with tin. Not sure if any of these have solid answers already through other sources, was just curious about other people's thoughts.
  13. Not sure if it's what Brandon reasoning is, but I would think it would be similar to why bullets go crazy when they alternate from supersonic to subsonic while in flight. The forces acting on the bullet change at such a rapid speed that it can cause the bullet to veer off course. I would imagine going from inside the bubble to outside would cause enough of a change in the physics acting on the bullet to work in a similar way. But again no idea if this is Brandon's reasoning or just my own.
  14. In the stories of Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Watson was a crack shot and ex military. He worked both as Holmes' assistant and bodygaurd (or at least companion), as well as surgeon on a few occasions. Thus the double steel was been to work as the bodyguard and assistant of the double tin. I would assume that being a Coinshot would give him an edge when shooting a gun as well, and the speed would make him a deadly fighter. The only thing he would be missing would be the medical skills, which I admit is a key part of Dr. Watson, but was more focused on the other aspects of him.
  15. Especially if you also become a tin savant, because feruchemical tin seems (through what has been seen with sight) to enhance the senses in a different way than burning tin. Though being reminded about just how insane Spook was as a savant, I may have to reconsider the zinc compounder.