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    Reading (duh), writing (theoretically), pens, flags, music (alternative, electronic, and classical mostly. K- and J-pop also welcome), languages and scripts, spaaace, anime, assorted fandoms.

About Me

'Sup, I'm Slowswift! But you can call me whatever you like, so long as it's not a swear word. ;) I'm fond of pens, I read and write when I can get around to it, and my train of thought has derailed so many times that the UTA has tried to decommission it, but that's not how abstract supertrains of death work.


Let's dream job is to work for NASA, though I wouldn't complain if I were able to make it as a full-time author. My favorite flower is probably a snapdragon, though I think lilacs and lavender smell the nicest. Cherry blossoms are dope. My favorite colors are blue, then purple/pink, then red/green. When I'm not at work, I almost certainly have headphones on, listening to electronic or alternative probably. (I also like classical!) I don't watch much television these days, but I did recently fall down the anime rabbit hole, so...yeah.

I'm also a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and a proud Hufflepuff.

Please, hit me up if you wanna talk! I can't guarantee I'll be the most eloquent conversation partner ever, but I'm all ears if you need some. :)